Thursday 23 October 2014

Jimmy choo shoes display section @MISF 2014

Hi all~

This is another drag post I wanna show you for few month ago ~
Malaysia international shoes fair, jimmy choo shoes display section is extremely luxurious .

        It look like a crystal horse carriage to me :p

                                  Classic and elegant 

         Lol I never get tired of its decoration , so royal feel 

    Love this picture too :) abit dreamy from the angle I watch this heels.

                      Kinda  surprise can saw jimmy choo XD 

Before I left the MISF , I take photo of this "fairy shoes "this is one of the decoration I love most , it remind me of the green fairy or Peter Pan XD

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Next time if got chance will show you more photo I taken at aquarium klcc too ~


Thursday 16 October 2014

Afternoon Tea session at Caffe Bene @ Sunway pyramid

Hi all~

Actually wanna show you the photo I taken at Korea caffe bene , kl sunway pyramid for a long time , but everytime got other product review ,write up queque up. So drag this post until today XD

                     I Going there for having tea with my blogger kaki :) 

            Really having a hard time to chose which one to eat. All is so tempted me lol~


                   We was told to carry this "alarm" to wait for our turn lol

Caffe bene is full house , and we gotta sit outside , abit too hot , really hope can stay at aircon area XD

                            Bingsu~ love it, totally perfectly for that day .

Hmm. The most delicious part is the topper part , bottom part left "ice kosong" only .and Price I remember about RM13-16,really not cheap ya.

Gotta admit that, eventhough bingsu consider avearage only. However , caffe bene waffle  is really tasty ~ ice cream is nice too =p love it

     Hopefully , can try the waffle once again~wondering is it possible it enter Johor Bahru. :D

See ya, famous Korea caffe bene ~



Saturday 11 October 2014

Beauty Review : (Taiwan ) Coni black beauty whitening black jelly mask

Hi all~

How is your weekend? Do u know that i am actually one of the fans of jelly mask :) Before that, I ever try Taiwan gelly mask and I really in love with it. :D
Thanks to hishop.This weekend ,I am enjoyable with Coni black beauty whitening black jelly mask.

After try for few times, I found 

The texture : just like a Black colour water gel, also made in Taiwan 

Scent : smell like a light floral water most probably bacause of the ingredients , and I like this scent :)

Key Ingredients :

Organic rosé floral water, kiwi fruit juices, extract of dark rose, vitamin B5 ,sunflower seed oil .etc

Cold sensation: After apply, i feel my face is cold, even I doesn't keep the mask to the fridge

Comfortable: Doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin , very comfortable

Apply and leave it on face for 30min,  Abit difficult to remove, if use normal wash . I use cotton pad to wipe it off will be more easier. 

 After wash , my face is clean, smoother.

Will definitely consider to restock, since the price for 20ml size , its quite affordable. And currently offer price is just RM5.90 for 20ml size.If you interested try it out, 

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RM49.90 for 100ml size Can click here ~

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          Photo give credit to : My mandarin blog 

Thursday 2 October 2014

Beauty Review: Realash Eyelash Enhancer

Hi all, recently I receive Realash Eyelash Enhancer for review purpose :) I guess having a doll-like (long ,thick and black) natural eyelashes is every gal 's dream :) that's the main reason I keen to try it out Realash eyelash enhancer.

 Realash Cosmetics is based in France and now they are expanding their business to Asian market. :D

According to Dr.Suzane Strauss, “REALASH is a completely safe eyelash enhancer, which stimulates lashes to grow. It doesn't irritate eyes, cause allergies or change the retina's color - a common and undesirable effect of low quality enhancers available on the market. REALASH fulfills all safety requirements, and above all, satisfies customers.”

This product is suitable for people with sensitive eyes, eyelash extensions, contact lenses wearers .However it is NOT recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding, actively undergoing chemotherapy, or under the age of 18.

 Realash is made up of  collagen ,hyaluronic acid ,natural mango and papaya fruit extracts, bitter orange flowers extract and sabal palm extract ...etc 

According website information:

By applying Realash once a day (preferable after removing your make up), it will gives you 25% longer, 84% thicker, strong, shiny and luscious eyelashes after 3 months. 

Rm169 per pcs.kinda pricey , really looking forward to its effect ~ 

Application for the Realash eyelash enhancer :

Every night apply on the skin of eyelid, just like a liquid eyeliner. :)

3ml size , heard it can last for 4-5 month XD 

Wanna read more review?

Do click Realash after one month review  for the result I try after one month :)
Curious after three month I try Realash ? Click 

Tempted to buy Or looking for more realash information? 
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Wednesday 1 October 2014

The glass house tearoom JP Perdana @johor Bahru

Hi all~

Recently I visited the new opening glasshouse tearoom in Johor Bahru :p  in my mind, it was a top cafe with nice environment for England tea session and taken ootd photo  :) personally feel, their service attitude is moderate .

Judge from the the signboard, it look like a great place to having afternoon session ~

                                     I love this rose design~

                          Chocolate fondue~my eyes is sparking when I saw this lol!

Environment is superb, really a great place to having England tea session. But still abit hot if you doesn't sit at air con area .

Hehe, strawberry with cream on top , guess is majority gals favourite. I really enjoy the fresh strawberry ~Price i remember rm15-17 XD

            Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate tart   RM10.90 , I personally hope it will be alot filling come up when I tuck in lol~ first try abit bitter. the caramel filling at bottom part is sweet. Overall not bad. 

I love this French earl grey tea. It just taste good with the dry orange slices. price arrange RM16-17 lol please forgive my golden fish memory, I only remember price if it was food review lol!

Three item total damage RM50.20 ~

              Bracelet from fashion culture box -September edition 

              Upstairs of glass house tearoom 

      I like this scene , abit like "golden memory ~"

       Ootd scene even move to neighbor cafe <once upon a time > lol

        Fashion clutch from fashion culture box - sept edition too 

I hope you enjoy this ootd post :p 

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The Glass house tea room 
8A, Showhouse
Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra,
Bandar Putra Jaya, 81100 Johor Bahru

See you soon,