Wednesday 30 April 2014

Haul: Pastel colour sanrio authentic little twin star lanyard

Hi ~

I kinda satisfy with my latest haul at sunway pyramid, Sanrio shop .
Tada, this is the one I bought, despite its price is cost me RM79.90 XD , 
It can't stop my burning love for it :p 
Lacey,exquisite handcraft, authentic, totally worth it's price. 

It gonna be my best accesory -office tag lanyard that will carry to working place :p

If I am free, I will surely upload my other haul to show you. :p

See ya



Wednesday 23 April 2014

Romwe lovely zebra legging 24.04.14 (one day sale)

Dear all, 

Have u ever thinking wear legging can look slimmer :) other than black legging ,  think zebra colour will be another good choice :)  Romwe will be having 24hours limited sales of 

Little zebra lovely legging  on 24 April 2014, black and white colour just like the picture shown as below , I feel It surely can bring a slimmer image if you wearing this lovely legging :p

If you tempted to buy it, good news for you, free shipping and 

10percent coupon just for you10%offleggings 

It is a coupon can save another 10% for the leggings on 24th April ( 24hours sale ) 

In fact, i already aiming few target at, gotta eat less and save some pocket money to buy my favourite Romwe apparel ~

See ya,




Sunday 20 April 2014

Haul : Rilakkuma handmade key pouch 轻松熊手工钥匙包

Hi gals, 

Do u love rilakkuma just like me :) recently I went to the arty party , danga bay Johor Bahru. And I passby one stall which is selling 不织布 handmade cartoon key pouch ( hmm in english the material maybe can translate as non knitting cloth , sorry i only know the exactly chinese name through stall owner ) 
And I love at first sight at one of the the brown rilakkuma key pouch.  At first, i was struggling whether to buy or not. because i know this kind material will become fury , in chinese so call 起毛 。however, The damages only RM16 , for a lovely handmade pieces , so i still decided to buy it :p 

                                                         Cuteness overload ~

                               Rubbing its chubby face lol

                                                     Put on my new key :)

               The pouch is so roomy , the owner even insert one name kad there , and I unaware of it , until I open it and found it.

The damages for the arty party as I estimate is Rm120 :x since I also buying some handmade accessory from other stall. really like those handmade artwork, limited edition and unique design. Looking forward to next arty party in  JB ~

See ya~



Malaysia beauty & lifestyle blogger Kim Tan

Hi all,

Today will be a blogpost regarding why should I be the next MFP Myfatpocket blogger ~abit like a convincing post for the contest entry XD 

Photo give credit to :  My fat pocket

  For your information, My fat pocket is 

One of Singapore's Leading Websites for Women. Beauty. Fashion. Entertainment. Relationships. Lifestyle. Bloggers. Community.

 One  of my blogger friend Huiying ,the guest blogger of MFP is encouraging me to take part of it. She say I have blogging for about two years plus, consider a experience blogger, so I will just  give it a try :)

At this post , maybe I will just talking about my blogging life :) a throwback of two years plus.~

Sometimes , some passenger passby in our life will influence we do an important decision. They are the angel send by god to inspire you . Why I say so, because 

To be a blogger, its all because of an encouragement of my colleague poem :) i always share the news and review with her once i found any good product .And she told me that: why don't you start to blog. And  can share the news for  more audience. Instead of by mouth , one to one telling XD

I agree my fat pocket website mention that a blogger sometime really need combine all skill- HTML,photo skill, photoshop etc. Even though, I have been blog for two years plus, I don't really think I am a great blogger . I just can say I am a hardworking , sincere, lucky blogger. Hardworking in the way, i will keep improve , review my blog by asking my readers feedback. I am not celebrity blogger that so call 一夜成名.(really cannot find other english words can describe it perfectly ) .Sincere in The way that only blog the truth even is sponsor item , that is the blogger ethnic i keep remind myself since many readers is reading beauty blogger review before buying a skincare or comestic they not even try before :) And i Lucky in  the way that , i got  some blogger friend really take me to their heart, tag me in facebook once got any review chances .They know i come from johor bahru ,which a place with  a very limited chance for bloggers event. Even though I am not a great blogger that own 100k fans ,or 10k page view per day etc. However, i did keep receive sponsor chance eg: shiseido white lucent serum . And I am thankful for that :) 

I am not a IT expert, coding , HTML those thing is just like a alien language to me . Haha, no joke ~
So when I begin my first blogspot, I mess up the html template of my first blog, it become a messy code blog that I think it will never be revived anymore. So I start with my second blog
 ( Currently known as ) .

