Friday 30 November 2012


It's a good news to all hello kitty fans ^^, Samsung will launching their limited edition Hello Kitty Galaxy Y by tomorrow .  =D

Simple and cute =p Price about RM400++

i will be attending their hello kitty bff party with a blogger kaki laura which include manicure, best dress award with hello kitty costume, 3D movie show- rise of the guardian, airplush tattoo and make over. oh this really attract me  o.o

TIME : 2.30PM

as i know, the facebook winning passes to bff party has just ended , but u still have chance for gettting passes .If you're anywhere nearby The Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, do drop by at Samsung  SEP Store and get hold of the additional tickets. Hurry up!

see u guys there =)

Friday 23 November 2012

Only Beauty blogger programme first launch party

hi test and share readers,

Have i told  u that , i have been chosen as only beauty blogger?

 u may ask who is only beauty  =)

only beauty is a portal  which delivered free beauty sample to your doorstop . However the first step u gotta do is register to be their website members .Once your sample application  succeed ,they will sending the sample to u without charging any fee. So great , isnt it =)

Last weekend ,  i was invited to  Only beauty blogger first launch party at Posh nail spa TTDI. .As i know 10 bloggers was invited to this party ^^  this is my first time get to met some fellow blogger eg: tammy lim, Arisa and Reiko  .

We are having  nice fellowship , Onlybeauty have prepared few programme which include laughter y0ga , colour therapy by evelyn from colourzwork ,  gel manicure pampering from posh nail spa  and refreshment .

         I love this rainbow colour cakes =p this cakes is prepare for celebration.

                             evelyn is teaching us each colour reflect for diff.personality

                     My life code is indigo colour =p  the colour i love is magenta colour.According to evelyn, indigo ppl most of the time is rely on intuition . =)

                                            i love this colour , hot pink ~look nice on me =p

                      this is my 1st gel manicure , i love this orange colour  too. suit my fair skin

                                                         all onlybeauty blogger in one photo  =p


this is the first beauty bag given to onlybeauty blogger for review , i will be chosen one or two item  for my malaysia residents fans =) the result will be announce at December ^^  make sure you are in .

Monday 19 November 2012


hi all my fren~ if u love initial D anime jus like me , maybe u will  like the sepang international circuit trax on track event which combine the music and car race  (from 10am til late, daytimes  include drift competion and country friendly exchange, after 830pm is party time) .

About 5pm  i reach there, and i manage saw some car race. but the picture i taken is quite blur hehe
i am not going show u those lousy picture. =p

nevertheless, i have chosen some picture i think is presentable XD

                                                    this is my very first time visit SIC

                        did u noticed the label on the car?  trax on track 023 , i believe it belongs to one of the participants of drift competition.

                                      One of the international DJ is doing the spinning on the stages.

               hmm i was suspecting they are the " racing queen" as all of them is wearing the trax on track logo shirt.

                     trax on track gals  group photo,  i like the rightest  gal 's smile =)


 The transport will be a headache problem for  backpack traveller ,  take cab from KLIA to Sepang international circuit (SIC) will cost u RM42    0.0 . and public bus at KLIA cost RM 2.50 will only  drop u to a location nearby SIC . u gotta walk 5-10min to reach the SIC lower ground (only gaming centre )  .Normally got racing event will hosting at the upper ground.

This trip is memorable , i am thankful that,  a friendly staff at SIC fetch me all the way going back to KLIA  at nite . ^^  . In the near future, really  hoping  got chance can see the F1 formula event . =)

Tuesday 13 November 2012


Happy Deepavali  to all my fans ^^
good news to u ~ if you are starbucks lover

13th Nov 2012 (Tues) from 12pm - 2pm at all Starbucks Malaysia outlets
Get your complimentary Grande (16 oz) size beverages
Red Bean + Green Tea Frappucino
Caramel + Tea Jelly Frappucino

All Malaysians get to share the joy in celebration of the Festival of Light
Starbucks #deepavalidelight

Sunday 4 November 2012

WIN Passes to Trax on Track~!

hi all~  this november i will attend a  first ever Motorsports and music event in Malaysia  --trax on track.  kinda looking forward to this  and expect to see some carshow girls  ^^ )  and   there was a good news for u too,  If you wanna join me  to this party  ~

WIN PASSES TO TRAX ON TRACK   (sponsor by trax on track )

Date : 17th November 2012
Venue : Sepang International Circuit
Time : 10am till late

Is gonna be an unforgettable day of motorsports and music all day long,
DJs from different country to rock the day with awesome music!

