Sunday 26 May 2013


Dear fans~

I wondering anyone of u ever try 3 in 1 cleanser ? which means one product --combine clean , toning, moisture function =)

Last two month i receive an invitation to review a--BIO MYTH Snow Bubble Cleanser ( 3 in one fuction ), a new product which haven't official launch to Malaysia. Formuted from Japan. 
Product Price ( To Be Adviced ) : RM 129 ++

Judge from the bottle,  product 's benefit --
Free fragrance  , No tear formula , hydrate , whitening and suit for all skin type  ^^
150ml size

Product Description :  
Mild, non -stimulating , close to PH of human skin, with delicate bubbles can clean the skin throughly , and will not feel tension after washing. And bringing u a brighter skin =)
Shelf time : 3 year 

Ingredients : 

( Chamomile Extract 甘菊-- Soothing sensitive skin , Hyaluronic acid 玻尿酸--  retain moisture of skin )

                              One pump enough for one face wash ~ i love the delicate bubble . The scent similar to sweet sugar =o  

Cleaning test :  

( My skin type : combination & sensitive)

                                                         My face with bb cream 

Result after using biomyth cleanser:

Bubbles easily spread to the face, the product is mild , with no tear formula i can even wash the area which close to the eye  . My pores is clean, look brighter. After wash i can feel the moisture layer on my skin.
Usage for me : 2 month plus ( wash twice daily )

( Gentle Reminder:  for heavy make up lady, i suggest u still using make up remover will be more safety =p 
for dehydrate skin, i still recommended u using serum , moisturizer  )

Problematic skin testing:

for further ensure the product effectiveness, i have invite one collegue poem  try out the product . She is a daily make up office lady which suffering a problematic skin .

POEM  'S Review : ( after testing 2 week )

洗脸霜味道好闻, 泡泡系列 , 能够更深入毛孔清理肌肤污垢。脸上两颊原有很多面疱,带红肿,用了此洗脸霜两周后,改善红肿问题。洗后也不会紧绷,脸部很舒服。


 To be truth , Before i using biomyth cleanser , i still thinking specialized product then can get great effect for skin. However after using biomyth , i change my mind  . ^^

It will be a ideal product for 

#  for busy guys =p ( i know some guy just using soap only o.o ) ,
#  for travelling --due to  3 in 1 fuction ,very convenient ( but i do hope got 75ml smaller size XD  )
# for Sensitive skin ( due to chamomile soothing effect & no fragrance ^^  )

For further information , can email to

Saturday 25 May 2013


Dear fans:

how are u ~feel like century didnt talk with u =0   , today i would like to share with u one special online fashionshop i discovered  last month  =)

Pink N’ Proper --is founded in August of 2011. Pink n proper are one of the only few online platform in Malaysia that caters trendy female high-street brands found across Europe such as Rare London, ASOS, Vero Moda, Coco’s Fortune, Boohoo and many more. 

Their mission is to expose and introduce Malaysians to branded products that are not usually found in local retailers.

They specialize in current fashion trends ranging from classy dinner dresses to casual work wear to formal meeting wears.  deliver to worldwide.(good news for international fans =p )

'Pink n Proper '  impress me  since they are rare malaysia online blogshop that selling the europe fashion apparel  which hardly found at shopping mall  =) . I love this  because i love wearing unique n beautiful dress and not a dress that everyone can get it at sungai wang XD

Judge from their latest SS13 collection. Age group  25-40++ office lady will be their target group .^^  The price range from RM 79 -179 ( Before discount ). 

SS13 Collection Descriptions…
Get summer-ready and spoilt with choices with this season's collection by Pink N' Proper from trends such as pastels, florals, chiffons, edgy and delicate embellishments. Get ultra feminine, yet stylish and edgy. Brands that Pink n Proper bring in for this SS13 collection are from Rare London, Coco’s Fortune, Paprika, Fashion Union, H&M, AX Paris, and ASOS. Collaboration with fashion blogger Average Angeline.

3) MY FAVOURITE PIECES =P -- Pinkish n Elegant , love at first sight to this dress ^^

                      5) H&M Betty Blazer in Blue

                     11)Rare London Floral Bodycon Dress in Yellow

curious about behind the scenes of ss 13 collection ? click the followings youtube video =D

Good news to my fans~ Pink n Proper especially provide a 10% discount privillege for test and share blog readers til this year end ^^   . Discount code : testandshare


Remember LIKE  Pink N' Proper Facebook Fanpage
  SIGN UP to Pink N’ Proper Website for receive latest Promotions news , Sale, 
Weekly Wednesday bargains, Member’s Only Events, Fashion Inspirations, and many more~~!

