Thursday 29 December 2011

REVIEW : Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + (updated 24 jan 2012 )

Hi test and share readers,

as i mention before , i receive Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum +  (集中美白焕颜净化液升级版 ) for review purpose =) .Today i would like to give u a preview and idea about this product which only available  at  Year 2012 spring time . I feel so glad that i can be a reviewer before it available in the counter =p

Official Introduction

Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum +   (noted: it only available one size--30ml  , Retail Price : RM410 )
-- A superior anti-spot serum with an intensified power formulation exclusively created to diminish stubborn dark spots. Shiseido -exclusive Melano Sensor System + now targets troubling spot by crushing melanin * at its core and stopping the vicious cycle of dark spot formation.


Melano Sensor System +  offers the ultimate solution against persistent dark spots in four unique steps:

Step 1: stop spot before it start

Powerful whitening ingredients m-Tranexamic Acid targets persistent spots where over-active melanocytes continuously produce excess melanin.

Step 2: Target the root of spot formation

Shiseido-original whitening ingredient 4MSK helps diminish the activity of the enzyme tyrosinase to reduce melanin production .

Step 3 : Reduce melanin production

Multi-target Vitamin C reduces melanin produced from pre-melanin DHICA.

(New Added  ) step 4: Removes signs of melanin smoothly (顺畅去除黑色素印记)

MelanoCRUSH energizer targets trouble spot / stubborn spots and crushes melanin . 4MSK regulates cell turnover. Darkened melanin is smoothly removed~!  Given u spotless , even-tone and perfecty radiant skin that glows from within.( 新添加的科技专门对抗已生成的色斑,破坏其黑色素,4MSK成分 帮助使黑色素能顺利排出。从而给予使用者一个无斑,以及由内到外透亮的均衡肤质。)

Apply at : morning and evening .after toning before moisturizer.

                             the real product photo =)  i love its purple packaging, elegant and beautiful  ^^

transparent purple bottle with  shiseido logo , i love this!   =D

   " the hygience pump "

that's the colour after i pump it on  my hands, but when i spread it , it become transparent colour.

The 1st try on my face:

 my skin concern is --combination and sensitive skin, but i glad to know that it doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin. ^^ the texture quite thin , water -base lotion type.  i like its scent .quite fresh ^^  but i feel a little bit sticky after apply this on my face.but this little bit sticky feel only last for a while ^^ and i found i apply like 4-5 times only, my  dark spot area near left eye is start fading and more brightening than before. o.o hmm,it does surprise me!

actually i already invite my family members and collegues who got the dark spot problem try this product too =)

my collegues comment : white lucent serum + texture is thin, easily absorb , not sticky at all after she 1st try

attach here with my family member review picture 

before using white lucent serum +

after using 21 days (morning and evening apply )

amazing isnt it? if i didnt take photo i would never know it can really work  on 50 plus woman too =) 

between shiseido website will have a special  link for this product review from global blogger  too, u can visit the special link , they will post up my review at there too  ^^  remember go support mine. have a nice day~! and join their sampling campaign ~!

Tuesday 27 December 2011


As i know biore just launching their new make up eye and lip remover like few month ago =) , i receive one at this month.sorry for the delay blog post , especially near the year end and xmas time =) i gonna to be honest even this  is a sponsor review ^^

                                                              i love their cute packaging  =)

                                              the left side one is the new biore remover i gonna review

                                             130ml size biore make up remover for eye and lip

                                                 this is product official introduction in the packing


                               i especially put on  make up to test this remover =p

                                            remember  shake shake before u use it =D

                                                     open it, and pour out like 70% of the cotton

follow the usage instruction, , close eyelid and leave cotton pad on eyelid for 5 seconds -- this is a important step which cannot skip =p  and gently rinse mascara downwards from root of eyelashes to tip .

                                          it take about 2-3 wipes to remove  etude house eyeshadow, clinique mascara .

                                          kanebo glittering type lipgloss have been effectively removed about 1-2 wipes

(from left to right) : waterproof eyeliner 1 & 2 , kate eyeshadow and majorlica mojorca eyeshadow

                                                  about 2 wipes , effectively removed

What i like for this product :

1. packaging : pinkish and simple , and clear instruction on packaging too .
2. not so oily as i assume before ^^-- as i notice it is waterbase oil make up remover , i can feel this product is oil and water combination. but liquid % much more than  oil  . i love this point~
3.very affordable price: RM29.90 per bottle
4.gentle formula , it doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin.^^
5. most of the make up can easily remove with just few swipe it included waterproof eyeliner.^^

what i dislike for this product:

1.  the formula still need to improve for remove the glitter eyeshadow / eyeliner , i noticed very minor glittering residue still can't completely remove .but for the normal eyeshadow without glittering effect doesnt  have this problem.

