Tuesday 26 February 2013

My first product review at instagram : Buds Mozzie Clear Lotion

Dear all~

I just upload my first review at instagram, feel free to visit :) 8th -9th photo

My id: belovebaobei

Review topic : buds mozzie clear lotion , another great baby organic product :)
but it does useful for adult too :)



Sunday 17 February 2013

Test and share blog on twitter and instagram now

Dear fans~ Cny holiday is ending for me. @.@ tomorrow is start to work again, These two days i just start playing instagram .

Its good and convenient to design and sharing daily picture i taken :] guessing , i will be at instagram for a long period.Mayb using it blogging is another good ideas? Hehe Anyway, lets fren at twitter. and instagram ^.^

My twitter id xiayuyan
My instagram id belovebaobei

Wednesday 13 February 2013


Dear fans~

         Guess u all still in the cny festive mood, i 've been sore throat and coughing for few days =X  maybe i ate too much " bak gua " ( dry meat cut piece ) .

         Today i would like to share with u , my 1st visit experience at  Ma-ma Nyonya food restaurant . ( invited by Tony johor kaki  ^^  )

                   During Lady boss Grace prepare the food for us, i still exploring the restaurant =p

                                     I noticed they also provide catering services, min. 35 pax  =)

                                        Inside the restaurant, is full of traditional item

                                                           Real nyonya photo

                                     Nyonya special container (pronounce as " gam qing " )

                                           inside " gam qing " got golden fish picture

     The first dishes Grace bring us is curry chicken   =)


                     The taste is nice, neither too spicy nor too sour, meat  is tender . Grace told me that Southern nyonya food tend  to indonesia style. If Penang nyonya good will more to thailand style. =) . Ii doesnt feel thirsty at all after try this dishes ,  i found the food flavour naturally come from  the spices eg.cinnamon , rather than the ajinomoto ~




Roti jala need to go with the curry chicken , simply eat the roti jala will feel too plain ~the curry chicken is not too spicy ,   i like it =)

3)  BUAH KELUAK  CHICKEN ( Recommend for nut lover )

this is the buah keluak ( indonesia nuts ) , original flavour is bitter nut flavourand " siap siap " one . However Grace mention she has marinated the buah keuak with  the chicken , prawn , sugar , therefore it has effectively reduce the bitter flavour  ^^  I love the nut favour

If wanna taste good , t his dishes have to go with plain rice + " curry gua "  + buah  keluak  =)

4) FRIED LOTUS WITH PETAI( Special create dishes by Grace )

                       The lotus is crispy and thick, never knows if go with petai and shrimp , the taste so good ~


                                        The lemak taste come from the ginger flower


I will strongly recommend you the fried crispy yam cake and the yellow colour pumpkin kuih . At first, i just wanna try abit , and after that my blogger kaki Jason , saw me didnt talking at all just keep eat the yellow kuih in silent mode . lolz  >.<   

The blue one is kuih ketayap must go with the kaya  =)


hmm if you are a brown sugar lover , you will addicted to it ~  i love the pure cocunut milk with the strong brown sugar . It taste so different with the Malay style cendol .

Grace show us they receive the recommended on trip advisor sticker , kinda surprise and happy to saw this ~personally feel their food and the effort put in , really worth for this honor ^^


all of us is so full after trying so many dishes, and i really admire Grace . She is so hardworking, most of the dishes and kuih muih is self made. Even the sauces also got different kinds for different nyonya dishes. Kinda appreciate her work. ^^

Anyone here interested on trying home made nyonya dishes , can heading to

MaMa Nyonya Restaurant

8, Jalan Molek 1/28, 

Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
Tel : +6016-7167190 (Grace Lim)

For more updated dishes , visit  their facebook  ~~

This post is sponsor by Mama nyonya restaurant.

have a nice day ~

Saturday 9 February 2013

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Oz Cleansing Foam

Dear fans:

today is new year eve , i guess all of u is having reunion dinner now =)  i just having my steamboat dinner at home.
last time i did mention to u , i have bought  Rice Water Bright O2 Cleansing Foam (advance version of rice water bright cleansing foam ) . original price :  RM 69.90  

i would like to share with u some experience i using this product. 

SKIN TYPEAll Skin Type
BRAND LINERice Water Bright
A moisturizing and brightening cleansing line using quality Rice Water, Moringa Oil and Soapwort
  • O₂ ( oxygen ) bubble cleansing from rice water that makes skin clear and bright
  • A mask cleanser :
  • 1st stage: Removes impurities and makeup 
  • 2nd stage: Provides nutrition and moisture
  • Micro O₂ bubbles effectively removes the 1st stage of makeup while secondly providing nutrition and moisture to the skin
  • Deep cleansing, moisturizing & nutrition, sebum control , brightening effect

How to use: 
1. On dry face
2. Get adequate amount to apply evenly
3.  roll-massage entire face for 30 seconds.
4. Wash-off it with lukewarm water 
5. The product must be used with dry hands


kinda satisfy with this product :

reason ?

1. it deeply clean my pores without dry out my skin =) 

2. suitable for combination skin as well =)

3. doesnt stimulate my sensitive skin .

4. new added oxygen element .

5. effectively control my sebum .

even it abit pricey , cost me RM 69.90 per bottle,  i still will buy again  =p

                                     Lastly,  wish u all happy chinese new year ~~

Friday 1 February 2013



its been a while i didnt update about my details to u ^^  , therefore today i would like to share with u my new haul and a new try for nail .

                                 Tada  ~ this is my first haul of   MARC BY MARC JACOBS  , kinda love its cosmetic bag . esp the rocky red  ^^

love this  princess style of fake nail design , it cost me RM20 ++ , i just put on those fake nails with a glue . however i really feel not so comfortable when wearing this >.<

As for face,  i just bought a advance edition of The Face Shop rice water foam =)

kinda satisfy with the result . I will share with u  the pic. soon =)

bought alot new yr stuff for this year , already spent 1k ~.~

have u bought your new clothes ?