Tuesday 31 January 2012


hi test and share readers,

today i would like to sharing my review --korean brand luview aqua essence whitening bb cream to u ^^  last two month i have been review luview mascara, lipgloss, magic bb cream , facial foam.as i receive many product from them for review, therefore i still will have luview product review coming up ^^ . if u not familiar with this korean brand , its not surprising, as it havent enter malaysia market/ shopping mall . but it already available for online sales at http://www.luview.com =)

Website official introduce : 

Benefit : Whitening, Pure moisturizing essence
Skin types : Oily, Sensitive, Combination Skin
Formula : Cream
Volume : 40ml
Coverage : ◆◆◇◇◇

PRICE : S$ 13.80

Enriched aqua gel film provides a no-makeup look and feel, yet covers imperfections with a natural, hydrating touch.

1. Aqua supply system Natural glucose polymer from fermentation and aqua capture polymer supply plentiful moisture and form the protective layer to keep skin damp hour after hour.

2. Aqua essence formula Unlike other BB cream, Aqua formula inside enables to feel light weight, gentle and plentiful moisture.

3. Skin soothing effect Botanical ingredients such as aloe and kava extraction delivers the soothing effect to the skin. Oil, talc, paraben free.

4. Whitening: KFDA certified.

How to use: At the final stage of the skin care, take appropriate volume and apply for light pounding. Makeup base and foundation are not required to use separately.


MY SKIN TYPE :  OILY , COMBINATION  (this bb cream suit for my skin =p )

                                                                           the cap

                                                               clear function and instruction stated

                                              MY LEFT HAND -- BEFORE APPLY AQUA BB CREAM  =P

                                                              The colour shade quite natural  and light ^^

                                                             Watery and Light Texture

did u see the difference btw Before and After?

After apply my  skintone more evenly and fair , however the coverage only light coverage  =)

What i love  about this aqua bb cream:

1.i found 1st time apply, it already given my skin QQ feel and  increase my skin water retention level . i love this ^^
2. texture is quite watery, oil free , suit for summer or hot weather country gal
3. paraben free
4.suit my oily and combination skin.
5.after apply my skintone more evenly and fair =)
6. it doesnt stimulate my skin at all, and i doesnt feel i am wearing make up ^^
7. Affordable price if compare with the faceshop or other korean brand =)

What i not so love:

1.coverage is quite light , i think not design for strong coverage.
2.maybe the texture is watery type, so i feel even this product is  40ml size , but i notice i consume it very fast. >.<

thanks for reading, i really hope luview brand can enter malaysia market as soon as possible, because i really love some of its product  after testing  ^^

Sunday 29 January 2012


Hi test and share readers,

i just finish watching a china Qing dynasty romantic drama BU BU JING XIN 步步驚心, total episode 35 (origins story from  online popular novel , author  TONG HUA  桐华 ) i kinda fall in love with the beautiful snow scenary , sad romance  and its music in the drama .i  would like to share few song with u in this drama  =) , it make me keep replay the song in the youtube ^^

really enjoy the song , have a nice day ~

Tuesday 24 January 2012

updated review of shiseido white lucent +

hi test and share readers,

happy chinese new year, gong xi fa cai~

remember last time i ever do a preview about shiseido white lucent +  ?
now i already complete the full review about it , and with reviewer photo ~

kindly take a look the updated review :


Tuesday 17 January 2012


Hi ~ test and share fans , recently i am drinking one detoxification drink-- good morning cleanse.a strong fiber drink. i wondering how many of u ever heard about this product? my collegues mention , this is kinda famous product =X but i  get to know this is from a fair at johor shopping mall . >.<

Chinese New year is coming , i guessing u (included me)  will contact those oily food /meat, i feel this drink will be very useful at this moment =p  . For having constipation problem fans ,  i feel my tummy is smaller after i consume about 7 satches .After i drink  it at morning , normally i will go toilet after 7-12hours .Pls dun consume it at evening, u might kena strong stomache during midnite , oh thats a nightmare for me @.@

I am a oily food lover. i love to eat those frenfries . and  having constipation problem. mayb it just because i seldom eat vegetable?  i found i really need take some fiber drink like this to help me detoxify those rubbish in my body   >.<

do u think it is expensive? RM98 (WEST MALAYSIA) for 15 satchet
(East malaysia)  RM108
if for member , it entitle 15 percent discount .

do share with me , if u also consume detoxify drink ^^

have a nice day~


Hi test and share readers,

remember december 2011 i ever done a preview about the shiseido white lucent +   ? i found my review link have been update at shiseido website today ,  search the part -- hear from some of the bloggers to sample the product --

PREVIEW : Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum + (Part 1) =p

 also i saw the sampling campaign for shiseido white lucent product~! do take a look =p   and grab one home ^^

