Tuesday 28 April 2015

Food review: Bushido Shabu Shabu @Johor Bahru

Hi all, I have just completed a food review at my mandarin blog, the Japan food and fruit juice there is fantastic :p

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You can always find me at my mandarin blog,if you found I seldom update my English blog here. I may busy doing new review there. Hehe :p



Monday 6 April 2015

Review: Verthys Hydra+ facial therapy

Hi all~

How is your weekend ?Guess you surely having a good times with friends at cafe , right?  :)  For me , I receive an invitation to try out Hydra+  facial therapy  from Verthys :p 

This is my first time getting know this brand, after browsing website official introduction: 

Verthys Paris is a brand of skincare with 30 years of established beauty science. Within every vial, Ampoule, and jar of Verthys skincare is a symphony of natures.Best, harvested from pristine ecological resources and developed with the latest beauty innovations by master cosmetologist in France.

         Tada~  This is the Hydra+ facial kit exclusively for Hydra +facial therapy . 

Hydra+ facial therapy suitable for all skin types, especially  for dehydrate and sensitive skin :) 

Hydra +  key ingredients : 1) hyaluronic acid  玻尿酸 2) Sodium hyaluronate  透明质酸钠 3) Galactoarabinan 松叶多糖 ( Larch tree extract ) 落叶松萃取精华 4) Minerals, vitamins, plant extract 

Hyaluronic acid pair with sodium hyaluronate ,these active ingredients absorb quickly and penetrate deeply to rehydrate skin rapidly.

In addition, Larch tree extract perform well in transport nutrients and propelling skin cell renewal :)
Thus, Hydra + able to reenergized your skin and help to reactivate your skin back to best performance .

Beauty  consultant told me whole hydra+ facial therapy will be using manupressure method , no machines will be incurred .

Verthys 产品分子小因此使用按压的手法即可将养分注入皮肤底层。

Hydra + facial therapy step: 

1) Cleanse -Gentle cleansing and toning , removes oil dirt and impurities.

2) Exfoliate 

Verthys enzymatic scrub peeling contain bamboo extract , effectively exfoliate dull skin , unclog pore and brighten the skin. I love this scrub, it smells good too. 


3) Extraction 

4) Energize skin -Rapid revitalization with Hydra + hyaluronic fluid 

Deep hydrating agents and  rich in amino acid , powered by sodium hyaluronate . Effectively rehydrate, and restore rosy skin complexion.

5) Hydra+ complex ( enrich in Galactoarabinan-larch tree extract ) 

Instant rehydrate and anti aging effect, it helps reduce visible fine lines and moisture lock in, fortified UV shield.

6) Massage

Using Hydra + repair cream as face and neck massage cream :) , aim at boosts skin's resistance. Reduce skin sensitivity .

7)Apply Hydra+ mask 

A restorative mask infused with diatomaceous earth, algin, talc to restore , repair, soothing , purify , lighten your skin.

8) Finale- UV SPF25 ++ and Hydra + finishing treat 

An invigorating finale with UV product and Hydra+ hyaluronic fluid,complex, repair cream .


    My first  impression after treatment is WOW, my dull skin restore to rosy , fair skin complexion . And look bright than ever. I totally in love with My new skin ~~

  Whole treatment about 1 1/2 -2 hours and very relax :)

  Beauty consultant told me , this treatment is suggested to do every three week :)  From time to time, we do need to repump in the moisture to our skin cell, isn't it xD

Verthys  product is paraben free and doesn't stimulate my sensitive skin.
In order to maintain the peak performance of skin, continuously rehydrate my skin. I will consider to take some Verthys Hydra+ home care product too. 

Hydra+ serum, firming + concentrate, Hydra+ cream maybe a good choice ~~

Also dun forget check out  verthys new launch product and best seller Hydra+ complex and Hydra+concentrate :D

 Thanks to Verthys , Grant me a chance to try out such a nice treatment :) 

If you tempted to try verthys Hydra + facial too,they do provide first trial price RM228 for new customer .For more information , do visit Verthys Malaysia Facebook :)

Thanks for your reading, 
See you :)