Sunday 29 April 2018

Ramadan Buffet Review : Bufet Citra ala Bazar @ Pulai Spring JB

Hi all~~ 

Today , I would like to share with you,  Pulai Spring's Ramadan Buffet Review 2018 -
 Bufet Citra ala Bazar =) 

Thanks for the Ramadan Buffet media preview invitation from Pulai Spring Resort ~    therefore I can come along with JDT blogger Friends and enjoy the food tasting session together =D

The Ramadan Buffet is hosted at  Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant of Pulai Spring Resort. 

            Reaching the Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant about 7pm :)    

The  ramadan buffet 's banner displayed  in front of the restaurant :) 

         Here comes my JDT bloggers fren Aida , they are reaching earlier :) 

                                             Mialiana  and me 

                                                 Sislin and me 

When I first walk in,   Gleneagles Terrace Restaurant's   cozy environment and nice ambience just capture my heart !  it is such an ideal place for family /fren gathering and chitchat  !  =D 

This year,  Pulai Spring  represented -- Bufet Citra ala Bazar ( 19/05 /18 to 13/06/18 ) Feast of local and international cuisine ,over 15 food stalls,  and both indoor and outdoor buffet displays to select and savour their favourite Ramadan delights. 

More than 100 dishes  must- have buka puasa dishes prepared by the Senior Sous Chef Rusle Ahmad and skilled chefs. From starters to desserts,seafood,meat,middle eastern, Chinese,  western food, soups,  salads,  pickles,  BBQ, hot and spicy dishes prepared on the spot with 6 rotational menus Everyday  !  

Main highlight dishes : including authentic Kelantanese dishes, 
Kambing Kuzi , Adam Pedas Johor,  Sup Power,  Laksa Johor,   Pizza,  Kacang Pool,  Sup tulang merah,  Durian Goreng,  Coconut Shake (popular dessert in Melaka)  and more ~~ 

      kampung kuzi with briyani rice , yummy =)   

                               Dessert ~~~ Sweet tooth 's paradise  xD 

                  GM of Pulai Spring and the Senior Sous Chef Rusle Ahmad

Among of the variety food ,   my top favourite is  murtabak ! (I still can RMB how tasty it was and it's savoury sauce!  Delicious  ! I refill twice 😂  no joke xD )  , for dessert,  non- sweeten whipped cream fruit cake 🎂 has won my ♥ heart! Love it!  =p

And Asam Pedas ( eye catching fresh fish served on the spot ) ,  not too spicy,  goes well with rice .  :) 

I love meat and kampung kuzi with briyani rice  too =)   

Thanks for having us, we do enjoy the media preview session :)

If you interested to try those tasty dishes we having here  , can buy the advance purchase voucher ~ it will save more money for you~~ 

19/05- 13/06 /18 ) Buffet Citra  Ala Bazar

 RM108 per adult ,
 RM54 -per child 

( 9+1 : 9 paying adults,  1 dine in  Free) 

Advance Purchase Vouchers : 

Pre purchase vouchers 
From 1 April to 10 May 2018
Save up to 
Rm18 per person 
Only RM90 (adult)  RM45 (child)  
(dine in from 19/05-13/06/18, not applicable with any other offers & promotions ) 

1st Week special 

Dine during the first week of Ramadan ( walk- in without vouchers)  and save up to 
Rm23 per person. 

Rm85 ( adult)  
Rm43  ( child)  

( Not applicable with any other offers & Promotions)  

Prayer Room (Surau)  available 
And Free Parking. 

* all menus are subject to change,  menu rotates daily.  
*All prices inclusive of 6% GST 

For Reservations, ☎ contact 
Whatsapp (MS. Nardia )  : +6017-7455776
Email :



Monday 23 April 2018

A Brunch Date with Sunshine Kelly and Guardian @People and Places CafeJB

Hi all~~ 

Today,  I would like to share with you, my recent  wonderful brunch date with powerful blogger Kelly Chin  and Guardian Malaysia Staff ( all the way from KL  )~

Thanks to the exclusive invitation from Guardian.  And their staff  effort put in to organise the whole event , really appreciated =)  

The main highlight for the event is - celebrity blogger Kelly will sharing her personal tips -  
how to be a better bloggers  during  the event. 

Before i going to the event, i browsing kelly 's blog and instagram, I found she is a blogger since 2011, and  she is a very  dilligent  and hardworking blogger will keep updated her blog and  very often, She manage consistently to keep the movitation and enthusiasm to her blog  .  Furthermore.  her instagram currently got nearly 40k followers ~ wow,  considered a very successful blogger and social influencer ~!. Getting curious how she can maintain such an excellent result. So i really looking forward to this event =)

Morning 10am plus,  Reaching one of the popular cafe in JB. -- People and places cafe.  they serve tasty Melbourne brunch with nice environment. =)

Kelly , Guardian Staff and  my fellow bloggers  were there already =) 

Event start punctual, everyone of us was paid 100% attention to the kelly 's sharing session . From her sharing , i found some important notes for being a successful blogger/ social influencer :

1) Keep updated your Blog  and Instagram , in order to  keep the audience 's engagement . Preferably, one instagram per day =)

2)  the content / caption must be your OWN VOICE and Your own Style ~!

