Friday 30 March 2012


Who is Rinsie Rose ?

VANITY TROVE beauty box (Singapore ) Victoria says:
RinsieRose is all about accessories which  makes you happy wearing them. Using only quality materials, each RinsieRose piece is carefully put together with much thought and effort, making it the best finishing touch to your look!
RinsieRose also loves making friends, spreading the joy of her love for accessories with the people who love her work. Hence, wearing a RinsieRose piece will naturally make you happy, and the cheeriness will spread to the people around you. Who’d know, one little thing is all is takes for big change.

Rinsie Rose is handmade jewellery (singapore) which starts its business at  Year  2004. Recently they have  just create their  facebook fans page  =) and  I get to know Rinsierose from their  facebook page  ^^  . There are variety ,stylish handmade jewellery at their website  =)

                            Receive this oriental charm pendant from Rinsie rose today,  love it so much  ~

                                        i decided wear the pendant and match it with a golden necklace =p

                                                                        my favourite  ~~

if you are a jewellery lover just  like me, u may visit and its facebook for more lovely necklace and jewellery =D  

Monday 26 March 2012

Wednesday 21 March 2012


did u heard about Liz Lisa  before? my impression about Liz Lisa is a japan cute style bag brand . ^^ Recently i browsing website and saw Liz Lisa also got its own brand apparel   o.o  i feel i would like to share those beautiful collection with u . (all the picture is from Liz lisa official website( .if you interested to see the price can refer website =p

photo give credit to

                                 photo give credit to

                       photo give credit to

                              photo give credit to

                         photo give credit to

                     photo give credit to

                     photo give credit to

                            photo give credit to

                           photo give credit to

                                   photo give credit to

                                            photo give credit to

i love the right dress , but i think not cheap too. as i observe liz lisa top from japan yen convert to Ringgit can reach RM200 plus  , one pieces dress can reach RM.300 plus  =X  maybe need  wait for their 50% clearance sales at their website  >.<

                         photo give credit to

i found i enjoy those beautiful picture rather than the shirt  lol,   love their dream doll style picture ~! did u found your favourite here ? =P

Saturday 17 March 2012

Review : BURBERRY BODY FRAGRANCE (updated 17 March 2012)


An effortlessly sensual, feminine fragrance with an eclectic combination of refined ingredients


Top notes of fresh green absinthe, illuminating peach and delicate freesia
Floral heart notes of natural rose absolute, iris and warm sandalwood
Base notes of woody cashmeran, creamy vanilla, amber and musk


it comes with 3 range : 35 ml --RM218 ,60ml -- RM310 , 85ml --RM400

Youtube commercial:

introducing the Burberry Body Campaign directed by Christopher Bailey,
featuring British actress Rosie Huntington - Whiteley,<-- model in commercial is very beautiful and elegant ^^
and shot by Mario Testino in London

receive this perfume from burberry facebook body fragrance lanching event


in love with the burberry body fragrance at my 1st try ~~ it given me a very pleasant rose and feminine scent ^~^ ! (the heart floral notes is natural rose, and i am a rose lover =p )
for daily usage, i dun think it can last for long , even it is eau de parfume but i have misunderstand that it is a eau de toilette before because the scent is very light . i love to wear it at nite times or whenever i mood swing and it did change me to a happier mode and given me a better sleep =)

Thanks for reading, you can check burberry official website for latest product information .
have a nice day ahead ~!

Tuesday 13 March 2012

RECENT SASA HAUL: CAUDALIE GRAPE WATER 欧缇丽葡萄水活性喷雾 (updated 19 mar 2012))

hi~do u love to eat grape? grape is a very good fruit which can strengthen your heart , iron can improve anemia. In addition , grape seed is contain super strong anti aging nutrients =)

Besides that, do u know grape juice also can be a moisturize spray as your skincare regime ?

my recent organic haul from sasa-- caudalie (a france brand ) organic grape water. it is a hydrate spray or can be using as a toner =)

i  check the information from its official website .it show some related information .

