Thursday 15 December 2016

Review : X.One Ultra Cable

Hi all~   how are you   =)  Chrismas festival  is coming soon , have you think of any gift ideas for your beloved one? If you haven't think of any yet ,  an excellent capacity data cable might be an ideal choice for you  =D

Recently , I receive a product review chance to try out  X One Ultra Cable for MicroUSB .  After testing about one week,today i would love to share with you my experiments ~


   photo credit : 

TADA, This is the cable i received =)

For better understanding about the product , before start the review session, i have a good read about the product information =)

Based on X .One Asia official introduction  : 

X.One® Ultra Cable Features and Benefit is :  

1) 10X more durable than original cables,built to last long, with 2 year’s manufacturer warranty 
2) Strengthened with Military material used in Kevlar bulletproof vests 
No more worries of flimsy cables 
3) Multi-layered compression design on Ultra Cable charging port 
Withstand rough daily wear and tear 
4) Power supply terminal with 80 premium quality tinned copper wires, enable current output up to 2.4A 
5) Gives high speed charging compared to normal cables. 
Slightly thicker for longer Ultra Cables , So that charging speed is not affected 
MFi certified by Apple 
6) Avoiding various iOS incompatibility issues 
7) Available in four colours, and 2 length, Gold, Black, Grey and Rose Gold (1.5m and 3m) 

                            This cable look so fashion and lovely isn't it? 

                                            it is adjustable too .

Kim 's Review : 

The mobile model I currently using is Oppo A37 ( Rose gold ) , therefore I chosen Micro USB 1.5 m length , Rose gold colour (  my favourite colour )  X.One® Ultra Cable to match it well :p 

After testing about one week,  I get in love with X.One® Ultra Cable , it look nice and fashion with the metal finishing :D  The cable quite durable, and the length is more than enough . No more frustration for the short length anymore . XD 

And the most important thing, Even though the length is longer than the normal cable, however the charging speed & capacity  even can compete / faster than my original Oppo cable . =)  It's totally different with the low quality I random bought at the shopping mall 's mobile accessory stall .( uggh, I still remember the slow speed charging rate just given me headache -.- )  

 I feel impressive for the x one ultra cable 's quality ~ I will continuing using it :) 

You may consider to get one too, they currently provide 2 years 's manufacturer warranty ( 1 to 1 exchange ) , seems a great deal isn't it? 

attach here with the price list and other option  for your reference :

- X.One® Ultra Cable’s price 
o Apple Lightning 1.5m: RM 99.00 
o Apple Lightning 3.0m: RM 129.00 
o Micro USB 1.5m: RM 69.00 
o Micro USB 3.0m: RM 89.00 

you can get them at :

 X.One® Facebook shop link at ( and  official webpage : (

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Wednesday 7 December 2016


hi all,

Remember last time I receive a joy box from LAZADA? today i gonna tell you which item is my favourite .  :D  and the reason why I love them :p

Pandan flavour instant white coffee from Nescafé - judge from the green colour packaging. it look like malay style beverage xD . My brother told us , this flavour is limited edition one.  O.o  Wow, limited edition~!  It kinda stir up my interest to try it out , everyone love rare and limited edition item, it sounds like more precious , isn't it :p

It was a sweet white coffee infuse with the pandan flavour , taste not bad . Pandan lover might like it too :)

you can click here to find the product =)

A lovely panda from FoodPanda  :) , mostly gal love fury doll, i admit i am one of it :) 
I recalled my past user experience , foodpanda delivery service  is a nice delivery service ,instead of going out ,  met traffic  jam and long queque waited for the food. Foodpanda  will settle all these troublesome job for you, the only thing you need to do is browsing foodpanda website , select the food or drink you want from restaurant cooperate with foodpanda  . And waiting for the food delivered to your doorstop .~ :D 

 The panda doll,  come with a RM10 voucher code : IMPANDA ( min. purchase RM40 ) 

Another useful item from lazada box of joy  ~ Sandisk ultra dual drive m3.0 (64GB  , flash drive for android smart phone )

