Monday 26 August 2013

Princessy blue pyjamas giveaway

hi :)
i got one pcs brand new night wear wanna given to my lucky fans .
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The lucky fans is Samantha leong, kindly email yr details :)


Thursday 22 August 2013 vs Blincon lens review


How have u been? Recently I receive a Blincon colour lens ( Korea ) from  Glasses Online Malaysia  for review purpose~

Before i share with u blincon lens review ,let me tell u more about =p

 Glasses Online Malaysia claimed :


If you're looking for quality eyewear and vision care at remarkably low prices, you've come to the right place. As Malaysia's first online glasses store, we offer a wide selection of high quality prescription eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and branded sunglasses for both men and women. We work closely with brands to provide you with quality frames and lenses, and continue to raise the bar for great customer service and flexible returns all over Malaysia.


We offer a wide range of Sunglasses and Eyewear from top fashion brands such as Ray Ban,  Gucci, Adidas and Christian Dior, as well as private label products at extra low prices. also stocks all the daily, weekly and monthly Contact lens and lens care products from trusted brands as Acuvue,  Air Optix Aqua, Biomedics, Focus Dailies, Freshlook, SofLens and Proclear for stellar performance and top quality. Whether you need toric lenses, coloured lenses eg: GEO lens or Blincon or Bausch and Lomb or Freshkon or just your regular prescription contact lenses, we have what you need at a great price.

I feel Blincon pearl silver is quite special  , that is the reason i chose it =)

(Korea) Blincon pearl silver colour lens feature:

1.Easily to wear  容易佩戴

2. Neither too soft nor hard  隐形眼镜软硬度适中

3. Clear vision 相较于之前戴过的彩色隐形眼镜,这款视野更加清晰

4. Comfortable ,water retention is much better than my imagination.( within the few hours I try >.< )


5. My eyes look bigger and dark after wearing it. 戴上后看起来眼睛更大了。

                           very special lens , isnt it ~

can u see the difference my original look  and after wearing the blincon pearl silver lens? =p  

before i ending my post ,  Glasses Online Malaysia is provide special voucher code for my readers~

do Liked  Glasses Online Malaysia  's   facebook page ( for updated promotion. =)

Thursday 15 August 2013



Test and share readers 〜 last week I receive beautymate mask from hishop for review purpose.Today I gonna show u my rating towards the product :)

Beautymate mask was introduce as
Banish early signs of aging and beautify dry skin with collagen peptide multi-penetrates skin's underlying layer with hyaluronic acid, aloe and the other moisturizing ingredients.Suitable for all skin types especially dry & sensitive skin.


Intensive moisture, anti-aging and enhances skin elasticity.

What I love : 我喜爱的是

1.quite stick to my face 超服贴
2. Hyperhydration 面膜精华液超保湿
3. Low stimulation on my skin 低刺激性
4. I like the mask scent,it ease my mind. 面膜淡淡香味,纾解我紧绷的神经。
5. Continuously provide cooling function 持续性释放清凉感,脸在敷后有冰凉的残留感。

What I not so love :

1. Paper mask material need handle with care since it easily torn. 稍微拉扯就会破的面膜纸质
2. The mask size can't covered my whole face. 无法覆盖我整张脸。

Suitable : dehydrate and sensitive skin 适合干性缺水肌肤

Lastly I got a good news wanna share with u~ that is beautymate mask is having 20% promotion on ends on 31 AUG 2013.

