Sunday 27 October 2013

Thayers Rose Witch Hazel WIth Aloe Vera Toner ( U.S.A)

Hi all~

May I know any fans here love rose scent product? If yes, then this blogpost is for u :)
Recently I receive Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera Toner for review purpose through butterfly  project malaysia blogging 101 school chapter 1 event. Product sponsor is Natta Cosme. ( a beauty product online selling portal u can find them at )

What a beautiful n cute package ~ that's my first thought when I open up the beauty box.
I will show u one by one those cute kits I receive ~

Before I start out the product review I open up the letter from Natta Cosme :p

Through the letter I know that , toner I receive is a alcohol free, rose petal water which contain  witch hazel, certified organic filet of aloe vera .

Made in U.S.A , thayers is a old brand since 1847,
The seal is safe enough,Packing is simple n nice, I really get addicted to the fresh rosé scent when I open up the toner cap :)

Besides that, I also attracted by a pill , which look like a vitamin pill.

Lolz ,luckily I saw the instruction and know it was a message hiding  in the pill.
It was written that the cotton I receive ,named : Lily Bell -Lilian Puff
 . Cotton pads are commonly used to apply toner on face for better absorption. What Do You Think?

Hmm I feel the cotton layer is thin n softer than the guardian brand I using.

Kinda surprise when I saw the Natta Cosme is attaching famous Egyptian Magic Cream,I was tempted to try it for few month already XD
My skin is brighter after my first try ,despite its oily texture.

Pour some rose toner to the cotton, u could see that is a transparent liquid type toner.
After try it within two week,

I found some feature I love, and not so love:

What I love --

1. Paraben free, glycol free, alcohol free, organic certified aloe Vera 
2. Rose petal water with fresh rosé scent
3. Easily absorb by the skin
4. Can further remove the residue after cleanser
5. Dry to normal skin can use.
6. Acceptable price RM55 , current promotion price at Natta Cosme Rm45

What I not so love --

My skin is sensitive n thin, therefore i feel it did stimulate my skin ,even it doesn't contain alcohol, but I recall  my first try i did feel the chilly feel and My skin adapt to this product about one week. However , one of my  blogger fren  dun have this experience.


If u interested to purchase at Natta Cosme( , that is a good news for u. 
Just key in discount code

Then u can enjoy the RM5  off ( for purchase above RM50)
expired 15/01/2014

And stay tunes, next blogpost I gonna share with u the avene workshop I attend at JB KSL resort and new giveaway coming soon ~

Thursday 24 October 2013

Mentos 'Cintai Malaysia Contest' & Product Review~

Hi~all my fren ~ may i know if got any mentos fans here? ~If yes, there is a good news for u  :)
recently i receive 8 type mentos roll for review , feeling special for me because this is my very first time review a candy ~

Mentos -a cult candy brand created for the young generation,Mentos is known throughout the world as the freshest mint.Available in more than 100 countries, it started almost a century ago as an irresistibly fresh candy with an innovative "chewy" concept- crunchy and fresh on the outside but chewy on the inside. Mentos' innovative and unconventional brand positioning in terms of product concepts, packaging and flavours with freshness unlimited has made it one of the most recognized candy in the world.

Mentos roll is Mentos 's classic and longest running candy type, enjoyed since 1950.

Kim 's review 

Among of Mint, Air Action, Mintensity, Secret, Rainbow,Fruit,Mix Grape,Sour Mix , my favorite is secret, Mint, Air action.

Secret is limited edition of mentos roll, the flavours tend to citrus  and similar to "tick tack "candy orange flavours. For me the sweet level just nice :)

Air action is the strongest mint mentos roll. It provide great chilling taste for u. I think is good for sore throat patients. :)

If u can't endure the strongest mint u can chose the all time favourite--mint mentos roll ~

Mintensity consist of 4 level of mint sugar which is  mint, spearmint, ice mint, black mint (same as air action mentos roll )

Rainbow , fruit, mix grape, sour mix is fruit taste mentos roll. However, sour mix will be more sour than the others.

