Sunday 23 December 2012


Dear fans,

Last month i entitle a product review chance-- LOREAL RENEWAL LASH SERUM  from Only beauty , a beauty sample portal website. =)
Today i gonna show u the result i using it after one month  ^^   .

Loreal Lash Serum--  Intensive boost for a renewed lash look

Product Description

A concentrated serum enriched with Arginine, a major component of Keratin , and Madecassoside.For an intensive boost.
Your lashes seems nourished and seem stronger , like re-activated.

How to Use ? 

Use the serum day and night on clean lashes.

1. Apply to the fringe with the tip of the spoon curved brush.

2. Apply to the length with the hallow side to catch all lashes.

Price and Size

RM 49.90 AND 7.5ml  size

The plastic applicator, can swipe tip and bottom  .
Serum i is transparent fluid type.
Applicator is easily to apply.

The followings is the result i using the Loreal Renewal Lash Serum for one month. Apply day and night .



                                                      AFTER ONE MONTH   ( PIC. 2 )

Conclusion :

The most visible result which surprise me  --  My lashes is curler and longer than previous month. ^^ , and i kinda love the transparent serum type . After apply to my lash, it leaving me non-sticky feel .And i found it doesn' t stimulate my eyes at all  ^^
I will recommended  Loreal  Renewal Lash Serum for short lashes gal . (P/S : the result may vary )

LOREAL RENEWAL LASH SERUM available at Watsons, metrojaya ^^

thanks for reading, i hope other onlybeauty fellow blogger enjoy the product experiments too ^^

Monday 17 December 2012


Dear fans~

few days ago is my birthday  ^^ , let me show u my chopper cake (vegetarian, without egg ) . This is the first time i try on vegetarian cake . But the taste is so nice, and not sweet at all  ^^

Recently i become one of the ONE PIECE fans =p  love chopper , a coward but damn cute deer =p

belated gift from a sweet fren sy ^^

                                                               kinsahi gintara treat from fong

thanks all of your blessing~



Dear fans ~

=)  did u notice my last post , i  have take part the campaign for inspire Yuna --samsung note II ambassador cum songwriter with my nasi lemak pic . Here come another creativity  contest for winning prize from celebrity  ^^


To enter the contest  , GO  

         After complete loading , it pop up the picture above which clearly stated the winning method ^^

                Pick one of the artist  :  

-Ernest Zacharevic  

- Sharifah Amani 
- Adam C 
- Razif Hashim

                  I have chosen ADAM C   ( Maybe just because he is too charming XD )


                                     Complete the drawings with your creativity and S-pen

                                                  Colouring function is provided

                             Haha this is my funny entry >.<  not quite used to be using the s- pen

                       Lolz glad to know that ADAM C will wear that , even it is a funny shirt XD


After complete the entry , finally i check for the prize category~

hmm if my entry selected by ADAM C  i will be entitle 

  Adam COne (1) personalised jersey from a football club of the winner’s choice


RazifA dinner for two (2) at Razif’s favourite restaurant – Prime Steak House. 
Sharifah ArmaniOne (1) movie hall in TGV, valid for one (1) movie only
Ernest ZacharevicOne (1) copy of mural artwork printed on canvas with Ernest’s signature


CONTEST PERIOD : 23 NOV 2012- 21DEC 2012


To enter the contest  , GO 

For more information visit 

Creativity video 
            Samsung GALAXY Note II - How to separate the egg yolk?
  Starring by ADAM C  ^^

Sunday 16 December 2012


Dear fans,

Recently, i noticed samsung note 2 latest campaign--Galaxy Wonderland . The campaign title seems great , you may ask what it is.  =)

If you always dream of being MTV story writer , and this is your chance to make your dream come true =p

What u need to do is --

Inspire Yuna, Samsung galaxy note II ambassador, aka singer & song writer. with your story--what love most about  Malaysia .What makes malaysia a wonder land  =p

Using your story /picture uploaded in the Mtv , and the song inspire by your story which written by Yuna, MTV produce solely by Samsung galaxy note II.

In other words,  YOUR STORY MTV+ YUNA COMPOSED SONG INSPIRE BY U + SAMSUNG NOTE II PRODUCE THE MTV. It seems fun  and great campaign ^^

Submit your entry through  , chosen start creating  to create your own story with photo, drawings, text or video.  ^^

This is the toolsbox which helps u create your own story , you can drawings with the pen or upload any picture which u think suit the topic.

Hehe this is one of my favourite --nasi lemak ^^  food is the key element which i think make Malaysia a wonder land . Penang laksa, sambal ,nasi lemak, teh tarik , roti canai , chicken rice ....those food i believe not much ppl can reject it =p

lolz this is wonderland gallery. So beautiful ~!  Samsung team will update your entry here, i wondering when will my nasi lemak pic. appear here ^^  haha  kinda looking forward ~!

If you interested in the history of sparkle project , Yuna and Samsung note II  function , Watch this video is a must =)

More information about GALAXY Wonderland and the new Samsung GALAXY Note II

                                    This post is brought to you by Samsung Mobile Malaysia          

                                                      Have a nice day ahead ~!         