Lookbook privillege : interested to get yourself in Pink n Proper Look Book? just send them your picture wearing/using anything from them  to get a FREE gift on your next purchase!

Email today!

Subject: LookBook
Descriptions: Name, age, location

Saturday 18 May 2013

GIVEAWAY X WISHTREND --[Klairs] Essential Facial Mist (Cherry Blossom & Rose)

NEW GIVEAWAY SPONSOR collabrate with WISH Company~

[Klairs] Essential Facial Mist (Cherry Blossom & Rose)

Protect yourself from troubles with chrysanthemum,
aloe vera extract and abundant moisture !

+ Skin calming & Irritation alleviation
+ Abundant moisture
+ Healthy skin
+ Energy to your skin

All Skin Type
Volume : 50ml
Made in Korea



2) must have WISHTREND ACCOUNT AT (if you dun have , just register one, very easy step )^^

3) lucky 3 winner will be chosen.( open international )

Thursday 9 May 2013

Guest Review: EMPRO Day And Night Mascara , Doll Lashes ( fake eye lashes)

Last month, i have invited one of my fans Grace  try out Empro Day and night mascara plus pink doll lashes ( fake eye lashes)
today i would like to share with u  what she say about the product she try out ^^

EMPRO’s Day and Night Generation 3 Mascara is vitamin enriched to strengthen fine lashes, providing more elasticity to lashes while the formula works to strengthen lashes and help them grow naturally. Specially developed to make lashes stand out, one light stroke is all it takes to effectively curl out every lashes separately thus creating a special 3D effect to the eyes giving more volume to the lashes.
Day section – specially designed for use during office hours – proper and clean look with, separating each lash, lengthening and curling effect.
Night section – Volumising for a more dramatic effect and fun night out.
  • Extra length
  • Extra curl
  • Extra volume
  • Vitamin E
  • Water Resistant
  • Clump & smudge-proof
  • Easy to Remove
( infor. source : empro website )


Empro 睫毛膏是我用过算是最好用的睫毛膏了!这款睫毛膏的好处就在于它的双头设计,1边是适合日常使用的纤细睫毛膏,另一边是加浓型睫毛膏。首先先来说说纤细型睫毛膏,本人其实还蛮喜欢的,因为真的很容易上,而且也不会弄到睫毛一团一团,很明显地看出是一根一根细细分明的,重点是不知看了自然,睫毛刷了之后看起来好像天生就很长很纤细似的。本人大力推荐,这款绝对不逊色于以睫毛膏出名的majolica Majorca 的梳子型睫毛膏。睫毛膏的另一端是适合浓妆的加厚加浓型睫毛膏。涂上去真的会看起来比较黑感觉睫毛也会变得比较粗。另一个本人大力推荐这款睫毛膏的原因在于--empro的这款睫毛膏很容易上也很容易卸!想必这是许多女生最开心的吧?他虽然是防水设计但是很明显比maybeline ,majolica majorca好卸很多很多很多!其实每次卸睫毛膏对我来说是最麻烦的事了!特别是防水设计款,真的很难卸干净!但是这款真的绝对没有这个问题!大家可以去买来试用看哦!=)

Grace review creative type ( pink package,umm the picture somehow show like a red colour =.='' )

( picture source : empro )


Dolly lash其实产品如其名,戴了眼睛真的会看起来很DOLL哦!:)这款假睫毛会稍微硬一点,但是很耐用。也许是比较硬的关系,所以即使重复清洗干净再使用也没问题哦!但是小眼睛的女生要注意了,使用这款假睫毛绝对要根据自己的眼睛修过才使用,因为这款假睫毛会让你的眼睛看起来很娃娃系,但是倘若你没修过直接使用会让你的眼妆看起来过浓,用了也会让你眼睛看起来很重!

                                               Before put on doll lashes ( fake lashes )

Can u guess which eyes have put on fake lashes?

                                                    Grace says: the fakelashes look natural

                                                              Finishing doll like look  =D

Glad to knowing that she love the product =)  , do u wanna be the next guest reviewer?
just be my fans and stay tune my facebook fans page update ~

MY JELLY BUNNY HAUL =0 & Guest Review section first post create

Hi all, recently i went to  kl , and i have make my first haul of jelly bunny shoes .

curious about the brand origins, i searching the label, and i found it only show thailand this country =)

                                              I  love jelly bunny paper bag design =p cute n colourful ~

                 This shoes is cheap and comfortable , only RM29 . I bought pink colour  and my blogger kaki Nicole Sim bought yellow =p

                By the way, the guest review section . My first guest review Grace have submit her empro review to me  =)
                I will upload it to the guest review section in this blog. do check it out ~!

               Stay tunes, i will chosen more lucky and loyal fans to be product reviewer =D