Organic grape water 100 ml

100% USDA certified organic grapes. Extracted from grapes during the harvest, this mist soothes, refreshes and moisturizes the skin at any time of the day.

SKIN SOLUTION: All skin types, even ultra-sensitive skin.

USAGE: At any time of the day, to soothe, refresh and moisturize. Do not rub in after spraying.








Normal Price: RM40 for 100ml  (there are two size available ,i chosen bigger size 100ml )

(i bought at sasa discount time about RM26 plus per bottle)

the spray is transparent colour, pls ignore my redish skin as i have scratch it before taken photo >.<


caudalie seems is a hot brand which is some popular celebrity favourite eg.victoria beckham , thats y i pay attention to this brand at sasa outlet. 

After i try this spray about  few times, i feel it doesnt irritate my sensitive skin and with a  very  light grape smell.^^  if compare with avene spring water , this will be more pricey , if i am not wrong i remember 300ml size avene water spray about RM50 plus. i love avene water , it just like a natural water spray to me , given me instant soothing to my sensitive skin. =)

Personally feel the major difference btw avene and caudalie is ingredients and function .caudalie 's grape juice concentrate is  effectively moisturize  my skin, before i sleep i will spray it on my face,and  i can feel my skin is more  supple and more elasticity  after i wake up .however i still feel avene is doing stronger soothing effect on my skin =)

起初,对欧缇丽CAUDALIE 这个牌子好奇,是 SASA OUTLET 的店员说很多好莱坞明星都爱用这个牌子兼身边一位好友推荐因此才对它留下深刻的印象。
使用欧缇丽葡萄水活性喷雾 了好几次都没有刺激我的敏感肌, 若与之前使用过的 Avene spray 相比较。 个人觉得 欧缇丽葡萄水活性喷雾 的 葡萄汁成分会更具滋润性,临睡前我喜欢大肆的挥霍式的喷洒在脸上,隔天睡醒后会觉得脸的肌肤比较有弹性以及滋润。 而 Avene spray 则比较象是我敏感肌红痒时即刻的救星,凡蚊虫叮咬或肌肤敏感时我会拿出来喷,以舒缓我的肌肤。当然,两者的价位也不同。 欧缇丽葡萄水活性喷雾 100 ML 在 SASA OUTLET   售价RM40 AVENE SPRAY 300ML 一大支 才 RM50 PLUS 。因此, 两者如何取决就在于你想要什么功用的喷雾了 。很少用中文的方式来写试用分享,以后希望能有更多机会用差不多已经生锈的中文以及用更多的耐性来打中文的试用分享  =) 

Saturday 3 March 2012


This month wish company from korean  launching  a new product: wishbox (every month special surprise product will be included , it may  be any korean cosmetic or skincare product eg: the skinfood , missha,ciracle , the faceshop etc ), i personally feel this wish box idea kinda similar to a beauty box with variety item which surprise u every month ~

visit for more information =)


Hi, how have u been, my dear test and share readers~ its been one week i didnt update anything ~! sometimes , my work just absorb all my energy , kinda tired  ..

These two years,  i have been slowly changing my skincare range to organic and natural type due to my sensitive skin . therefore i am looking for more great organic brand with a affordable price =)

 today i gonna update and show u my recent organic haul from tns skin lab  =)  --Audrey organic lipbalm (peppermint flavour )

still got two other  flavour like orange flavour  at tns skinlab , but i still prefer peppermint flavour  .

                                             organic ingredients without paraben

                                                                     made in USA.

RM 18 Per stick , for me  it is a very affordable price  because normal brand lip balm in watson  with paraben also can cost RM12 plus .

1st time i put on this lipbalm , i already in love with this. it is kinda moisturizing for my dry and chapped lips. i guess u will love it too =)

i really hope next time can have more  review chance for organic brand -- no matter in natural soap or skincare ^^   as i am one of the natural lover and sensitive skin consumer . have a nice day all  ^^