Read more product details at :

With minimum purchase of RM99 ,u will get 20% rebate by key in TRYUSNOW

Ladies,if u wanna receive the latest promotion deal from hishop

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Wednesday 14 August 2013

Loccitane New Fragrance AUG 2013-La Collection De Grasse

hi ~

loccitane launching new eau de toilette about last month end =) i have tested magnolia and the vert.
and the vert is green tea flavour =p however the magnolia flavour abit too sweet for me =)

there was a cute gift if u spent RM 500++  inclusive of a la collection de grasse product .
i love the packaging so much . but dun think i will spent til 500 buck >.<

Saturday 10 August 2013

Johor Bahru Tanah sutera mall 5th anniversary event 新山五福城五周年庆活 动

Today 1am, sutera mall will having following programme:

Mayau singing performance 马谣歌唱演绎
Release anniversary special stamp pack . 5周年庆纪念邮票封
Lion dance 舞狮
One Malaysia dance
Cut-cake ceremony
Chinese yoyo 扯铃

And for my beauty fans Shills concept store entering sutera mall too :)

Wednesday 7 August 2013

My blog upgrade to

hey guys~

Selamat hari raya ~

i 've been eyeing .com for a period, after ask a blogger kaki , then i decide to approach exabytes for assist me register a domain name =)

just have a try =) and feel good since this is a better name to pronounce than the previous one. =)

the followings is the blog banner i just design one =p

haha last week bought this for my phone, its pearly white hello kitty version. love it ~

Grand Opening of Toastbox Taman Johor Jaya ,Johor Bahru

嗨〜 还记得我在面子书提过8月1日我受邀到柔佛再也土司工坊的开幕礼吗?

Hi, remember I told u that I was invited to attend the grand opening of Toastbox Johor Jaya?

不说不知,坐落于柔佛再也的土司工坊原来是东南亚最大面积的一间分店也是继KSL city 后进军新山的第二间分行。而自2005年在新加坡开了第一间土司工坊后,时尚而不失南洋怀旧的独特风味迅速席卷了新加坡,迄今在新加坡土司工坊总共开设了多达57间分店。而遍布在中国, 香 港,马来西亚,台湾, 菲 律宾,泰国的共有34间分店。0.0  wow,的确让我大开眼界。

This is the second branch of Toastbox at Johor Bahru, and I was told Toastbox is started their very first store at orchard road since year 2005 :)

I love those coffee bean, it explain what's the difference of nanyang coffee if compare with others :)

I personally feel that Toastbox in white colour ,abit like Korean coffee house too :p

This coffee toaster is very convenient. Jus 2 min. can make a cup of coffee.Homemade kaya taste good too :)


                    Senior Vice President Vincent Lim given the welcome speech .

其后工作人员也现场表演了 拉咖啡的功夫,精彩的演出成功吸引了在座媒体的目光,谋杀了不少镁光灯 hehe。而随着土司工坊负责人林青材加入拉啡演出,更将现场的气氛推至高潮。

                                          The coffee Tarik show is attractive :p

柔佛再也的人民代议士 廖彩彤也是当天的开幕嘉宾,这是我第一次能近距离的一睹这位DAP 新星的风采。真人比报章上看到的更漂亮以及更有亲和力。^_^

                                    Speech by guest of honor  Liow Cai Tung

面包物语集团烘焙部(全球)总执行员 郭成华 , 嘉宾廖彩彤,土司工坊高级副总裁林青材 相见欢。

而在接着的试吃会上,我选择了 Rendang 鸡翼椰浆饭当主食。第一次将椰浆饭放入口咀嚼时的确有惊喜的感觉。软绵绵容易入口的椰浆饭让我吃了有很幸福的感觉呐〜 (^O^)
而咖喱鸡的肉质也被熬煮的相当的松软。Laksa 也别出心裁的选用"米台玛 "代替一般的黄面或米粉。我喜欢这样的配搭,搭配新颖外, "米台玛 "吃起来的的口感也不错。

而我当天最喜爱的是 冷饮--沙谷仙草奶茶,在大热天喝冰奶茶搭配沙谷仙草的确是别有一番滋味。

         This nasi lemak just surprise me with the softness of rice and the tenderness of chicken :)

Laksa mee tai mak is another good choice too, I like the mee tai mak chewy feel.
Overall, curry of Toastbox is spicy with strong coconut milk taste.

            My favorite drink of the day--ice milktea with sago jelly 

This is one of my favorite corner ~

Take some picture before I going back :p  I love this scene and the bicycle.