I start my first beauty review ,at first I dare not to show my whole face, feel shy and feel own self not so photogenic like some young blogger x.x , but now getting better not so preservative like before :p
At least got whole face photo taken for my currently beauty review.:)

Initially, My photo skill is really poor, as I unaware good lightning is the key of good product x.x 
Therefore, you will found blogpost about two years ago, is totally inattractive blogpost, due to the photo taken by indoor flash.

After blog about beauty product for a period, I explore more through food review, event , accesory And fashion! My blogger life is getting interesting. To be a blogger, I can test and share many item, met different blogger friend, join event to learn how the organiser coordinate whole event, and  upgrade my knowledge  through different review chance. As I am not a English Eds student, so I gotta keep improve my English too.

This is one of the photo of my sponsored fashion post for :) I have realise my dream that I plan  for one years ago .

And currently , I got over 1k fans breakthrough at Facebook fans page :) 

I have always wanted to explore new market,refresh my blogger experience.and gain media exposure  .Singapore will be my next  target :) Therefore,I really hope to become MFP next blogger.

thanks MyFatPocket, ERM Singapore Marketing Pte Ltd and Fresver Beauty to bringing this contest.

if you are my readers, you just need to quote blogger-Kim tan , then you will get an exclusive  one time trial of < PTF Plus Face > at $98  ( terms and condition apply ) 

for more details and appointment, 
please call any of the 3 branches of fresver beauty.
HOUGANG: 840 Hougang Central, #01-04, S538757 Tel: 6100 1513
ORCHARD: 14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza, #05-18, S228213 Tel: 6100 8108
TAMPINES: 5 Tampines Central 6 Telepark, #01-23, S529482 Tel: 6100 1030

Once again, Thanks for your reading, 


Saturday 19 April 2014

Aussino Clearance Sales Alert, Taylor's lakeside campus

Hi all,

These two days , when i browsing facebook, i saw few of my friend is sharing the news that Aussino  Malaysia is going have a stock clearance sale  at Taylor's university , Syopz mall.

Photo give credit to : Malaysia clothes buffet

Therefore I proceed to  Aussino Malaysia facebook to take a look, see if got any ideal bed sheet just for me :)

And I found this  lovely bed sheet there ~sweetness overload :0 I tend to purchase this type brighter colour bed sheet :)

Photo give credit to : Aussino Malaysia facebook

Haha i going to buying this pinky bed sheet ( if got single bed sheet type ) from Aussino because its such a deal that would be ( up to 80% off ) ~

For your information,  I may appear at 25-27 April 2014 (any one of the date ) ,between  10am-6pm , at Taylor's lakeside ,Syopz mall, since the aussino sale is last for three days .if u able to spot me there, do say hi to me ~ !!
See you there ~

Thursday 17 April 2014

Firmoo glasses (spring collection) international giveaway

Hi all, 

Firmoo  glasses online website is hosting a giveaway now. few lucky winner will be chosen to win $30 voucher  to shop at spring collection of firmoo.

            This is sample photo of firmoo spring collection. Totally lovely isn'it :) 

To be eligible to win the shopping voucher , you just need to do few easy step :

1) Like my Facebook fans page (mandatory)

2) Follow My FB account (mandatory)

3) Follow my googles plus OR. googles gfc (not compulsory, but can higher chance to win the prize ) 

4) email yr name and residential country to

wait for the good news . If you are the winner, you will receive my reply email :)

Contest ended on 28.04.2014 11.59pm

This is a sponsored post from with my unbised thoughts.