Sunday 15 January 2012

Wish company Blind test project -DEC 2011 BB CREAM RESULT REVEALED~

Still remember i ever done a blog post about testing bb cream which i nvr know the brand from wish company ? visit http://testandshare1.blogspot.com/2011/12/wish-blind-test-dec-2011-bb-cream.html  if didnt saw my blog post before =p

Now the answer is revealed  at below link~


Wednesday 11 January 2012


hi test and share readers~ today i would like to intro. latest fabula mask to all of u~ Recently,i am lucky enough in the shortlist candidates for review their new bio fiber nano series mask ^^ kinda happy and surprise ~

                        fabula team is thoughtful attach all the related information in the letter. =)

before review the mask, i found the related product information from fabula facebook =)

Fabula 类真皮面膜-速效润白


Fabula biofiber nano-cellulose mask -- whitening and moisturizing
 Only 20 minutes for a  fair translucent skin! Vitamin C Sodium, Tranexamic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and cucumber extract may block the formation of melanin effectively and then mitigate it! Nano-cellulose with 200 times moisture holding ability, plus refreshing, highly effective skin whitening essence which can be absorbed rapidly, it regulates skin condition instantly without burdening, giving you fair translucent skin!

Whitening: Rm36/pc, Rm135/per box/4pcs

My skin concern: sensitive and combination skin


                      Hmm, i notice it state can reduce wrinkle too =) every gal love this ~

                                     Ingredients and usage is clearly stated =p

                                       Curious About the content? continue reading ~

             The mask is quite big, i think it surely can covered my big face hehe

                                     white and blue is outlayer only

semi-transparent colour .neither thick nor thin. i touch the mask with my finger--  0.0 it  quite smooth ~~, and even in a hot weather ,i wonder y it given me a strong cooling /icy feel ~!!
and its colour and texture  did let me recall a deep sea creature--jelly fish >.<

hmm maybe because its semi transparent colour ? or smooth icy feel?   >.<  my imagination start runs wild =X

hmm i was strugging about 1 min for open the mask .lol~ i found its texture easily rub into ..just like the picture shown as above (揉成一团) i dun like this point =X

          mayb the mask is quite big, it doesnt match my face perfectly .but i love its absolutely fix to my face =p ( 非常贴脸 )


this mask easily fix to my face, and absolutely perfect as a morning awakeing mask-- it refresh and cooling feel maintain over 15min ~ it doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin at all. i totally love this !

after 20min, i take off the mask, and i found the mask essence is totally absorb to my face ! thats the very special point if compare to some taiwan brand serum mask which normally will still left too much sticky essense on my face and doesnt absorb completely.

Conclusion :


1. Very special texture mask, i never try this kind mask before ~

2. Mild recipe , doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin

3. Given me a strong refresh , cooling feel ~ i love to taken it as morning mask.

4. the mask essense easily absorb into my skin .

5. kinda easy stick to my face .

6. i found my face become smoother =p  after apply the mask, as for the whitening result is not so visible on my face.i guessing it take time ^^ since i only try once. 

7. ingredients contain   Vitamin C Sodium, Tranexamic Acid, Alpha Arbutin and cucumber extract ( 左旋C、传明酸、熊果​素和小黄瓜萃取 ) is very effective for whitening purpose.

8. the face mask material consider not easily torn. unless u purposely do that.

9. fragrance free, dehp free and additive free (according updated information from fabula health ^=)  )

I AM not so love:

1.mask size not totally fit my face.

2. ingredients contain paraben.

3.the mask material abit troublesome, need cost 1 min for me to open.

4. maybe some ppl will feel it quite pricey .

Fabula 类真皮眼膜-弹力透亮

Fabula biofiber nano-cellulose eye mask-- anti-aging
Perfectly formulated with Red Algae collagen, Vitamin B5, Hyaluronic acid and Ginkgo extract, this essence has ultra-fine molecules which will penetrate into skin gaps in seconds; it fights against melanin and gently tightens skin around eyes, giving you bright and soulful eyes!

Eye Mask:Rm16/pair, Rm58/box/4pairs

                             Real product picture

                             Ingredients and Usage ~ remove flaws and wrinkle ,firming and anti-aging . i want all the function =p

                                        There are 2 separate pieces eye mask

                                            apply it on my eyes ~

                                               Closer look

KIM Comment:

i found the eye mask no matter the material , texture , colour is almost same as the face mask . i think it was simply because it is the same series mask. but the different point is one is for face, one is for eyes  =D so it also feel it quite smooth when i touch it with my finger and  semi transparent colour.

What i love : 

1. this eye mask is more stick to my eyes skin rather than the face mask do . i truly love this! 

2. cooling sensation .^^

3. never try this kind eye mask before, very interesting material. just like your another skin .

4. eye mask essence totally absorb into my skin~!

5. my eyes is more moisturize and stay tender after apply this mask.

the point i not so love:

1.even the material is very similar or exactly same as the facemask , but i found it easily torn rather than the facemask, hmm i also wonder y o.o  and it the mask already slip to the outlayer when i open the packaging.

