Sunday 29 December 2013

my mcdonald hellokitty new family member ~

finally get mine :p cuteness overload. ~the real stock .hopefully i can get black singing bone in near future ~

Wednesday 25 December 2013

Liebster award

Hi all~

Recently I have been nominated by blogger Sara from
And  Nikoru nicole from , thks for that~

Hmm actually I thinking what it is, when I first saw this Lolz~:x
Then according to Sara blog  and nikoru nicole blog description --

 Liebster Award is 

the Liebster Award is originated in Germany (Liebster means dearest or favourite in Germany). It was kind of like a chain letter, given to bloggers by bloggers. 

And there are some Rules:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserves /favourite of this award and those who have less than 200 followers.
5. Give your nominees 11 questions.

I will answer Sara question :

Part 1--

1. Who inspire you to start blogging?
---  a colleague 

2. What magazines you read regularly ?
--- no specific , if read it will be Cleo 

3. What is your favorite type of skin care product?
-- mild, soothing, hydration one 

4. What is your favorite type of makeup product?
-- solone eyeliner pen

5. What is your favorite skincare brands?
--Avene, shiseido

6. What is your favorite color?
--pastel color hehe

7. Do you love cats?
-- yes 

8. Do you love coffee?
-- ya

9. How many hours you spend on FB everyday? 
-- 2hours or above

10. Use 3 words to describe yourself.
--colorful, sincere, simple

11. Who is your idol?
Hmm before is lam fung 

Part 2 --
I will answer Nicole question :)

Does blogging interfere with your personal life?
-- ya, need spend time to write n attend event, explore more :)

Do you find blogging hard?
-- need to keep upgrade :) , so far still ok.

What makes you smile?
-- a cute gift 

What can you say about 'dream'?
-- nil

What is your dream?
-- travel Sakura country

What do you envy most?
Envy ppl without worry one hehe

One thing you hate about blogging/bloggers?

Dislike copy cat, every blogger should have its own blogging style to make the blogger world more variety.
And blogging in a rush. 
Dun like repeat the same topic.

Tell us one of your bad habit & good habit.
Bad habit -- sit position not correct
Good habit-- not sure lol

List 3 future goals you want to achieve.
I hope got more review chance :)

Who would be your perfect dinner date and why?
Not sure.

If you had 3 wishes that you could get answered instantly what you wish for and why?
Too many Lolz , money money home , not work for living :)

The blogger I chosen is 

1.Carinn from

2. Sherlyn from

3. Ler ler from

4. Qiao Qiao Tang from

5. Audrey from

6. Princess neverland from

7.laura lee from

Hmm didn't think of other 4 :x paiseh 

My question to those blogger chosen is 

1. Who inspire u to start blog ?

2. What u gain most after start blog?

3. Any favorite blogger ? and reason.

4. Do u feel blogging hard?

5. Which eye skincare brand u think is effective ?

6. What do u think my blog Eg: belongs to which blog style, what do u like 

7. Any suggestion for slim down?

8. Favorite cosmetic brand n product

9. Favorite food 

10. Favorite music

11. Which colour u love 

Happy reading, looking forwards yr reply :p

Wednesday 18 December 2013

My December haul-- Winter Xmas theme :p

Hi all,
Today feel like showing u some of my haul bought at this u love fury item, tempted to wear the winter item just like the Korea gal?

                 Photo taken at Liz Lisa :)

This is my dream suit, however Malaysia weather is doesn't allow me to wear like this lolz~
Later ppl say u 'kisiao' Lolz joking~

Let me show u some of my lovely item :p

Hehe I love this new pair earring~ 独角兽木马耳环〜

                      大爱毛毛领 cuteness overload ~fury item by Korea

                         This hair clip also from Korea , suit elegant dress

          Lolz my hair still too short for this, buy from kiosk KSL 

                         hmm I think this look ok ~it will suit plain round neck dress :p

Cya, wish u merry Xmas in advance ~

Tuesday 17 December 2013

Imax 3D theatre launch at TGV Aeon Tebrau City ,Johor Bahru.