3)  Short  and Sweet, catching eye caption ( Esp. Headline )

       Longer content must be informative

4)  Sharing the  positive content instead of Negative content.

5)   Call to action -- Remember the  Poll function on ( instagram ) ? 
Asking  question for your readers --Eg:  yay or nay =P  , can build up an interaction vs your readers =)

6)   Have a mutual  interaction vs your readers , eg: comment / likes their post 

7)   Have to be very observant -- alert to the specific time , your readers  will be most active , find out the best /ideal posting time . 

8) Tell a stories 

9)  Pic. fall on Grid line . Good photo does matter =p 

  We are having discussion too while having brunch.  One of my favourite is Matcha Latte =)

                       Hotcakes ~!! finally i get to try this . =D 

                big breakfast , tasty and such a big portion . really worthy~

          Giant size rainbow salad 0.0 , no wonder farah cannot finish all of them XD 

                        lol.~  it does happen , whenever bloggers met vs food

Now let's practise  the result we learn , Good Students have to submit the homework right  =p

Guardian Staff  passed each of the blogger,  a beautiful bag -  inside full of the goodies from Guardian . =D

Our main task is using any of the product to take photo and upload it to instagram with specific harshtag .

All of them,  is the special  discount item  of  the  Knockdown prices programme  -20-22 APR 18 . If you haven't heard about this programme ~ Let me tell you now =)

Guardian recently launching The Knockdown Prices programme,  will take place from every Friday to Sunday , for the rest of the year.”

• An estimated 260 items, ranging from health and beauty products, will 

be offered at lower prices during the year. It will feature an average of four to 

five products, with price reductions stretching from 10 to 70 % ! It was such a good news right?

Nowadays,  the living fee is getting high , i believe Guardian heard our voice ~ =)

this is first attempt :  kelly commented : My entry is tend to-->  informative 

Therefore, after discuss with Kelly, what i should improve for next entry  is upload and sharing more personalised, lifestyle photo with my own voice . =)

                          I believe I can improve and getting better  , practised make perfect ,isn't it                                                                      .=p

                                             thanks to  kelly's useful tips =D

before leaving the cafe, we are having  fun and taking OOTD together =D 

Once again, thanks you  Guardian  and  KELLY ,  we do enjoy this wonderful event =)

looking forward to see you soon ,



Sunday 22 April 2018

Explore Johor : Sand & Sandals Beach Desaru Beach Resort and Spa


Do you know that Last year , one of the luxury resort Sand & Sandals Beach Desaru Beach Resort and Spa has entered Desaru ?  :D 

I would like to show you some of the precious moment and experiments I spent there ( Sept 2017) , 
Click here to Read :) 



Monday 16 April 2018

Explore Singapore : Garden By the Bay (Sakura -Flower Dome )

Hi ~

It's been two years , I was thinking to explore the Gardens by the bay Singapore , because I am one of the Sakura lover. Every March - early of April , Flower dome of Gardens by the Bay , will be full of variety beautiful Sakura. This year I heard it hits 23 -24 species o.o . Somemore , this is the first time sakura flower dome got Sakura fair with foods stall, yukata rental . ~~

So , I chosen a long weekend ( Saturday ) entered Singapore , surprisingly , there is not crowded as normal  weekend  :)  it's not difficult to go Gardens by the bay,
Reaching MRT Kranji ---> MRT Marina Bay ( spent me  one hours ++, 20 plus stop lol. ) 

Change route

MRT Marina Bay -->  MRT Bay Front ( one stop only, 
quite near to Gardens by the bay , just follow the people , will reach the destination soon ) 

The ticket is online purchase one, it cost $18 for SG Pr ( flower dome + cloud forest ) , Foreigner should be around $ 25 ++ 

I visited cloud forest , and then proceed to Sakura flower dome :p 

Since there are crowded , It takes time to the flower dome - (Indoor )sakura fair area  ) ,   yukata  rental is abit costly $20 for each people , one gals and me is waiting about 20min , in order to get a nicer yukata lol. I end up chosen the pinky yukata :) luckily , it suit me :p 

     Have to taken ootd in a super duper fast , its getting crowded even its about 1pm .  

                          Weather is Not too hot, because  just nice that time is cloudy :D 

                                        I love this photo :D 

             Guess this japan dolls , is photographer ownself bring one  xD 

                                                 Lovely bow :p 

This is a free photo session , exclusively for the people who rented  the yukata . Organiser will free one instant print photo for you.  Organiser will charge you $5 per pcs, for the people interested to take photo but doesn't rent their yukata :) 

Overall, i am satisfied for the sakura flower dome trip , Looking forward for next year Sakura Fair !
If you interested to buy the online ticket or check out more updated  information,
do proceed to gardens by the bay website =)