2.contain paraben

3. material also cost me a little more time to spread it.

p/s: in fact, after i try fabula face and eye mask. i found the faceshop also got the similar latest gel mask for face RM 14.90 Per pieces and eye gel mask RM15 plus for 2 pair too.  it quite similar with fabula mask concept ,but the faceshop mask design is  easier to spread than fabula one .However, after i compare the quality and texture  ,  i still prefer fabula one ^^ , even fabula price is double up price of the faceshop gel mask.maybe it is so called 一分钱一分货 >.<

 thanks for reading ^^ hope this review given u a good idea about this series mask , i truly surprise by this innovative technology mask <3  ~

Sunday 8 January 2012


Chinese new year is around the corner  =)  i guess many of  my readers have bought some new shirt and shoes. this year i really spent alot money on the new year haul. =p  this month really is a leisure month for me..relax and lazy do anything...attach here with some goodies i have bought . wish u happy chinese new year in advance ^^ and stay tunes , i will review fabula mask soon, it is a very interesting mask which using special material i nvr tried it before~

this is sophiemonk xmas edition mask, i bought this mostly because its packaging ,2nd -- its quality also quite average for me.

hmm i didnt try taiwan brand sexy look mask before , it come with a cute packaging.after using, i feel the result is normal only.

Emax shop is full of this kind princess style flat shoes, prices range RM39.90-49.90 , i really love this baby blue colour .

                     another hot shoes from emax -- price RM39.90

SKIN FOOD nailpolish --pedicure sparkle--dark blue, skin colour, sparkle pink price range hmm i remember is RM14.90 /RM15.90 =x  Pros: the colour really very very nice! i hope can bought all the colour of this series
Cons: i dun think the quality can  lasting few days on my hands.

PILLOW PET--baby dolphin, after eyeing it 2 month, i finally bought one =p really very cute pet .

NEW Akemi bedsheet--hello kitty after discount still cost me RM83 PLUS (akemi bedsheet quite durable , price worthy , quality not so " heat"  , do u believe my previous akemi bedsheet can last more than 8 years?  )

thanks for reading, got time u can share with me whats your new year haul too ~

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Johor Premium Outlet (JPO) & MY Haul

hi, test and share readers, how is your holiday ? i guess many of u will go for count down and clubbing  . for me , i am just lazy for these activities , i would rather rest at home =p  unless got firework event similar to taiwan one =p . today,  i would  like to update you the places  i went to,  during my xmas holiday.

                                                   can u guess where's my car heading to ?

the answer is : johor premium outlet , a shopping mall , new opening at november 2011. located at kulai,johor bahru. it positioning as a branded shopping mall , and even advertise at singapore. and  i found most of them is off season branded stuff.

finally reach the destination, from my place to kulai , estimate need driving 1hours Q.Q somemore that day is chrismas, singapore visitor also come this mall, thats y u can c there is traffic jam  from 1st picture.

                                              can u c timberland , lacoste those big words ?

                                                                2 storey building

                alot ppl bought the off- season branded stuff  , as i observe selected esprit shirt is consider affordable price, Below RM38-RM40 per pieces.

U can found cheap jeans at  Levis too. Below RM190 jeans is everywhere. and i found one levis display table is empty . o.o   i guess that one is popular cutting . u need take time to chose the pattern and cutting, some levis jeans  cutting is not so nice and quite big for asians.

some branded shop need Q up. Eg. Burberry and Coach. I wait for around 10min-15min. then can go in .

Tada~ this is the only haul at jpo, Handmade Clips from Evita Peroni ( A denmark brand) . after discount , it cost me RM26. In fact, Evita Peroni accesories is quite expensive , the earring can cost RM100 plus per pair, and the clip is not cheap too. According to the shop assistant, some of the hairclip is made at europe country other than denmark, therefore consider this point. i will buy this clips with a willing heart. as i felt i really cannot compare the price btw a  hairclip made in thailand and  a handmade clip made in  europe  XD  and I truly  love this princess style hairpin , hehe.

                                            i think this hairclip suit for a pinky dress ^^

Conclusion:  if you never visit JPO before , u may take a look. as there are many brand eg: Levis, Adidas, Esprit, Carlo Rino, La Senza, Coach, DKNY,Padini,Vincci , Charles & Keith   etc. 
hmm , for me i feel abit disappointed, the pattern at most of the  shop is not attracted me much. maybe because of the off - season stuff? u may found very cheap stuff at vincci or padini , but the pattern -.- "" . however u may found the stuff u love, since the taste may vary . ^^  according to my collegues information, Charles & Keith shoes is even cheaper than kl shop. (she will more familiar than me, because she is a  Charles & Keith lover). I notice A DKNY dress original price is RM10,000 Plus , after 50% discount is RM5000 Plus , i wonder any DKNY lover will buy that? hehe

thanks for reading, and hope u enjoy this new opening mall too if u visit kulai,johor bahru ^^