The drive is very convenience and easy to carry. Hooray ~  Now I found another way to save my photo , and link it to desktop . With 64 GB , I guess I can save a lot of photo ya ~~ :D 

you can click here to find the product =) 

Lastly, just a gentle reminder , the online revolution sales, still ongoing ya ~ make sure to check it out :p

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Tuesday 29 November 2016


Hi all~

Today I would like to share a great news to you. ^o^

Currently,  Lazada is having one month special  promotion for Online Revolution 11.11 双 十一 节   . (11.11.16 -  11.12.16) 

Every  week will be feature different theme . The theme of this week is techie. Therefore, this is your best chance to shop a cheap deal if you have eyeing for specific mobile / laptop ~~!

         Recently I  receive the  box  of joy  from Lazada as well =) 

Open it Up, woo-hoo it was full of surprises! The box of joy consist of  variety product and brand available on Lazada - Including the latest Maggi instant wheat Mee, Nescafe Limited Edition (pandan flavour)  , Nestle, L'Oreal hairmask,   Tefal product , Sandisk , Milo  ~

Next blog post ,

I gonna share with you what I love most among them =) 

Attach here with the discount code,  I guess you may need it :) 

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Sunday 20 November 2016

Food review : Caffe Bene @Citysquare Johor Bahru

Hi all~

After long awaited times, Caffe bene finally entered Johor Bahru  ~:D  Recently,  Their first JB outlet open at third floor, Citysquare Johor Bahru. :) 

                     Cafe  location just next to MPH book store . :) 

They are conducting the Coffee For Books event , two book can exchange for a cup of regular  Americano drink , I redeem mine successfully :p

Before order any drink, I hanging around the shop and their various gelato is capture my attention ,  all of them look yummy~ xD 

I noticed MISUGARU series too. Misugaru  series is full of 5 grain nutrients : brown rice, black soybean, barley, black rice, black sesame :)  Misugaru latte and pat bingsu is highly recommended by my friend .

Tada, this is the MISUGARU LATTE  

My brother describe it as energy drink lol.It taste nice , warm and sweet. Full of the grain nutrients.Perfectly for the breakfast and grain lover. 


    yellowish potato latte, tasty , warm and abit sweet . Worth to try since never saw any JB cafe serving potato latte yet :) 

Pat Bingsu ( regular size) 

  Make sure to eat pat bingsu in BENE way - *push * the topping to the bottom and  stir well :)  I like the "muaci" topping, taste good and chewy. 

Matcha / green tea Bingsu ( Regular size ) 

    Green tea flavour is my all time flavour , caffe bene bingsu is full of nuts , i love it :)  


       Waffle is neither too crunchy nor too thick. :)


Garlic and cheese Bread is quite soft , not crunchy type. Next Time , I would like to try another type of honey bread :)

Dark chocolate gelato 

Iced Americano 

I like this kind of dark bean coffee,abit bittersweet , taste not bad,  next time would like to try hot americano too ~

FYI, Caffe bene also selling three type of instant coffee. I have try caramel and slim  cappucino. Both of them is tasty, and not too sweet, love it  :) 

3 type instant coffee is available at caffe bene outlet , you can get yours there :) 

Haha, my stochmach is full of dessert and coffee now  , xD  before leaving citysquare JB,
taken photo vs the latest chrismas decoration ~cookies house :)  it's such a lovely decoration , right? 

Thanks for your reading, 



Tuesday 18 October 2016

Slide the city @Hutan Bandar MBJBT life experience

Hi all~ 

How's your weekend? Got visit any new cafe in town?  For me,  I was having a fruitful one :) 
the Slide the City , the famous and exciting water activity entered Johor Bahru , Hutan Bandar MBJBT ~~ . 