2. ingredients contain paraben. but i bet mostly cosmetics got this.^^

thanks for reading, i hope my review do help u to know more about this product =)

Monday 26 December 2011

Winner announcement of luview megagiveaway --malaysia chosen five lucky winner-- marissa lim, haimamamia lee, kaerra lewn, melissa yee and hanna hosokoawa~ i have pm u the redeem prize issue.

thanks for your support for the luview megagiveaway event =)

Monday 19 December 2011

Morinaga vs Me

hi test and share readers~ its been few day i didnt post anything here. today i would like to disclose a little secret of mine to u =p i am not sure whether it will shock u >.<

thats is --i love drink milk ^^ especially that kind sweet sweet milky flavour one and  it may include kid's range milk too >.<  , i just can said i really is a big baby  xD  abit embarassed  >.<  haha. i guess one of my fren know about it, thats y she send me a tin of the morinaga chil mil milk powder  (1years above baby can drink  ) through oz marketing sdn bhd.

hmm even this milk is for kids above 1years old but my friend told me morinaga chill mil also beneficial for adult in terms of digestion due to the Nucleotides and probiotic content, some elderly take Morinaga for constipation problem . o.o
hmm in this point it seems morinaga chil mil  good for adult too , so i  will  just have a try since she gave me one ^^  hmm  i feel this milk powder doesn't contain sugar , not sweet. it may good for kids.^^ but i will still prefer sweet sweet milk thats y i got add in honey after 1st try of this milk =p

Recently  i noticed my blog fans >70%  is under  18-35 age group (based on facebook statistic) and some of  you  have kids already. For your information, Morinaga is having sampling campaign now~

if you wish to request , kindly send the following details to
Mother’s Name:
IC Number:
Delivery Address:
Contact Number:
Baby’s Name:
Baby’s DOB:
Current Brand of Milk:
Note: 1 tin for 1 baby only.

if you are in the penang area,  u can email to  ^^

visit for more information

Wednesday 14 December 2011

My birthday gift

yesterday is my birthday, i receive two item is my favourite, i would like to share with all my friends and my readers  =p

guess what it is inside?

it is a lolipop earring , i love this! so cute and shining.

i like owl item too, since i have a pair of owl earring then i can wear it as a set =p

yesterday quite full, went to cheelicious and having 3 slices different favour cake =p thanks all the blessing from my friends and collegues. god bless u too ^^

Saturday 10 December 2011


Hi, all luview megagiveaway malaysia participants and my readers, i believe most of u havent try any luview bb cream before , today  i would like introduce a magic product from luview---

Luview whitening capsule bb cream (路薇儿美白魔法BB霜).

                                              i found above information at line up area.

I  pump some bb cream on my hands

                                            i use hand spread it evenly , cant wait to c the magic effect

          Magic happens~ did u see this no1. is white colour  no2. already  transform to  natural colour

                             i keep spread evenly until totally blend into my skin, it given a natural skin colour

After i try this whitening capsule bb cream , i found few features may useful for your reference:

Suitable type: Oily and combination skin (<---- my skin type too )

Special Point:  just like a magic, this bb cream transform white colour into a nature colour within few seconds, never saw this kind product before!!   ^^

Effect on my face:   Very natural colour easily blend into my skin ,  finish look  with shimmering white (pearl shining ) effect not lasting than 2hours-3hours on my face. I remember my collegues praise my skin become more beautiful  and " clean " when i 1st time wearing  this bb cream to workplace =p  (every gal love this point hehe)

Texture:   water base cream  (i love this)

Coverage: not strong coverage if single use . u still need match with luview crystal pact (路薇儿水晶矿物蜜粉饼) for a best coverage.  (will introduce the crystal pact soon ~)

Scent: powder scent ( not this scent lover )

Ingredients : Talc free ,  aloe vera , hyaluronic acid ( 玻尿酸  hyaluronic acid  helps retain moisture )

( Note: Talc powder 滑石粉 is a household item, sold globally for use in personal hygiene and cosmetics and used by many millions every year. Some suspicions have been raised about the possibility its use promotes certain types of diseases, mainly cancers of the ovaries and lungs. )

Formula: gentle, less stimulation on my sensitive skin , i dun even have a  make up feel  =D 

Whitening Effect :  Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) Certificate

hope this review given u a better idea what is white capsule bb cream =p

P/S:  hope i can have more times and idea bring more good review to u,  yesterday abit sore throat and running nose, but today is ok already . thinking still got more product in my waiting list  0.0  ,
biore is approaching me for their new launch eye and lip make up remover review . i guess will receive it in monday ~hope can get more review chance in the future no matter in cosmetic range, necklace, shirt, drink ,food , cute stuff ..all the thing as long as i interested in =p