Mediviron UOA Clinic Eyebag Removal ( Filler ) Last episode

Hi all, 

Recently I make a visit to mediviron clinic for follow up my eye bag removal ( filler ) treatment . Haha That's the same day i going to Malaysia International Shoes Festival (XES shoes preview party ) , please forgive me for wearing the same top from Cotton On :p really rushing to two place in same days or I really need get more dress sponsorship from   Haha .. XD

Btw, If you cannot recall my first treatment -injection of eye bag removal (filler ) , pls visit Here for more details.
My second treatment is injection for reduce the swelling .

Visit Here for part 2 :)

And third visit will be focus on doing touch up for under eyes 

This is the second time I enter asthetic premier room of mediviron clinic :)

           The environment is nice as usual. 

Enjoy my complimentary hot drink, today I chosen teh tarik :)

                                        Take a photo before doing any injection yet 

            Waiting the call from doctor , I hanging around.

It's numbing cream time again lol, because doctor has confirm will doing a touch up for my under eyes. It's another injection of filler, I scare pain, so I still have to go through this step :x

                   Injection the filler at my under eyes area

Hmm This is the picture after touch up. Got traces of injection under my eyes 针孔痕迹. It takes few days to disappear. Dr Lashela scare my under eyes skin will absorb more water and lead to swollen 浮肿 so she advice me don't drink too much water within 10 days . (~_~;) 

Let me show you more picture may shock you, I just found my 2014 Chinese New Year pic (january)and make a comparison vs my result after three visit mediviron clinic :x

O.o , even myself also get shock , terrible picture for my Chinese New Year eye bag look . After compare after three treatment photo :x

This is my latest picture taken at just want cafe, johor bahru jp perdana, after 2 week of third treatment. 
Many of my friend feel amazing of my eye bag removal (filler ) result, and say I look younger than before :p
I love the result . Thanks mediviron clinic given me such a great chance to try this wonderful treatment~

Read until here, If you got eye bag problem and cannot cure by eye gel too and you may try  this wonderful treatment , do contact mediviron clinic for free consultation ( Monday -Thursday)

                         Mediviron UOA Clinic

LG 9, lower ground floor, Wisma UOA II , 
No.21, Jln Pinang, 50450 , Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21635699 /017-2163569
Business hours: mon-thurs : 8.30 am-6.00pm
Fri and Sat: 8.30am-6.30pm

and visit. for more treatment information and treatment review :)

Thanks for your reading :) See ya ~ 



Tuesday 15 April 2014

HAPPY Easter Promotion From Romwe Online Fashion Shop

Dear fans, 

Do you need a new attire for Easter ?  Romwe have tons of adorable girl’s clothes to dress up for Easter Sunday~

Photo give credit to : 

Just click  Here  to enter the 75% off Easter sale 

More than 1000 styles. I believes There is always a suitable one for you! 

Promotion Start from Apr 15th, end on Apr 22nd.

Shipping within 24 hours.

Furthermore, I aiming one white lace blouse in 3D embroidery that will be $11.99 on April 17th, save 64%.
You can Visit Here to get yours too , Apply discount code 10offwhitelace to enjoy further discount :p 

Lasts only 24 hours, limited pieces available. 

Beauty review: Cellnique Intensive Hydro Repair Elixir

Hi all~

I was offered a review chance from Cellnique Malaysia .
to try out their hydro repair elixir. Today I gonna tell u the experiments of it , after I try it about one month :) 

Curious about the product, so I browsing  the product information from Cellnique Malaysia website, see whether the product suit me :p

Have i told u that , My current Skin type: sensitive, combination, dehydrated, big pore 

(Picture without cropping, as I feel the picture pixel will drop XD )

From the official introduction of cellnique, It show intensive hydro repair elixir is essentially a high concentrated of snail mucin and hyaluronic acid that designed to regenerate and repair the skin cells. Enhances moisture retention capacity of skin. ( snail mucin ingredients is function for repair the skin . And its a beauty trend start from Korea ) 
And some claim I noticed is firmer, smoother,vibrant appearances will be achieve with continuous use :)

Key Ingredients : snail mucin, hyaluronic acid, palmitoyl trip emptied-3 ( syn-coll)

Apply: day and night ( face and neck evenly) 

                           Tada, this is the real product picture :0    

                                                      30ml size  :)

             i like the cap design, it will convenient us to control the elixir amount we taken .