By the way there is a good news for u, Mentos Malaysia is having a 'Cintai Malaysia Contest' in conjunction with Tourism Malaysia 's 2014 visit Malaysia promotion.Contest period -- 15 oct 2013 until 15 JAN 2014. Daily prize and Travel Package Prize is worth over RM 130,000 .

U can take part it by SMS method or Proceed to Mentos Malaysia Facebook.

Unwrap the mentos outlay wrapper , flap over it, the inlay of wrapper will show the wrapper code and contest participate method just like the below photo~

Submit your entries via SMS to 36322

Or via Facebook at

Click the contest link then it will redirect u to the contest window which include submit code section.

Prize section show 
Daily prizes include one smart phone and 54 KFC vouchers worth RM10 each.

Participants also stand chance to win the Grand prizes of an amazing trip to Sipadan Kapalai~

Mentos roll currently is retailed at RM1.20 each and can be purchase at supermarket, convenience stores.dun miss the opportunity to win great prizes. Hurray up jus get a mentos roll today~

This post is brought to u by Mentos Malaysia :)

Friday 18 October 2013

Tea time at passion food,jb

hi,few days ago having great time at passionfood,jln perang,tmn pelangi.
feel great about the olive spaghetti .
as for rainbow cake n white chocolate cake consider average for me.the content abit raw.
the coffee i think mocha chocolate flavour will be nicer :)
hope next time can try more there.

Tuesday 15 October 2013

Wish Trend Renewal Event


Recently Korea wish trend online store have been renewal~

the website feature is more friendly user now since it have been added 

Best seller, New arrival key feature.

Now, u can easily see which product is weekly best seller ~

As a consumer, I will always attract by the new product reach ~

Besides that, u can found there is a special feature there, u can found many beauty great deal there which can save u a lot of money :)

U can visit the renewal wish trend online store here

Dun forget to Subscribe wishtrend Facebook,twitter, YouTube for updated new product and giveaway information~



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Sunday 6 October 2013

K.o.m car autoshow 2013

Hey guys,

Do u know 06 October 2013 is the last day for visit the K.o.m (king of modification) car autoshow at plaza sentosa,Johor Bahru? 
i found out this event information from facebook event invite, and this is a event organise by T&G war zone :)

i would like to show u some car there was catching my attention ~

I like pink n white combination, so this is first car capture my attention :)

This car is cool blue theme,totally different style with the first car I mention.

Maybe influence by Japan comic culture, actually I will looking forward to see more Japan anime theme car there :)

Umm it's a pity, while I  try to take photo, the owner already cover it. This car is totally look like wooden car. I am sure it will capture all ppl eyes if driving it on the road ><

Thanks for yr reading, next year I hope can see more Japan comic theme car eg: fairy tails or one pieces =p

Tuesday 1 October 2013

October haul: pandora style bracelet from rakuten Malaysia

Hi all~ I have been searching pandora style bracelet for few month, and I found this pieces quite attract me, therefore have make a new haul through rakuten Malaysia, a online shopping market :)

                                   Beautiful, right?

          i like  Sakura item :) 

The real pandora charm normally cost over rm 100, if whole bracelet with diff. Charm at least 1k @.@
However , this one is 169 buck after discount ,even not cheap for  for me still affordable. ~The quality average ok, since it was silver plated :p
Ok, if next time still got buy any special fashion item will share the picture with u again :)


New giveaway: cute coin pouch

Dear fans :)

I decided to give out one cute coin pouch to u during this bless October :)

One lucky fans will get it~

Ending time 15 October 2013 :)

Only Open to my blog follower ,Facebook or Instagram fans resident in Malaysia :)

Like and share this giveaway at yr Facebook (give me the link)
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Good luck to all of u ~