Thursday 8 December 2011

Purple Handmade Clip from Christine

Today receive a gift from a blog fans aka friend  christine kong lee ^^  . This is a very beautiful handmade clip , the 1st model lucky enough to try my clip is a bear bear ~

                                                 i love christine 's bear ,fury and cute, but not for sell  >.<

                                                                   closer picture of my clip

                                                            this is me and my clips >.<


                            christine is creative and good at doing those handmade colourful clip.

     if you wanna gift some xmas clip to your friends ,visit christine kong lee page--Hsuen's for further details~


To asia mania team (u know who u r =p )~

Its been long time i didnt buy any nailpolish from the faceshop ^^  i love its FACE IT series  golden colour GL111 , price : RM9.90 . i think i bought that almost 1 year  but the nailpolish function still very well .therefore i gain confidence about  Face it series nail polish .

But for the RM5.90 series. as my past experience , i feel easily remove especially if u got do some housechores. =X but the colour just too nice, sometimes i still feel tempted and buy some =p

yesterday the faceshop got promotion and alot new colour there , maybe because of chrismas =D

this is my faceshop haul yesterday~

From left to right: 1.base coat RM5.90 (RD302 RM5.90) 3.Green (GR502 RM5.90) 4.transparent with love sticker ( WH003 RM5.90)  5. TRANSPARENT TOP COAT 6.FACE IT PK102 RM9.90 7. FACE IT CRACK BK901 hmm this one abit expensive RM24.90 before discount.



                          I  wanna try the crack result for a long time , this time finally realise it ~

                                   FACE IT PK102  given a very natural shimmering healthy pink  too

                                  GR502 , the green is so sharp and look young and energetic ~

gotta sleep , thanks for reading and have a nice day ~

Wednesday 7 December 2011

Sponsor Review: Montagne Jeunesse mask vibrant fresh skin tonic

Thanks yuberactive grant me a chance to review this montagne jeunesse vibrant fresh skin tonic mask. I ever try this brand strawberry mud mask, result not bad.But this is the 1st time i try for the skin tonic paper sheet mask .

Official introduction:

ideal for skin which needs an instant lift so that it looks fresher, feels softer & stress free at anytime!

Real orange oil and pure vitamin C invigorate skin in a refreshing uplifting cocktail of moisture rich ingredients to deep cleanse and pamper in a jiffy! This wake-up call for tired and stressed skin restores natural vitamin levels, cools and soothes while instantly revitalizing.


i found some pros and cons about this mask after test on my face =)

1. Convenience and save time , apply paper sheet mask in 5-10min can remove.

2. fresh orange scent, boost your energy ~

3. strong cooling sensation

 4. average price (below rm10) ,easily to find this product Watson's Personal Stores and Guardians  throughout Malaysia.


1. not suitable for sensitive skin , it cause my skin redness .

2.the paper sheet mask not totally fit my face >.<

anyway , i feel it be a good energetic product for normal skin ~

Friday 2 December 2011


dear readers, pls click here to c the updated rules and important  information for luview megagiveaway ~and leave your information at that comment thread. thanks alot ^^

( compulsory step for all malaysia participants for this giveaway  ~)

Thursday 1 December 2011

wish trend nov 2011 --eyeliner blind test answer reveal

do u still remember my previous post  about wish trend nov 2011--eyeliner blind test ?  for my reader whoever miss the post can go to :  ^^

the answer is reveal at    and my favourite pick is most tester pick ^^

check it out~ the great review from wishtrend  =D


Today feel like  sharing  some photo i have taken at cheelicious cafe which located in johor bahru taman pelangi . This is not a food review =p  haha  so pls dun expect too much about this. This is the very 1st time i go in this cake house , and i am just planning having a quality tea time and chitchat with friends, so i doesnt prepare any good camera to taken photo, just using my lousy 3.0megapixel phone , sory for the bad quality >.<  but there is  really  strong chrismas atmosphere there, a relax and beautiful place. if u come johor bahru do visit here.

                                                       their menu title--cheelicious freshly baked

beautiful decoration ^^

i love their chrismas decoration , very relax with the chrismas song ~

        the middle signboard is their famous cheesecake , price about RM8 plus per pieces 

                                     this is one of the chocolate drink order by friends , abit sweet =p

Food suggestion: cheelicious is famous at cheecake , i have try it few time  =) but not in the cafe, is collegues bought it for  birthday celebration . i love their hot milk with honey , not too sweet and good taste , price RM5.50  do try it if u passby this shop ^^