I bringing few friend to attend this happening event :) 

We set off from home about 10 pm plus, intend to skip the fiery sun, however  after registration and collect the goodies : eg:  "water gun" , coloured tube ,  T shirt and having some WEFIE , the time already 11 am plus xD 

Really cannot get enough of the lovely wall of Slide the City :p we taken quite alot of Wefie  here :D 

My slide the city edition pinky sunnies , I love it so much ^_^ 

It was such a long queue when we reaching . @.@ 

Luckily , the unlimited slide section is 5-7pm , therefore we are still having sufficient time to queue and slide over and over again :p ( p.s: actually i only manage playing 4 round  only :p ) 

The first slide the city experience is extremely fun~!!  However, it does contain potential risk for kids, 
Once water runs dry, the slider will stuck there, it was the embrassing moment , and the people follow you might crash you , since you stuck and stop in front of him lol .. Luckily , the helpful staff there do assist me and save me when I stuck there. XD  

For kids, it will be good if setting a specific lane for them :) 

Tada~ this is the destination when we finish the slide, how beautiful isn't it  , the scenery :) 
love it :p 

See, we really having so much fun here ~~

Once again, thanks Slide the city Malaysia given chance for us to exploration  :D 
Thumb up for all your helpful staff :) 

Lastly, looking  forward to the next slide the city event at Johor Bahru~ :D 



Sunday 2 October 2016

Product Review: Sista Malaysia Data Cable ( For IOS )

Nowadays , digital mobile  already become a technology product that we can't  live without it  :) 
we rely on digital phone to receive instant messages, checking email  and  Facebook etc . 

Therefore,  the charging cable already become one of the important mobile accessories  . I believe many people (included me ) ever facing frustration and suffer after buying low quality charging cable ( eg: charging speed very low ) .It really waste our money and time , right? 

Today the review i would like to brought to you , just nice is Data Cable from Sista Malaysia . :) 

 Sista Malaysia Data Cable I receive is  ( For IOS - Iphone, Ipod , iPad ) 

After further checking , I found Sista Malaysia data cable , actually applicable to mini ipad too , however Unfortunately not for too old version one  eg: iPad 1 cannot  .xD 

Well, many of you might be don't know what is Sista Malaysia ? :) 

Sista Malaysia , is a fashion brand focus on mobile phone accessories products :) 

         Tada , this is the Sista Malaysia cable I receive :) 

Official introduction ( via Sista website) 

Origins of Brand:

SISTA sounds similar to"Sea-star", which means starfish. This famous sea creature sparked our idea to create this brand.
Company profile: 

Originating from Hong Kong, SISTA is currently headquartered in Shenzhen, an emerging international city reputed as the metropolis of digital product design and manufacturing. Created by a group of young enthusiasts keen on digital products, the brand aims at the international market of fashionable digital accessories. 

The-founders and senior design team, with members from Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Malaysia, have a deep understanding of the development trend of the industry,Chinese and western culture, as well ascutting-edge stylish design. SISTA is devoted to integrating high-quality supply chain resources with independent research, design, and marketing to ensure that products achieve high standards in terms of quality control, innovation and utility.
Product ideas: 

SISTA is committed to creating products with a simple but stylish appearance and tested quality. Through the perfect combination of utility and fashion, we strive to provide first-class products for digital enthusiasts all over the world.
Enterprise vision

Dedicate to realize virtuous and long-lasting development in the digital accessory industry.
Team values:

Credibility, dedication and obligation

               The Sista Malaysia product packaging Is simple . 

                        I like this vivid red cable with fashion design :) 

                 Product feature Sistar Malaysia stated .

                        It applicable to IPhone 

               And applicable to mini ipad as well :) 

       Among four colours , I will prefer red or white :p 

After testing on the iPhone, mini ipad , We have a conclusion : 

-Two user comment : The cable charging speed is average , it neither slow nor faster than original cable . 

third user commented Sista Malaysia data cable consider fast , since 70min can charged about 58% for her iPhone :) 

- A simple stylish design cable with an affordable  price - RM29 . 

If you tempted to own one, 

Click the followings : 

( Sista Malaysia product selling portal  ) 

Also refer Sista Malaysia Facebook pages for more product details: 

Thanks for your reading, 

See ya,