Thursday 27 June 2013

Fibre go

Hi all :) recently i receive new fibre product from ( onlybeauty ) for review purpose . Lolz it seems a good deal for me since i have constipation problem :x

Traditional fibre drink normally left me a nightmare , esp the colour and the tasting @.@
So lets see ,whether A life marketing 's fibre product can change my view towards fibre drink ~

1)Packing-- simple, 15 satchet , can consume 15 days :)

2)Taste-- its quite sweet, taste like vit.c orange drink
So i need to add more water.

Recommended -- add in cold water instead of hot water

3) Ingredients--greentea extract, orange citronova, soya powder fibre..etc

4) Effect: its quite effective on me, everytime i consume one satchet, the following day i will go to toilet twice.most important thing is can go toilet  without  great pain.

5) Price: RM85 per box , affordable price for me .
Seriously,I reallyconsider to buy one box for detoxify my body ; p

Thanks for your reading :) hope next time can review beauty slimming drink too :0

Saturday 22 June 2013

Guest review: luview crystal bb cream

Dear fans:

Last month i chosen one lucky fans eriol loh to review luview crystal bb cream . Today i would like to share her review to u :)

This BB cream sample is gifted by Test and Share for review purpose.
Really thank you for sending me this because I never try any luview products.
This is a good start to know more about luview products.

This BB cream is suitable for all skin types including dry and sensitives skin.
And it have various functions like natural coverage, whitening (Certified by KFDA), UV protection, wrinkle improvement and mineral-enriched.

This product is from korea.
Korea singer all are using BB cream in their makeup to have fair and good skin.
This BB cream is special.
It can help soothing and natural-looking coverage for all skin imperfection, including Surgical and acne scars, birthmarks, sunspots and varicose veins with triple function of wrinkle improvement whitening and SPF 30.

This BB cream is so creamy.
 I think what i get is #2Natural Beige.
 This look darker compared to my skin tone.

I have to clean my skin first and apply a proper amount of BB cream gently on my skin by patting along my skin.
After BB cream is applied, as time passed by, it is absorded and match naturally with my own skin tone.
The textures of the bb cream is so creamy.
It can provide customized coverage.
It can cover my pimple scar and dark circle eyes well.
And this BB cream is not blocking my pores.
I think my skin look natural with this BB cream.
But I have to clean twice with cleansing milk during night because it is not easy removed by water or cleanser.

If you want to have natural skin like korean, try out luview BB crystal cover BB cream.
Maybe it will be a good choice for you. Somemore you dont have to use sunblock because it is SPF30.
But I prefer #1 Light Beige because #2 Natural Beige is darker and I want a fairer skin.

Luview Website:
Luview Facebook: /a>

Thanks for reading :)
Jus be my fans, I will always open review chance to u :)

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Timeless Truth Mask--Snow Lotus Lucency Bio Cellulose Mask

Hi all, i receive one packet of timeless truth mask from Onlybeauty for review purpose =)

Today, i would like to introduce my top favourite -- T.T Snow Lotus Lucency Bio Cellulose Mask ~

the reason why i love it so much~

1) Scent  & Active ingredients

I like its unique floral scent. It calm my spirit and ease my work tiredness.Enrich with snow lotus extract, hyaluronic acid (for hydrate)and whitening essence. Bring me a pleasant masking experience.

2) Material ( Made in Taiwan )

Bio cellulose material , smooth like jellyfish. ( noted: sensitive skin lady need testing on hand first before apply this kind material to the face )

Effect : Cooling , soothing effect continously release during masking time, feel great, esp i chosen this mask apply on hot weather nite.

 noted: only the medium layer is snow lotus bio cellulose mask.

3) Mask design:

It fit my face nearly 90% , i found it can cover the eye area. since it doesnt stimulate my eyes , so i just continue put it on .

 4) Review

I take off the mask after 20min, i just can feel my skin is so relief, hydrate and comfortable . And one another important things to me is No sticky serum left on my skin, and make me itchy.lolz =X

the mask will suit for u if u looking for anti-aging, hydrate, whitening 3 in 1 mask. ^^

thanks for reading ^^ , will update u more Timeless Truth Mask review soon ~~

Remember to visit   for variety tt mask  ~


Wednesday 12 June 2013


Dear fans ,

 I am pleased that receive an offer from Hishop to be their ambassador and review May beauty box =)

The sharp pink box is hishop beauty box trademark =p

Wow, inside got few full size item =) and cash voucher from hishop .
and my belove brand is Jelly Pong Pong ~

Jelly Pong Pong Lip Frosting   --Irish Cream Pavlova

Super big size lip gloss --14g~!

