Monday 30 July 2012

My facebook card from

dear all~

how is your feeling today? currently i am kinda in a blogging mood, feel like just stay  in the computer world and disconnect with outside temporaly  =)  maybe sometimes,  we just  need a space and run away from the reality world for a while, after recharge the energy and go back to it . seldom heart talk with u all, maybe next time i will try to write some chinese / english paragraph to express some point of view to specific matter  ^^

today i feel like showing u my latest facebook card =p  , it was printing f.o.c ( Limited time only, i observed currently dun have this promotion . If no promotion for 50pcs printing,  i recalled  it cost 40 pounds?.  ), and i just have to pay few pounds delivery fee approximately RM13 ++ and the card  directly sent by U.K. It take about 2 week to reach my place =)

                                                   I like this facebook card box 's quality

           moo. com will chosen your all timeline photo as the facebook card background , this is 1st design.

                        second design    =)  i love their card , nice quality and i can feel the material is thicker too ~

                                                   back side of  my facebook card

                                               my facebook card got 50 pcs quantity

       state their box and paper is recycle material and source from sustainable forest =)

if any one wanna having a facebookcard  like this, just paid attention to their website limited time offer , as i know if refer to fren , once they bought, u can get the free printing too =p kindly refer for latest information ~

Sunday 29 July 2012

hi all~

today i just have an idea. Any one of you can be  my test and share blog guest reviewer~

you can share  your updated personal travel / food / product review/ fashion / lifestyle / interesting experience and attach related photo to me.

once selected, i will post it to my blog , and link back to your blog or website (if you have any) .

if you are a beauty lover , i may sent mystery beauty sample to u too =) (only within malaysia resident )

email:   if you are interested =)

cheers ~

any miku fans here~  =p share this beautiful pic with u , i found it at website. love miku =p

Wednesday 25 July 2012

REEBONZ-- KSL RESORT Designer bag sales event

Dear all ~

 Last saturday i attend the Reebonz designer bag sales event at Johor bahru KSL Resort =)  ,  Reebonz team 1st time come here to met their johor bahru fans ~

                                       Reebonz banner display at KSL Resort lift area, miu miu ,balenciaga ,katespade etc  will appear at the sales event.

              One of the beautiful Reebonz staff - Ms. Shaza greets me at the receptionist area  =D

                           KATE SPADE~ One of the lucky draw prize ~! RSVP guest  can get adonis eye treatment voucher  .

                                        this shelf is full of coach , gucci,burberry bag  , I notice the discount range  from 5%-50% for  this sales .

                                                                             Prada  ~!

                                                  attracted by the bling bling evening bag ^^

                                                           MARC BY MARC JACOB

                    this is one of my Prada favourite . The cowhide leather quality is superb,  can u guess how much it cost?

                                              the answer is RM 7K++

                         Reebonz staff told me Chloe is young gal 's favourite now  , i love chloe design too ~ fashion and cute.

                                                                  Mulberry~This colour very nice

                                                                      Salvatore Ferragamo Classic design

                                                                Colourful Kate Spade

taken photo before leaving =)

most of the customer will found their favourite and buy =)  

customer can get adonis facial voucher and beautiful paperbag

Having a nice fellowship with Reebonz team , looking forward your next sales event. ^^

 sign up at Reebonz  for online members private sales ~

Sunday 22 July 2012


Hi, test and share readers~

last month end, Onlybeauty sent me AVENE CLEANANCE OILY SKIN PRODUCT SERIES (targeted young, oily and blemish-prone skin ) worth RM 360 for review purpose . thanks for providing the mask sample too~


U may ask  who is onlybeauty?

Official website introduction -- OnlyBeauty is a new concept of online communication portal that believes in bringing 'Beauty' to everyone using new interactive method. We delivered freebies & discounted voucher to our members' doorstep, we provide latest beauty products information, views and promotion news, we do organized contest & product events for our beloved members.

KIM says --
 i believe if you are  beauty freebies lover , u must be familiar with ^^   I personally  feel its concept very good , register as a online member ( totally free of charge) , and after online member apply beauty sample successful , onlybeauty will directly send to member 's doorstep. Lastly,  member just just need to post up a simple product review to the onlybeauty website. U can join onlybeauty  facebook for updated beauty information / event  as well.

For a better review-- i have invite my collegues  which having the --young skin,  acne prone skin doing the review too.


Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser 200ml RM59

 According to Avène:
  • Deep cleansing action purifies without stripping the skin
  • PH 7.2 respects the skin’s natural balance, minimizing the trigger of excess sebum production
  • Pleasant fragrance tolerated by sensitive skin
  • Soap-free
  • Avène thermal spring water to soothe and soften skin
  • Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic


Cleanser -- Type -- Water gel , soapless
                  Colour -- light emerald colour ( picture i attach here cant show the colour very well )
                   Scent --   Fresh and dewy , i love it so much
                  Effect --   It effective clean the face and doesn't dry out my skin

Cleanance Anti-Shine Purifying Lotion 200ml RM69

With a very high content of Avene thermal spring water, Cleanance Lotion contains specific active ingredients that gently purify the skin as well as matifying powders to absorb excess of sebum and provide a long-lasting anti-shine effect, Cleanance Lotion tightens the pores and leaves the skin clear, purified and matified. 


Toner -- Scent -- similar scent with the cleanser, it smell fresh~
            Effect -- the toner is further clarify the skin, and effective in oil control.Low stimulation and no strong alcohol feel.