Hi all ~

I was invited to the IMAX theatre launch at Aeon Tebrau City JB , 11dec 2013. Thanks for the chance given by TGV cinema and butterfly project Malaysia :) feeling excited this is gonna be my first IMAX theatre experience ~

Curious about the difference btw IMAX and regular 3D , I do some research from   

 ( i guess this is a lot of movie lover's question too :p  )

The difference between IMAX 3D and regular 3D is as vast as the difference between an IMAX movie and an ordinary one.  And it’s even more immersive, since – as with everything we do – we take 3D further. The director, for example, is likely to incorporate IMAX 3D as an integral way to tell the story – framing scenes to take advantage of it and gripping audiences in the process. And that’s not surprising, as directors come to IMAX for the extraordinary visual effects – including 3D – that IMAX movies make real. 
The IMAX 3D projector delivers 3D images of unsurpassed brightness and clarity, unlike any other 3D technology available today. IMAX 3D takes advantage of the fact that we see the world through two eyes. An IMAX 3D movie actually consists of two separate images projected onto a special silver-coated IMAX 3D screen at the same time. One image is captured from the viewpoint of the right eye, and the other shows the viewpoint of the left eye. 
IMAX 3D glasses separate the images, so the left and right eyes each see a different view. Your brain blends the views together to create an amazing three-dimensional image that appears to have depth beyond and in front of the screen.
Then there are all the other things we do to enhance an IMAX movie: the lengthy post-production process (we call it Digital Re-mastering, or DMR) that fine tunes the color, the soundtrack, and hundreds of other details in virtually every frame to present the film at its best.

Time flies, today is lmax launch .The registration start at 7pm , I redeem my ticket there :) 
getting crowded after 7pm plus :p

Feeling special, the ticket just like a graduate certificate :)

There was a IMAX background ,  taken a photo here for momento :p
Kim 到此一游~

Finally, get to know more JB blogger kaki through the event , nice to met u gals~ from left is sherlyn, me, Audrey,carinn <3


The organiser prepared the buffet for us and all of them is signature dishes from Niniq ,tmn pelangi .Imax words look lovely, I love it ~

                                                     Dinners time ~

   TGV cinema also provide the photographer taken picture for us.u can collect yours at the instant print collection area :) 

              Dibbayawan shared that the strategic alliance with IMAX® Corporation to bring the IMAX® 
              Experience was in line and pivotal with the cinema chain’s ambition to redefine the cinema 
              experience for movie-goers in Malaysia. 

               “Enjoying a movie - be it with friends, family or even on our own - is no longer seen as a
            luxury, but is considered a rudimentary past-time to pamper ourselves. As one the country’s
            leading owners and operators multiplex cinema chain operators, we want our patrons to
            not only go home with memories of the movie, but most importantly, to rave about their
            overall cinematic satisfaction,” said Gerald V. Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Officer of TGV

                 Lucky draw time, 5 lucky ppl is chosen to win the TGV movie ticket ~I heard one lucky winner is from sin chew jit poh :)

Preetam Daniel , IMAX 's director of sales for India and South East Asia and Gerald,Tgv CEO 

                         Ceremony for the TGV IMAX launch has just done :) cheers ~

                                Most beautiful decoration , before reaching the IMAX theatre

                                                 IMAX theatre main entrance :) look cool~

Almost 9pm , after collect the drink n popcorn.
we proceed to the IMAX theatre n watch the hobbit 2

IMAX 's custom theatre design creates a picture that is higher , wider and closer -filing yr peripheral view.

                                       362 luxurious seat at IMAX theatre
photo give credit : 


                          Lol get ready for almost 3hours IMAX movie time~

Kim: the seat is comfortable, imax 3d visual experience is much more real compare with normal 3D =p , sound system is average hmm lucky it's not a 3D ghost movie lolz.However, 3hours 3d movie time abit heavy for my eyes hehe , I think its worth it for Rm28 ticket .