Monday 10 December 2012



Spring is the season of  pure pleasure. Senses awaken while emotions blossom and life is
infused with the  colour of  bright  pop pink. Lancôme captures the colourful wave of
spring with the new collection In Love.
Pop shades drawn from street-art murals  and vibrant tones of  nature flirting with an
urban spirit. The neon glimmer of city signs with the pastel tones of  balcony flowers...
Springtime  hues resonate in time with the pulse of  the capital, while emotions stir in
resounding vibrancy  ... Passion  blossoms in all its radiant intensity.  In Love  tells the
electrifying story of  a resolutely urban breed of  springtime joy. When love is  lived in

Colourful yet easy to wear for all skin tones, the In Love collection resolutely embraces
springtime city style. Vibrant shades inspired by the light of  spring (neon pink and coral
predominate, complemented by turquoise and violet) contrast with the luminous pastels
of  urban nature in abundant renaissance (rose petal, almond green...). Shades range from
daring to soft, from electric to sweetly sensual... No colour combination is off-limits.
There‟s just one rule: freshness in pure pop hues!

Frenchy & trendy... Toile de Jouy reinvented by Lancôme
To celebrate the spirit of  Parisian springtime, Lancôme reinvents a quintessentially
French motif: toile de Jouy.
This renowned cotton fabric created by 18
century artisans in Jouy-en Josas is famed
for its unique design of  florals, characters and landscapes. Today, Lancôme delights in
reinventing this absolute classic with a quirky twist of  fun to dress the products from the
In Love collection.
Surprise! Alongside the Lancôme rose, make-up products feature in the design: a makeup brush, a lipstick, a little mascara brush… A host of  unexpected details play hide and
seek with flowers. There‟s no doubt about it  – this season,  the icon of  French style
confirmed its contemporary freshness.

100 Sugar Rose
110 Rose Macaron
120 Peach Mélodie
130 A La Folie, Cherry
Lancôme tip:
Use the balm to complement your classic lipstick, offering light, moisture and a
subtle shine sheen.

Like its case, this brand new vibrant-coloured blush is  also  adorned with the toile de
Jouy motif, enhanced with delicate pearly hints.  It comes in two different  shade
harmonies to flatter every complexion: “Pêche Joue-Joue” is a coral-based version to
beautifully warm fair complexions while “Pommettes d‟Amour” is a mix of  fuchsia and
orange offering an instant healthy glow to amber skin tones, as  if you‟ve just spent a
springtime day outdoors.
Surprise! The mirror easily slides out of  the box so you can keep it in your bag.
(Retail Price: RM110)
10 Pêche Joue-Joue
20 Pommettes d’Amour

Lancôme tip:
Apply the coral shade to the centre of  the cheekbone followed by the pink shade
just above for a guaranteed “Doll Cheeks” effect!

Enriched with essential oils, this magical mist is a true skincare water. Mist over the face
before make-up to prime skin, or just after application to keep make-up looking fresh
and natural at any time of  day.
This skincare mist softens, smoothes and illuminates the skin revealing a pure, freshfaced complexion. Its dewy finish amplifies the skin‟s radiance.
Its fragrance offers a wave of pleasure: rose notes refreshed by an aromatic bouquet and
a fresh green accord... Decidedly addictive.
(Retail Price: RM75)

This ingenious eyeshadow simply brings it all together: softness, finesse, long-wear and a
vibrant colour result in a single stroke... In an all-new case adorned with the toile de Jouy
motif, Ombre In Love flaunts six shimmering springtime shades: three pastels (light
pink, mauve and almond green) suited to fairer complexions and three pop hues (rose
petal, deep purple and leafy green) sure to stun on darker complexions.
(Retail Price: RM70)
10 Sugar Rose
20 Romance Tagada
30 Violette Candy
40 Blueberry Love
50 Pistachio Cream
60 Cosmopolitan Mint

Friday 7 December 2012


Hi all my fans~ if you got paid attention to my facebook update , u will know 1st of DEC i went all the way from JB to KL ,take part the Hello kitty galaxy y launch aka BFF party at pavillion GSC. ^^

i would like to show u more picture i taken at the party =p , and hope u can experience what i feel from this super pink bff party~

                                   The party entrance is surrounded by this pink ballon .

                                                         I love this kitty door ~!

                                                Pinky is the food theme too

                                                Samsung galaxy y hello kitty cupcake

                                                       Delicious marshmallow =p

                                                   Met blogger kaki - Laura lee , isnt she cute ?=p

                                                  can u guess which hand is laura's ?

Isabel lee, another beauty blogger kaki ^^ she is so slim in real person =p

Experiencing the kitty phone.

                                                                Show girls on the stage ~

                              The bff party include free makeup  , hair setting, manicure,costume kitty look . =)

                                                    i love this braid hairstyle , thanks to my hairstylist ^^

                                      3 temporary tattoo pattern , i taken the left one , normally can last for few days

                                       so pity, laura 's  tattoo L is missing  =X

           Jojo Struys ,one of the judges for best dressed awards . 5 pairs of BFFs won a phone each =)

Samsung bff party even prepare A 3D movie show--Rise of the guardian  and complimentary softdrink , (hello kitty packing) pop corn for us . Really impressive by samsung's thoughtful =)

(p/s : this pop corn packaging picture give credit to my fellow blogger--Isabel Lee  , =X paiseh didnt take a proper photo during the movie session .)

Samsung have prepare a new contest for you to enter, if you are fancy the galaxy y hello kitty edition ,
Click here for more information

                     good luck to all of u =)  , and thanks to Samsung malaysia bring us a wonder bff party , kinda looking forward for next bff party =D