Cleanance K Cream-gel 40ml RM59

According to avene malaysia :

Cleanance K is neither a scrub nor moisturizer but a treatment product for mild acne where you apply after the following steps:

Make up removal > Cleanse > Tone > Treat (Cleanance K/Diacneal) > Moisturize

Cleanance K helps to reduce spots, blackheads, whiteheads and blemishes. It also contains Cucurbita (pumpkin seeds oil) to regulate oil secretion :)


 Deeply cleanse the skin, after treatment i noticed skin feel smoother , it reduce the redness of blemish skin as well.

Cleanance Anti-Shine Regulating Lotion 40ml RM65

Get a little control over your oily skin with the AvèneCleanance Anti-Shine Regulating Lotion, a daily mattifier and lighthydrator for greasy skin.
The lightweight lotion contains a concentrated extract ofvegetal Cucurbita, which aids in the long-lasting regulation of oilsecretion. Pores are tightened, the skin is purified, and shine iskept at bay all day long.
Apply morning and evening following thorough cleansing. Themulti-tasking lotion is an excellent make-up base, helping it tostay put for longer without shininess or slip.
Non-comodogenic, hypoallergenic.


Lotion -- Texture--Water based , neither oily nor sticky / heavy  . 
slower absorption , after using this lotion,  more easier to apply make up. 
The 1st time i apply it does stimulate my face , since it cause my face redness.

Cleanance Sun High Protection SPF 30

  • High Protection Sun care, facial, suitable for oily skin prone to acne and sensitive skin
  • Its lightweight, invisible and non-greasy texture is easily applied and rapidly absorbed by the skin, which makes it very pleasant to use.


Texture -- Non -greasy sun block , effectively brighten the face if compatible with the foundation . Effective in oil control, the face stay matte for whole day .

Cleanance Exfoliating and Absorbing Cleansing Mask 40ml RM65

Avène Cleanance Exfoliating and Absorbing Cleansing Mask's formula specifically developed to help oily-prone skin regain a clear and healthy complexion. Great for normal to oily-prone sensitive skin.

Avène Cleanance Exfoliating and Absorbing Cleansing Mask provides in-depth cleansing, exfoliating and absorbing mask for oily-prone skin. Helps to reduce the localized blemishes. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.


Mask -- Deeply cleanse and exfoliate effect , it smooth the face too. Reduce the redness of blemish skin.

Thanks for reading~ another good news ~

this review is come along with a Cleanance Exfoliating and Absorbing Cleansing Mask sample tube  giveaway~  it will be 2 winner will be selected, if you wanna win this, 

1.make sure u are my blog follower ( find"join this site" in this blog   )
2. like my facebook blog page

3. tag 5 friend at facebook and share this event to them 

4. open to all malaysian residents.

kindly leave your gfc name (blog follower name)  , facebook name , email address at this thread.

event will be ended at 08/08/2012 

Thursday 19 July 2012


Adonis facial vouchers waiting for you with any purchase you make this Saturday & Sunday - while stocks last ;)

Any johor branded lover is raving about it~  make sure u r there =p

Wednesday 18 July 2012

MY KOREA Hairpin won from Amogindesign

dear all~

 the pink korea hairpin is the 1st prize i won at amogindesign which selling high quality korea accessory , be their facebook fans ,  more giveaway coming soon ~!

Sunday 15 July 2012

Review : [ SKIN & LAB ] C Plus Brightening

Dear fans,

last month Wish company ( ) sent me [ SKIN & LAB ] C Plus Brightening for product review .And i am pleased to know that it is a product for achieving brighter skin ^^

[SKIN & LAB] C plus Brightening

This vitamin cream helps you achieve bright and gorgeous skin tone by inhibiting melanin production. 

Brand : SKIN & LAB
All Skin Types (Whitening)
Volume: 30ml / Made in Korea

Main Ingredient
Vitamin C
As a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C inhibits melanin formation and returns oxidized
melanin back to a normal state for brightness

It activates SOD, the most powerful antioxidant enzymes of the body, 
which stimulates body mechanisms

Acerola Extraction 
The acerola extraction soothes skin damages caused by UV rays and inhibits skin pigmentation.
It also revitalizes your stressed skin. 

Ingredient extracted from Brazilian candeia tree, functions to inhibit melanin synthesis  

It may suit for u , if u are fall in followings category  =p  :

1. I want to make my skin brighter from inner-skin darkness.
2. I want radiant, beautiful and clear skin.
3. I want to prevent skin aging against the UV rays.
4. I look much older due to freckles and blemish spots.
5. Pigment caused by UV
on my skin looks ugly.

from the wish product introduction, it even can mix with other vitamin cream for achieve the specified result ,it seems great ~


Wish company sent me [ SKIN & LAB ] C Plus Brightening and sample pack of same series product : Vit A cream , VIT B cream and multi-vitamin essence etc 

                                                   Real product photo taken 

back side state product description 

Direction : apply to the entire face after cleansing , special care paid to the problematic area.
( can apply at morning and evening)

 water based vitamin c cream,  personally feel  like a scent of vitamin c pill 

it easily apply to my dehydrate and combination skin 

after i try the product about 2 week , i found :

-- it doesnt have great result on my dark circle, however it does make my face skin fairer esp after overnite, the result still noticeable.

--  the mix vitamin cream method maybe doesnt apply on me. as i try to mix the vitamin c and vitamin A , i found my skin become more oily than previously. 

-- i love its benefit -- anti aging and brightening skin as well  =)

attach here with the weekly vitamin schedule, hope it will met your needs ^^

thanks for reading, do visit for more great deal of korea cosmetic ^^