On my hands, the colour is orange pink

but on my lips, less than 5 min,  the transparent orange pink is changing colour more to red .
the scent is sweet dessert  >.<
never know , jelly pong pong got release this  lipgloss. It just surprise me  =0
 i like its texture , i dun think it will be too sticky as a lipgloss =) . take a look of the packaging, it is against animal testing , no alcohol.
bonus botanicals ingredients : grape seed oil, aloe vera extract, beewax, vitamin E.
and UV filter =p
look like a interesting product right?

sure u  wanna know more  , just visit  here ~

Scent Affair Fragrant Bodywash - Pomegranate 

i noticed the pomegranate words =p this is my flavour too

anti bacterial 99.9% but the scent is good .

i enjoy the 1st try  ,esp. that time i was so tired after work, feel relax after bath.
the texture on my hand is quite moisturize, for overall average performance, and it only cost RM7.00 ++

you can check more information from  here~

Jelly Pong Pong Mineral Foundation Powder SPF 15

yes, its jelly pong pong again =) this is my first try on its mineral powder ~

                                                                   the colour look natural

try it on my left topper part, it look fair but natural =)

Other benefit :
fragrance free , a pool of different minerals eg: sodium, magnesium, zinc, calcium,potassium , talc free formula gives he final result is matte but not cakey .


We need use brush to put it on face. :)
Since i cant find any applicator inside , and product packaging is suggest us to use brush compatible with the powder  =)

For more information, visit here ~

For international fans who interested to buy stuff from hishop, it was a good news that hishop is provide international delivery now, 2 free samples upon any valid purchase. For malaysia fans, hishop provide free nationwide delivery if purchase over RM50

Cash on delivery is covered in johor, penang,selangor,kl area if u bought over RM50.

Wondering how i getting above information? Its from facebook :)

Remember liked hishop facebook to receive latest promotion ^.^.

 Exclusive MAY discount code for test and share readers is HISURPRISE Get RM20 rebate off in your min. RM 99 valid til 31 july 2013 Have a nice day for all :) Looking forward to my june beauty box :)

Tuesday 11 June 2013


Hi test and share readers :) i am curious that none of u ever told me that u consume any drink or specific product to maintain your weight.

Recently, my first organic soya dietary supplement  review chance is given by Onlybeauty & A- life marketing sdn.bhd.
And this is so- call my blogging life 's another breakthrough for this year :)

See, this is the product i gonna try .

                       Very simple packaging,  I noticed this box worth   WM RM135.

                                 It was a Product of malaysia but  formulated by usa.


Organic soya powder
Green tea extract
Vitamin & mineral premix
Pandan flavour

I only noticed above ingredients , judge from the 4 ingredients , it was a supplement for health and lose weight supplement. Green tea extract is for burn fat purpose.=0

 7 days 2 satchet per day for slimming purpose. Vegetarian can consume too =)

                                                    15 g each

Caution : The soya powder become like this if met air for a long period.


* mix the content in a glass of water, stir and consume immediately.
* take 1-2 satchet daily

Tips :
*After compare using   hot or cold water stir the drink   .
 I suggest u  consume with hot water if u wanna a tasty hot soya drink.
*keep in cool dry place

Flavour--it taste great , it jus like a soya drink u bought from pasar malam . :0
It smell good too .^.^


I still taken 3meal daily as usual.i feel every time i consume 2 satchet, eventually i will go to toilet 2 times,
And it successfully Improve my constipation problem, plus no significant pain for me whenever nature call    :) i am pleased that it helps to solve my constipation problem, and no need force myself drink those weird taste fibre drink...

For slimming, seriously it need  take month then can see result.(refer to onlybeauty soyafitz data)

Hmm, one more thing i noticed, during review period, i will b more energetic , stay late than normal . I wondering is it because of green tea extract .
Anyway, everyone body condition is different :)
Just a simple sharing to u ~

For more information.
Do visit


Dear all,

Recently I have just receive another handmade jewelry review chance from just for you love .