Before I ending my post, I would like to share a good news for u ~
Johor jaya Toastbox is doing promotion now, just spent RM5 and u entitle for 10% discount per bill.
The promotion will be ended on 31 August~
配合新分店开张,柔佛再也的土司工坊也推出特别促销回馈大众,凡消费五元即可获得10% 折扣,优惠期至8月31日。喜爱土司工坊的粉丝们万勿错过,以免向隅 〜

Noted: the photo without watermark give credit to the Toastbox :)

This post is brought to you by the toast box Malaysia and 

   A blog about cutestuff, beauty,fashion ,product review ,Johor Bahru,K.L event and food ~!

Sunday 4 August 2013

Review: Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion

Hi, test and share readers :)

Still remember I told u that I receive an offer to preview Etude House New product : 
Precious Mineral Any Cushion aka almighty cushion ?

Today I gonna tell u my testing result ~

Tada~ love in first sight for # wanna be sweet # gift pack from Etude House Malaysia~

                           Lets see what's included in the gift pack :)

# wanna be sweet# lovely cosmetic pouch , 2 cleansing oil sample, and the main role today --Precious Mineral  Any Cushion ~

Totally a lovely item isn't it ?

I receive a natural beige w13 any cushion with a pinkish package.( Another choice W24 honey beige also available at Etude house ).:

The packaging describe any cushion as cushion pact perfect all days radiant and moist skin with its multi function of brightening, wrinkle-reducing, sebum control,flawless coverage :)

The key ingredients of Any Cushion :

I am glad to know that hyaluronic acid is one of the key ingredients , I need it's moisture lock function to against the office air -con environment :)

The air puff is darker blue in real product :) open the safety seal, I saw the **cushion** with liquid foundation. 
I can't tell Any cushion 's pleasant scent come from which ingredients , i like it so much ~

Before I try out the item I gotta went through the instruction , and I found I have to apply the cushion with # pat pat # style (coat the puff with the content and patting lightly ) rather than rubbing on the skin ~

Umm, can u see the difference from the followings :

The topper picture is my bare skin, and the lower picture is wearing any cushion make up :)
My pores less visible , skin smoother, fairer jus few **pat** ~

During the testing period, I found the followings:

1. Cooling make up--I was shock when I first apply it on skin, the cooling feel is impress me~!

2. Non -greasy ,and natural coverage-- within 8 hours working hours, I feel my face is clean and the coverage become more natural after apply 2-3 hours, however my skin maintain smoother,fairer .

3. Light texture but high uv sunscreen with SPF50 PA+++

4. Easily remove the make up with the cleansing oil.

5.  I like the product concept and special " cell trap" technology of any cushion .It successfully hold the liquid foundation in the cushion, and the user just coat the air puff with little amount content, apply few pat on skin then can create a speedy beauty look without dirty your finger.

6.Price Rm109.90, personally feel abit costly , if u wanna save cost can buy refill after finish yr first any cushion.   :)

7. The estimate usage is one month from the official introduction. It may vary for individuals.:p

8. For all skin type-- 
It's very convenient for the busy office lady or anyone love the light texture cosmetic but high uv sunscreen.
For oily skin gals doesn't need to worry the Greasy look due to the sebum control powder.or anyone wanna a fairer skin .

Before The ending of the review , I would like to share with u air puff washing tips ,the correct washing method can prevent cracking . 

Thanks for your reading~

This post is brought to you by Etude House Malaysia 

Visit their website
to know the latest product and giveaway information :)

Friday 2 August 2013


Photo give credit to :

Hi jb fans~
more 9 days , johor bahru danga bay will having a universal carnival !! =)
At the carnival will see appearances by popular artistes eg: zoe tay  and a series of activities such as a music festival and a fireworks display.Free shuttle will be provided for jb and singapore.
and if u got  star newspaper today , there was a sticker can redeem carnical event package worth RM388 and RM10 car wash coupon ~really forward to this carnival :)

Photo give credit to :