Friends said: satisfy with the seat, comfortable. imax 3d visual arts is real n much better compare with the normal 3d movie, the imax theatre screen got curve :)

Some goodies from TGV, my favorite is Rabbit doll from Line apps , Muack~

                Cya all, next time hope u can share yr IMAX 3D experience with me too ~
                          Visit for start yr own IMAX journey ~

** specific photo no marking logo one, give credit to Tgv cinema Facebook :)

Sunday 8 December 2013

Johor Bahru Bear Paw Burger 新山手工熊掌靤

hi all, I was searching the bear paw burger since I saw facebook ppl say that's is at KSL shopping mall, JB. I google all the information, included  the exact location is opposite the movie theatre, and near salon.

However, the KSL structure is too messy :x even alot jb ppl also dunno got this kiosk existed ..
therefore after I ask few ppl, and search for three round, finally I saw the destination.(it's a kiosk , not a shop )

Lolz y I got a feeling that I just accomplish a great task ~ :x 食字路口任务完成 〜

I get this chicken panda burger with thousand island sauce , plus honey green tea at RM9.90.

Besides milk skin I have chosen , u still can chose wheat burger skin,  
There are mini size panda paw burger too :p
Umm the taste is average, other than the cute burger skin, dun feel any special XD
U must ask y just two pic, haha.
Really feel paiseh when I feel like taken the signboard photo  @.@

Anyway, u can just come KSL and found yours.heard the real Taiwan 正宗熊手包 will enter citysquare
Johor Bahru, really looking forward ~

100 Plus (interactive vending machine ) win your day campaign , KSLJohor Bahru :)

Hi  all~

If u got notice my Facebook updates recently, then u will know that yesterday I just participate 100 plus win yr day campaign at KSL shopping mall, Johor Bahru :p

Reach there about 11am, and get to know the game started at 12pm .oo am I too early for it? Just take a photo first , since got time hehe

Selfie with 100plus interactive vending machine :D

Three beautiful lady will be assist u through whole game :)

After lepak a while, the campaign ready to start :p

      Lolz I am the first ppl to demo >.< , gotta login Facebook and start the game.

    Really feel nervous o.o. , hope I dun 'die' in the game , as every gamer is given 5 life @.@

                     Lol I just realize I have act as a 100plus can on the road.

                   And I gotta 'Siam' (away from) all the obstacle by keep left,right or jump .

                                   Still on the road 0.0 , after met a lot obstacle jus now~

Omg i finish the game :D the interactive machine show the congratulations message ~!

                             Time for redeem my prizes ~'

                     Tada, my rewards ~100plus baby :p 

                             Lolz ~more n more ppl feel interesting n keen to have a try

                                 This guy is calm enough 0.0

                    Before I leaving , still got ppl keep staring at the vending machine, and more n more ppl conquer the game :)

In fact, I found the game  quite interesting, would like  to play again, too bad I gotta go.
If u tempted to play the game , do paid attention to the schedule below :)


Cya, thanks 100plus bring us a wonderful  game experience~

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Natta Cosme December edition beauty bag :p

Dear all,

Tonite i Just  feel like blog about My recent haul --a December edition beauty bag From Natta Cosme ( --a beauty online portal ).

Getting attracted since it was under charity section, the amount I purchase this beauty bag - sunshine edition will be donation to the typhoon victims :)

Just pay RM19.90 and I can do charity n get a beauty bag as a return, totally a win -win situation ~

Inside even included a full size product of a Audrey organic .its a sunscreen, no wonder natta cosme c
Name it sunshine edition beauty bag :D

Other product is Taiwan mask etc :p I dun reveal it all, shhh
Pls dun blame me o 
Since i feel the beauty bag most interesting part is --
u never know what u will receive unless u open it :p

Dun forget visit. for more charity details :) See ya ~~