Tuesday 18 October 2016

Slide the city @Hutan Bandar MBJBT life experience

Hi all~ 

How's your weekend? Got visit any new cafe in town?  For me,  I was having a fruitful one :) 
the Slide the City , the famous and exciting water activity entered Johor Bahru , Hutan Bandar MBJBT ~~ . 

I bringing few friend to attend this happening event :) 

We set off from home about 10 pm plus, intend to skip the fiery sun, however  after registration and collect the goodies : eg:  "water gun" , coloured tube ,  T shirt and having some WEFIE , the time already 11 am plus xD 

Really cannot get enough of the lovely wall of Slide the City :p we taken quite alot of Wefie  here :D 

My slide the city edition pinky sunnies , I love it so much ^_^ 

It was such a long queue when we reaching . @.@ 

Luckily , the unlimited slide section is 5-7pm , therefore we are still having sufficient time to queue and slide over and over again :p ( p.s: actually i only manage playing 4 round  only :p ) 

The first slide the city experience is extremely fun~!!  However, it does contain potential risk for kids, 
Once water runs dry, the slider will stuck there, it was the embrassing moment , and the people follow you might crash you , since you stuck and stop in front of him lol .. Luckily , the helpful staff there do assist me and save me when I stuck there. XD  

For kids, it will be good if setting a specific lane for them :) 

Tada~ this is the destination when we finish the slide, how beautiful isn't it  , the scenery :) 
love it :p 

See, we really having so much fun here ~~

Once again, thanks Slide the city Malaysia given chance for us to exploration  :D 
Thumb up for all your helpful staff :) 

Lastly, looking  forward to the next slide the city event at Johor Bahru~ :D 



Sunday 2 October 2016

Product Review: Sista Malaysia Data Cable ( For IOS )

Nowadays , digital mobile  already become a technology product that we can't  live without it  :) 
we rely on digital phone to receive instant messages, checking email  and  Facebook etc . 

Therefore,  the charging cable already become one of the important mobile accessories  . I believe many people (included me ) ever facing frustration and suffer after buying low quality charging cable ( eg: charging speed very low ) .It really waste our money and time , right? 

Today the review i would like to brought to you , just nice is Data Cable from Sista Malaysia . :) 

 Sista Malaysia Data Cable I receive is  ( For IOS - Iphone, Ipod , iPad ) 

After further checking , I found Sista Malaysia data cable , actually applicable to mini ipad too , however Unfortunately not for too old version one  eg: iPad 1 cannot  .xD 

Well, many of you might be don't know what is Sista Malaysia ? :) 

Sista Malaysia , is a fashion brand focus on mobile phone accessories products :) 

         Tada , this is the Sista Malaysia cable I receive :) 

Official introduction ( via Sista website) 

Origins of Brand:

SISTA sounds similar to"Sea-star", which means starfish. This famous sea creature sparked our idea to create this brand.
Company profile: 

Originating from Hong Kong, SISTA is currently headquartered in Shenzhen, an emerging international city reputed as the metropolis of digital product design and manufacturing. Created by a group of young enthusiasts keen on digital products, the brand aims at the international market of fashionable digital accessories. 

The-founders and senior design team, with members from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Malaysia, have a deep understanding of the development trend of the industry,Chinese and western culture, as well ascutting-edge stylish design. SISTA is devoted to integrating high-quality supply chain resources with independent research, design, and marketing to ensure that products achieve high standards in terms of quality control, innovation and utility.
Product ideas: 

SISTA is committed to creating products with a simple but stylish appearance and tested quality. Through the perfect combination of utility and fashion, we strive to provide first-class products for digital enthusiasts all over the world.
Enterprise vision

Dedicate to realize virtuous and long-lasting development in the digital accessory industry.
Team values:

Credibility, dedication and obligation

               The Sista Malaysia product packaging Is simple . 

                        I like this vivid red cable with fashion design :) 

                 Product feature Sistar Malaysia stated .

                        It applicable to IPhone 

               And applicable to mini ipad as well :) 

       Among four colours , I will prefer red or white :p 

After testing on the iPhone, mini ipad , We have a conclusion : 

-Two user comment : The cable charging speed is average , it neither slow nor faster than original cable . 

third user commented Sista Malaysia data cable consider fast , since 70min can charged about 58% for her iPhone :) 

- A simple stylish design cable with an affordable  price - RM29 . 

If you tempted to own one, 

Click the followings : 

( Sista Malaysia product selling portal  ) 

Also refer Sista Malaysia Facebook pages for more product details: 

Thanks for your reading, 

See ya,