Tuesday 22 March 2016

Food review: D.shanghai restaurant @Permas jaya


Just complete a mandarin food review  All about dim sum . You can have a look :) 




Wednesday 2 March 2016

Review : Kose Sekkisei trial kit ( celebrity product ) x butterfly project

Hi all~ 

It's been a while I doesn't update my recently news :)  all the friend surround me (included myself) is busy and strive hard to hit the life goal everyday . We will never know what present we will receive on everyday .xD

                  On 16 feb 2016,  I receive such a big box from kose :0 

                             Haha I like this lovely card with my name .

       Wow , such a surprise box indeed. Inside is a pinky heart ballon with alot tiny balloon. :D 

Tada~! The main role of the huge box is ~ Kose Sekkisei Trial kit .   RM99 per set  (include GST ) , 

1)  Sekkisei white liquid wash 20ml size 
2)  Sekkisei lotion 100ml size 
3)  Sekkisei emulsion 70ml size 
4)  Sekkisei clear whitening mask 10ml size  
5)  Bihadagoyomi mask  3pcs

Wow, it almost include  all best seller product in mini size . You can find it at your nearest kose outlet.

All the products come with oriental plant extracts: Coix Seed, Melothria (White Lotus) and Angelica work diligently to keep your skin in perfect condition, protected from the harsh environment.

Let me show you one by one :) 

1) Sekkisei white liquid wash 20ml size 

based on kose introduction : A liquid wash that provide skin healthy glow and retain moisture.

Dispense 1-2 pumps onto palm , add in water then gently lather until foam forms, massage onto face before washing off thoroughly . 

I like this cleanser texture , light scent and smell good. After just one wash , the pore is clean. It doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin. 

2)  Sekkisei lotion 100ml size 

Based on Kose introduction:  A refreshing lotion that enhance skin translucency for clarity .

Application: Pour lotion generously onto cotton pad , pat gently on face.

Toner is transparent colour, but got abit strong alcohol scent that I dun like xD 

3)  Sekkisei emulsion 70ml size 

Based on kose introduction: A brightening emulsion to retain moisture for a supple and soft skin.

 I like this emulsion 's  light texture, just like wearing none on face. Light Scent , smell good too. 

4)  Sekkisei clear whitening mask 10ml size

Based on Kose introduction: Peel - off mask that removes blackheads, dead skin cells, and tighten visible pores. 

Application: Spread it across on face , avoid eye and eyebrow area,peel it off once it dry from inwards from outer areas of your face . 

At first glanse , i thought This is  black colour gel Mask is gel ,  however i found it belong to that kind 'tight mask'  which not suitable to talk during facial  .haha . i guess it not suitable to my sensitive skin , i found my partial skin appeared red . 

5) Bihadagoyomi mask  

Based on kose introduction: A quick lotion mask which offers 10x higher moisture that instantly brighten and rejuvenate skin . 

Application: fully soak the lotion mask with Sekkisei lotion , place onto clean face for 5min ~ 10min . no rinsing needed.

I apply it on face ,   The mask material is thin after absorb the Sekkisei lotion .  I like this mask, I guess my face is too 'broad' , it can't covered all my face lolz xD nevertheless, I still enjoy the mask time. After remove, my face feel more hydrate :) 


After using trial kit approximately  two week, I feel my partial skin getting smoother / tender while my skin condition more easily turn red. As a conclusion,personally feel  this trial kit quite ideal for traveling, and lady wanna try kose celebrity product with affordable price RM99 only :) 

Thanks for your reading, 

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