Colour : transparency

Texture: abit sticky n liquidity

Noted: I think the light shade make my second photo darker, in fact is fair skin :p 

Kim review:

I like its mild texture, it doesn't stimulate my skin at all, even my skin consider very sensitive. 
After use about 7 days- i get a rosy cheek, more smoother face, but it doesn't brightening up my skin like the vit. C serum. 

After one month: More visible result i noticed is my face appearance getting smoother :) 

I will prefer to continue consume it, however the price per bottle is RM199. Maybe will be costly for some gals. 

Being consideration, cellnique is given RM20 off voucher for my fans ( limited first 50 people only~)

How to get it?

First : go to Cellnique Facebook , like the page and comment on my post.

Second: redeem the voucher from Here , and provide your full name, contact no., email address, preferred outlet .

Third: E-voucher will be send by cellnique Malaysia. Print it out once receive , and show it upon redemption :)

Picture above is sample voucher :) picture give credit to :

Thanks for your reading , see u soon :) it's time for some Korea drama :p



Thursday 10 April 2014

Fashion: ROMWE ''GEEK'' Print Grey T-shirt 24 hours sale

hi all,

Have i told you that ROMWE is my favourite online high street fashion ? And  today i spotted a lovely Geek t -shirt  which currently got a limited 24 hours sales with cheap price $9.99 (Free shipping to Malaysia )!!

                                                        Photo give credit:

Website description:

Romwe --Geek Print Grey T-shirt. With a “geek” topped, it overshades any other T-shirts of this summer.The color of it is gray which goes well with not only your denim shorts or pants, but also your skirts or leggings. Wearing it, you will feel comfortable because it is the most soft T-shirt I have ever met. It is a T-shirt that you deserve.

Good news is that this ‘Geek’ shirt is on big sale at 1:00am GMT 10th April.

Visit here for purchase or more infor. :

Sunday 6 April 2014

Fashion Culture box - March Travel Series-Safari theme

Hi all, 

Recently I have been more focus on fashion blog post :) feel interesting to explore fashion area, however ,  my all time favourite still is Japan Liz Lisa type lovely fashion :p
Today I would like to introduce a new fashion box I found recently. -- 
Fashion Culture Box ( ) 

Every month they will have different fashion theme, and I receive March edition-travel series( safari theme ) for review purpose :)

                                  Wanna see what it is ? :p let me open it 〜

       Wow , variety item have been found in the box o.o scarf, arms candy, earring, necklace, discount coupon etc.

And somemore got extra surprise -- nitrogena product o.o really surprise me~
And I like their thoughtful idea, attach a booklet that given useful stylist tips :)

Thinking how to review this fashion box as it was safari theme , :p and i decided to take a outdoor photoshooting . 

My make up tools : Iope bb air cushion C21 , if you got watching Korea drama 来自星星的你, 千颂依 qian song yi is using this brand :) quite natural and , easily to apply too. Just pat on the face, with some loose powder, few min can finish a make up.

Lipstick : I chosen Loreal Colour Riche . Colour :sugar plum 

Eye liner : solone golden magic :) it bring me a golden black eyeliner colour 

Finishing powder : Etude house Etoinette powder (limited edition) 

Have I mention that, the fashion box even include the bloop nail it stickers with cost Rm12.90 .

                        Feather necklace

                         My leopard print dress : Cotton On

   bracelet : fashion culture box ( I love all of them, so colourful and nice quality indeed )

      The earring : from fashion culture box  ( quite tribal feel too :p ) 

                       Lol , the pink scarf I chose to decorate my long champ bag :)

Thanks for your reading, this is my very first time to create a wilder style to represent the safari theme accessory :) hope you like it. And thanks to my brother to be my photographer haha.

April theme 's fashion culture box is tempted me too , got campus , working theme. 

Tempted to buy? Great news for you , discount code exclusive for my readers~
Latest price is RM50, wanna save more? 

Apply my discount code : FCB-KIM-5606  
To enjoy 10%off and free shipping ~

If you interested to find out more theme box, do visit their Facebook : 

And website  :

Thanks for your reading , see ya soon ~