Monday 30 June 2014

Ramadan buffet: The Grand Gem Restaurant ,Grand Blue Wave Hotel JohorBahru

Hi all, 

Any ideas  where to eat your Ramadan dinner ? Maybe the grand gem restaurant,  grand blue wave hotel Johor Bahru. Will be a good choice for you ~

Thanks to tony johor kaki extend the invitation, i got chance to taste the classic selected food of The grand gem restaurant ( which serve Indian cuisine) ~according to tony Johor kaki, this branch already start their business here over one year :)

           Just step in the restaurant,thinking which drink can ease my thirst.  Tony johor kaki, recommended  this drinks to me.  For sure, i would love to try it out XD
         You may curious how it taste isn't it? For your information, it  is a  Mango flavoured drink , abit thicky ,not too sweet,  and it successfully ease my thirst :)


1) Masala Pappad 

Topping is tomato , onion, chili powder, chili padi. Serve with mint sauce .Taste once, besides the crispy feel, it bringing a kinda salty and spicy at the same time!

  2)     Chicken vada (Recommended) 

I love this dishes , simply yummy,  it recall me the Indian snack of pasar malam I used to bought. Addictive ~ Y(^_^)Y 

Food ingredients : chicken marinated with herb and spicy,  union, chili . Once again, The sauce is mint ya~I guess Indian cuisine really love mint sauce .(*^_^*)

3) Onion Pakoda (Recommended)

Fried Onion ring, wonderful snack when I chit chat with my blogger friend ~(^○^)

4) Mix Grill Platter ( Recommended)

Look like Chinese wedding dinner dishes "冷盘" , it consist of 4 different taste of grilled chicken ya ~
I love the tandoori chicken and "mint chicken" most (*^^*)

5) Mutton Dalcha 

                   This "gua" is absolutely perfect if goes with roti canai. I like it ~

6) Bhuna Gosh ( mutton ) , Roti Naan

                               Freshly made variety roti naan, yum yum XD

7) Nasi Briyani

                                           Rice is soft and taste salty . 

8) Broccoli with Mushroom 

This is the lightest dishes of the night.Only got Broccoli , chew nut, mushroom, and some slices of cheese.

9) On the spot -Roti Romalli

The chef is busy prepare another dishes for us. The flying ROMALLI ROTI almost flap to my face. Shock me @.@, it taste abit thick :p

10) On the spot-  Burger 

                        Fresh "burger bakar" , I like the burger most, So tasty and soft ~

11) Gulab Jamun

Indian dessert , look like brown fishball in my eyes .Refer to tony Johor kaki, it is a deep fried milk ball,serve with rosé and cardamom scented syrup  .Taste quite sweet XD 

12) Kesari

                    i like this orangey colouring dessert , judge from its look, some blogger feel it look like 日本鱼卵, nevertheless it doesnt affect the nice taste. sweet and soft texture , liked :) 

Before leaving, group photo -  Ma cherie Johor bloggers and  Peggy loh , the blogger from My Johor stories .

                                          Tony Johor kaki   and me 


If you love to try the grand gem dishes, good news for you, Three different set of Ramadan buffet will be serve for JULY 14.

Menu Price : RM70.00 Nett.

Hotel Guest & Advance Reservation will get a 35% Discount.

Corporate Group Bookings will get a 35% Discount + 5% discount if reservation made before3rd July 2014.  

Alcoholic  beverages  will not be sold and served during this Holy Month

All our food are prepared PORK & LARD free.*

For more information , can contact :

The Grand Gem

Owned by JINGGA MENAWAN SDN.BHD. (Company No.982618-W)

Grand BlueWave Hotel, Lobby Level,

( GPS : 1.4610666,103.769002 )

No.9R, Jalan Bukit Meldrum,80300 Johor Bahru

cid:image001.gif@01C78D1D.487B5A00(T) : +607-2210717

Opening hours: 11am- 11pm 

      Non Halal 

Thanks for your reading , see you soon ~

Saturday 28 June 2014

Saturday 21 June 2014

Fashion : OOTD X Black Kimono ( Hotel Pariss, Johor Bahru )

Hi all~

Long time didn't do any outfit of the day post , today I would like to show you some OOTD post I taken at Hotel Pariss, Johor Bahru.

I have always wanna be a Japan doll  XD ,thanks to eryn , I  finally got the chance to realise my dream :p 
Photographer : Jennifer
 ( you can click the link visit her blog, she is a powerful make up artist as well :p )

Love this photo,it was a nice photo , despite my  "chubby face" :) 
Photographer : Kelvin ong 
 ( you can click the link to visit his amazing artwork at ~ )

Haha, love this picture too (even in filter version), I currently already planning to "淘宝" this kind kimono suit . Addicted to be a japan doll lol!!

I will release more photo at July ma cherie johor blogger - photoshooting blogpost, now gotta keep all photo in secret ,shh just stay tunes (≧∇≦)


Friday 20 June 2014

Taobao Shopping experience:

Hi, I have just publish a (mandarin ) shopping experience about taobao 淘宝 through Feel free to visit :)
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Sunday 8 June 2014 2nd year Anniversary Great Sales Event

Dear fans~

Do you know HERMO beauty collection ( Malaysia  local online beauty store ) going to enter the 2nd year anniversary on this coming thursday 12.06.2014    :D

And great news for you, HERMO  invite all of you to join the anniversary sales event  Y(^_^)Y

Other than exciting discounts and promotions eg: Skin79 ,Shills, Yadah discounted range from 30%〜60% ) .Within, the celebratory week, ( 12.06.14 This coming Thursday - 18.06.2014 Next Wednesday ) , just purchase any products on Hermo, then you may just walk away 
A Free Goodies Bag worth RM 30 ~! ( 612 goodies bag will be given, on first come first serve base :p  )

During celebratory week, Spent RM50 still can get Rm20 off for platinum members ,Gold members spent RM50 get RM15 off, Normal members spent Rm50 get Rm8 off. 

( cash voucher will be available to redeem after 18.06.2014)

Read until here, have you been tempted to attend the HERMO anniversary sales event :)  , if yes, then remember mark it on your calendar and save some money from now on, dun anyhow spent money on clothes liao :p , the HERMO anniversary sales will start from 12.06.14 this coming Thursday ~ =D 

See ya , 



            Random picture: MaCherie Johor bloggers gathering ^_^

Johor Bahru News: H & M enter Johor Bahru Citysquare soon

Hi all,

Just saw the news from JB Citysquare Facebook , they confirm another international famous brand H & M will be enter their shopping mall after Uniqlo , its really a great news for johoreans .Isn't it? .

                                 Photo give credit to : JB Citysquare Facebook

 In near future, will it be another KL Pavillion style shopping mall? Just curious (^○^)



Wednesday 4 June 2014

Food review: Johor Bahru dessert Sweet Moment @Lemon Tree

Hi all,

My Chinese blog have update a new food review :) If you love dessert, dark chocolate , don't miss  it~
Especially the chili padi sorbet , such a unique dessert at Johor Bahru town :D

Visit here  for the whole review ~

Cheers .