The list of International DJ that will entertain you all night :

DJ Messic
Woody Van Eyden
DJ Charlene
DJ Lisa
John O' Callaghan
DJ Kyau & Albert
DJ Duo 4 Strings

Ticket Information

Pre-Sale : RM98 (inclusive of one Red Bull drink)

General admission: RM128 (also available at the door )

VIP: RM168

The event is strictly for patrons aged 18 years and above only.
The tickets can be found online at and
Authorized counters are Rock Corner and Victoria Music Station (Malaysia), Sistic (Singapore)

Registration Fee for Motor-sport:
Drifting: RM 350
Gymkhana: RM 350

For inquiries, please contact:
Zachary: +65 9640 2609
Lydia: +65 9150 6259
For more information, please visit:

I'll be giving away 5 tickets worth RM128 to my readers !!   ( MALAYSIA RESIDENTS ONLY  )

Step 1 : Leave a comment on my blogs post " I want Trax on Track tickets " with your name and  valid email , blog follower name OR  facebook fans name 

Deadline will be 9 NOVEMBER 2012 ,11PM

Winner will be announce on my blogs and email on 11th November 2012


Thursday 1 November 2012

彩虹花园西餐厅 FOOD REPUBLIQUE (closed nov15)

嗨 我的部落格粉丝, 你们周末过的如何?这次我带来的是西餐美食介绍 =) 最近我被友人诚邀到新山彩虹花园的一间 food republique 餐厅 review 美食. 提到吃,我怎么可能忘了我的饮食部落客朋友 Tony -- Johor kaki blog. 因此我偕同tony和一名友人来到餐厅,并受到了老板 Benjamin 的热情款待。

              Benjamin 和一名莅临 FOOD REPUBLIQUE 的好莱坞巨星合影


                   tony (food blogger --johor kaki) and me

Benjamin 为我们精心准备了不同风味的餐前汤。( RM 9.90 )

其中英式蘑菇汤。在尝了一口后,觉得这个蘑菇汤很香,个人觉得味道象梳打饼融和了超棒的菇味。并非一般的蘑菇罐头汤能够比拟,一问之下才知道这汤由三种菇类烹煮。而且浓而不腻。大爱推荐 ~~

                 美式鸡汤... 汤内料多,味道不会太咸但浓郁。


Bruschetta (RM6.90)


Fried Polenta (RM8.90)

意大利平民小吃 ,表皮口感松脆,个人觉得里面的馅料松松软软的象马铃薯泥。再配上特别调配的酱料,让我尝了一口后就停不下来。


Chargrilled Caramalized Burger (RM20.90).

美式牛肉汉堡, 单看馅料就已经让人垂涎三尺了。上面那层红色的牛肉薄片,单吃就只有咸的味道,中间的夹层是较厚的牛肉,若整个汉堡拿起来吃就不会特别强调咸味。份量十足,配上厚实的薯条,以及玉蜀黍。让你一次吃的饱足,直呼过瘾。

The Pan Fried Milk Fish (RM23.90)

属于法式料理, 我在看餐单时就被它的名称给吸引住了。butterfish (hmm 中文不知如何翻译 XD )  经 Waiter Ryan 提点配上底下热呼呼的薯泥一起吃,立即增添美味。我喜欢鱼的厚实以及这道料理特别的吃法。

Salmon Ala' Carbonara Pasta.(价格待定, 即将推出的主食)

由于本身偏爱重口味,因此这道以芝士为基底的三文鱼意大利面就像是为我而设的。卖相极好,上面铺满了我爱的三文鱼,在尝第一口时已经给我带来惊喜~!我也算是半个饕餮但凭良心说真的很少尝到那么好吃的意大利面~ 味道属于咸香,以及新鲜的食材。在搅拌意大利面时它已经在挑动着食客的味蕾以及视觉神经。由这几道菜色可以看出 Benjamin  确实是一个懂得将各种食材融合并打造出惊喜的厨师。我相信这也是因为他个人喜欢不断创新所带来的正面成果。也造福了我们这些爱吃尝鲜的食客 =)



这道甜点挺适合巧克力爱好者, 冰冰的冰淇淋再配上浓热的厚巧克力,一次过让你尝到冰与火两种截然不同口感。尤其配合午餐特别时段的套餐更可享有半价超值优惠。


地点-- 位于市区,停车也方便

环境 --干静而不吵杂,是好友谈心的好去处。

服务-- 服务生态度良好,关切顾客的需要。

价格 --中上

食物-- 外国西餐,值得一试 ( 午餐超值配套 RM 25 ,  No Pork No Lard  )

营业时间 -- 12:00 noon to 10:00pm

地址-- 72, Jalan Kuning, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru。


GPS: 1.484350,103.775015

到访日期-- 19 Oct 2012