                               It comes  with a simple packing , yet lovely bracelet =) 

                     The standard bracelet size is 17 cm  ,  and it was just my size =p

                                   Checking the charm’s quality =p  it was good quality.

The special point for the bead, is colour will changing from dark to royal blue. ^^

                                        I love this =) look classic and feminine .

                                   Look great on me ? the bracelet just my style i searching for .

I searching just for you love’s  facebook n blog , and I found they are doing custom accessory for special occasion eg : pink tone bridal series bracelet , vintage necklace  , and fashion stainless steel custom accessory too . be true, I love most of them  ^^

Vintage n fashion collection  all in

RMB  liked their facebook, and stay tunes for their updated  collection information on facebook  , as I know just for you love will keep hosting new giveaway to gave out their custom accessory . =)

Friday 7 June 2013

Samsung note 2 limited edition brown

I wondering how many of my blog fans love brown :)

For food , brownie is my top favourite =p

For bag , i love brown colour bag ,because it easily match with my daily suit and attend the casual occasion.

In life, Having a personality color brown means you are honest, down-to-earth and wholesome, salt of the earth people with both feet planted firmly on the ground.

As for  relationship, brown represent sincere, truthful loyal companionship:)
Still remember 
101次求婚 ( 101st Marriage Proposal )101回目のプロポーズ ) this japanese timeless television drama  ? ( Drama theme song is Say yes by Chage and Aska ) . The female lead actress 浅野温子  (  Atsuko Asano  ), which  good at playing cello.

                   Eventually, found her true love from a down to earth guy ?

As for handphone case, no doubt  i will falling in love with  wooden brown case :0 therefore i will pay more attention to the brand which release solid wooden brown colour =p

Recently, I heard samsung is release a limited edition amber brown note 2 , this is such a good news for me. ~!  Guess they r thoughtful n wanna take care for the customer needs jus like me.  ~.~

 let me show u , if u havent saw it.

tada~ this is the one--Limited edition Amber Brown Note II

hmm look good ,  can i describe it as  loyal companionship too ?

                                          Look classic and elegant =p

Bravo brown o.o I noticed the RPP is RM 1999 for Amber brown note II
woot , really wish to own one.
not getting enough of amber brown infor. or picture ?
visit samsung website =D

thanks for the reading and being my blog fans  , hoping next time can  bring u more variety review =)  just stay tunes ^^

Wednesday 5 June 2013

Juicebeauty Review box ^^

Dear fans,

Last month I receive the parcel from Onlybeauty , one of the item is juicebeauty review box =D

Can u guess what's inside ?

juicebeauty even attach some luxury sample for eyes and serum for blemish skin ^^

Juice Beauty  Cleanser

                                   120ml size , for me can use 2 month ( twice a day)

                                      Organic  ingredients ,made in USA =)

                                  cleanser colour is medium brown 

     Other feature :

  1. Scent :  bittersweet
  2. Texture: silky smooth , after clean doesn’t dry out my skin and leave skin smooth.
  3. Benefit : Certified Organic doesn’t contain paraben =)
  4. Powerful Anti-aging element due to ingredients –Organic sweet cherry, red grape , juice, Vitamin E . I need it esp when I sleep too late ^^
  5. Low stimulation : It doesn’t stress my skin and stimulate my sensitive skin.

Juice Beauty The Organic Solution (Oil Free Moisturizer)

  1. Little amount will do , neither waterbased nor too creamy.
  2. Low stimulation same as juice beauty cleanser gel .
  3. 30ML size , look small but quite concentrated =p
  4. Powerful Anti-oxygen agent –Organic White Grape , Pomegranate juice
  5. Contain aloe vera for soothing purpose, suit for sensitive skin=)
  6. It doesn’t stimulate my skin, oil free formula is good for my combination skin .
  7. To maximize the anti-aging effect , I follow the instruction apply at face and neck –morning and evening~ neck is another area visibly shown gals age =X

                                After try 2 week, feel my skin will smoother  =)

Kim Says:

As I having sensitive & combination skin, and late sleep habit , I really need  a powerful anti –aging product to maintain my beautiful complexion. ~.~
During 1 month plus review period, I still maintain my late sleep habit =X ,
however , juice beauty product still benefit my skin , I can  feel my skin is smoother  than before =)

I really appreciate Only beauty is given this review chance for me =) , wishing for next organic body care review chance ~