Sunday 13 December 2015

Meet And Greet session with Joyce Chu x Water360 by Watsons ( Citysquare Johor Bahru)

Hi all~ 

Recently i receive a news that Joyce chu 四叶草 will be coming to Watson stores,  Citysquare Johor Bahru as a special guest of Water360 by Watsons event.  I decided to go and take a look for this sweet ladies . :)  My first impression about Joyce chu is her famous youtube video Malaysia Chabor xD 

    Reaching about 7pm, the event not yet start. So I just hanging around at Watson store xD .

Water360 by Watsons is free from alcohol , mild pH, formulated with pure , nutrient -enriched natural spring water . 

The Water360  by Watsons product ranges already introduced across Asia including mainland China, Hongkong, Macau, Taiwan and Singapore . It uses quintuple hydrating system, which is French spring water that rapidly hydrates skin. :) Mineral Spring water drop hydrating sleeping mask is one of the best selling product ~

     Mcee  given Watson voucher for the participant of Q n A session . 

     Joyce chu said : I feel overwhelm again to be invited to join Watsons latest own brand and to be here in my hometown and meeting all my fans is incredible. 

           When Joyce show up,   All the fans is busy to take photo of her  lol~ 

                Photo give credit:  Watson Malaysia 



Autograph time ~ all Joyce Chu 's fans is waiting for this session xD

       Photo give credit:  Watson Malaysia

          Photo give credit:  Watson Malaysia 

Meet and greet session is ending before 10pm . If you curious about 

Joyce chu 's cooperation with Water360 by Watsons , it can be viewed from her latest single music video titled  Its A Long Day. 


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Sunday 6 December 2015

Sushi Mentai @ Taman Sri Tebrau, Johor Bahru

Hi all~

I guess all of you have heard  Sushi Mentai before , right?  They are famous in serving decent sushi (旋转寿司) with affordable price :) 

Today I will love to show you my recent visit at their Tmn Sri Tebrau outlet. 

Arrived Sushi Mentai at noon, just nice is my lunch hours :p

The environment is simple and clean. 

After browsing the menu , My friend and I ordered some sushi and dishes. 

     Photo give credit : 

      Photo give credit :  

Let me show you some dishes we recommended for you :) 

Pumpkin  Croquette.             RM6.80 

After first bite, I addicted with this fried pumpkin snack~ It enrich with fresh and natural sweet pumpkin paste, it taste great too  if go with wasabi sauce. :D  yummy ~

Salmon Mentaiyaki                 RM14.80 

Fresh salmon  with Mentaki sauce , ideal  for salmon lover.  I like the signature sauce, its a mixture of mentaiko (fish roe 明太子)with mayonnaise , my friend love it too :) 

Spider Maki RM13.80

    I like this sushi ,it taste good even without soft shell crab :) 

Salmon Mentai Dragon Maki      RM12.80

The topping of salmon with Mentaki sauce is my favourite :) Overall, it taste good with a affordable price. 

Thanks for your reading, just two cents of my food thought :p Hopefully, you enjoy my sharing :D



Sushi Mentai - Tmn Sri Tebrau 

Address: No.31, Jln Badik 1 , TMN Sri Tebrau 
               80250  Johor Bahru.

Opening hours: 12 pm noon- 10pm (open daily) 

*No pork no lard

Tuesday 1 December 2015

Three StreetStyle Way To Wear Boots

hi all~

 Chrismas is just around the corner, have you think of any party dress or shoes for your chrismas party =p

For this lovely season, i would love to have some fury collar dress and boots to be my chrismas outfit. Haha, I  guess i haven't told you that I have always wanted to get a pair of lovely boots with fury white ball just like those european country teens =p .Some of my friend might get shock since Malaysia is such a hot weather and  "summer " country , my fashion taste might not get work xD .

Thus, i have think of 3 streetstyle way to wear women boots  , it surely can work even at Malaysia =D

  1. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans with a nice pair of brown colour boot is such a stylish combination .For the ladies who want to give their casual skinny jeans a boost of spark can wear it . ^_^ 

  1. Dresses


For the ladies who prefer to appear feminine ,sweet looking yet still have that edgy element , can always match their cute dress with a pair of ankle boots. I kinda love this fashion style xD 

  1. Denim Shorts

We have used to be basic tee and short denim with a casual sandal. However, a nice boots give your casual outfit an edgy modern touch  instead of sandal , right? ,  maybe its time to change our fashion style :p 

Thanks for your reading , just two cents of my thought . Next time I might show you my new boot hehe, see ya ~~