Friday 30 August 2019

Honda Bloggers Test Drive JB 2019: Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign

Hi all~

Long weekend is coming soon ~~  How is your plan ?  =D   Guess a lot of you will enjoy OOTD this weekend at  Mid Valley JB Mickey fair with friends / family  =p 

Today i would love to share with you my wonderful experience at  Campaign : Honda Bloggers Test Drive JB 2019 =D 

I had been wanting to join  Honda Bloggers Test Drive event since I stumble upon my blogger friend 's blog on 2015 XD .  I am lucky enough to be the 2019 batch ^^ , thanks for having me!  Honda Malaysia ~~. 

Curious  about  this event ?  continue reading , 
It is a road trip , full of suprises awaiting for us ~~

Cece, Meira Hassan,  Papa Amyzal, Me, Juju , Hernee , 6 of us is the second day batch of Honda Bloggers Test Drive JB 2019 . Our route will be different with First day batch . 

We ARE ALL READY FOR HONDA MALAYSIA- Honda Bloggers Test Drive JB 2019~!

                         We are having breakfast at  Gold Bean 93 Café,  Eco Spring Labs

                          Welcome Note by Ms. Daphne Chen ,Head of Brand Management

                                           Product Presentation /Test Drive Briefing

                     This year , Honda CRV  released its latest colour - Red HONDA CRV

              Honda SENSING Demonstration : We were amazed by  HONDA CRV Hi- Technogy  .

 After manual set up,  HONDA CRV will auto adjust and slower speed according to the car  in front of us . Once  driver brakes/ press cancel , it will cancel this ,  back to normal. and gain back the main control .

Honda CRV Function: 红色是今年最新的款式,会跟着前面的那个车自动调节放慢速度  ,有 4个跟车距离可以选择 只要 按 cancel 或 踩 刹车就 取消 这个功能 。:)

                                         Space and Versatility Demonstration

              HONDA  CRV: Once detect the car key  left  inside ,  the car door  itself wont lock .

                   Space and Versatility Demonstration, Honda HR-V Hybrid Pass the test, Roomy!



Honda Civic  is 2016 Car  , 1.5 Turbo, LED 大灯, Once detect the Car key is still inside , the car won't lock too. Safety for driver :) briliant car design. 


                 Honda Civic 's space demonstration , it is deep enough to put in so many paper bag and luggage too. :)

Test Drive Flag-Off , Practical Part -

My team member is  blogger  - Papa Amyzal  ( The first car we test drive  is  Red Honda CRV )

Honda CRV  特别性能: 红色是今年最新的款式,会跟着前面的那辆车自动调节放慢速度  ,有 4个跟车距离可以选择 只要 按 cancel 或 踩 刹车就可 取消 这个功能!

HONDA CRV will auto adjust and slower speed according to the car  in front of us . Once  driver brakes/ press cancel , the car will  back to normal. and gain back the main control .

            Wow , we found this surprise on my car  ~ thanks Honda Malaysia for the thoughtful idea and hospitality ✨

After put in my backpack, and some stuff ,  i can just sat back and  enjoyed  the journey to Batu Pahat .

个人喜欢它的前方座位很宽广 放了背包 前脚还能伸展自如 ,车子也很稳,整个体验很舒服 :D 

谢谢honda malaysia 准备的零食 真的很用心 和周到 , 感恩😍

We reached Tealive, Bukit Indah JB ~! We're having a short break and enjoyed the tealive milk tea  , i taken their matcha tea series =P

Wanna Win Honda Jazz for yourself ? ( Buy any tealive drink, snap pic with the drink and the standee, complete caption and send to their WhatsApp hotline . ( Refer to the following pic for the mechanic ^^ )

.  #TealiveXHonda #RoadToBreakthrough

                 It's time to exchange Car from Honda CRV to  Honda HRV Hybrid: and continue our journey~! Guess where are we heading to   =p ?

                                                            Kulai -     ?

Honda HRV Hybrid: is the new car 2019,  ,inside is roomy , can put in bicycle and many stuff . Cece Said 

The sports button is easily for speed up . 

第二辆试驾的是 Honda Malaysia  Honda HRV Hybrid 今年新出的车款,后车厢有 私人的收纳隔间 ~ 

冷气有 三个通风口很不错 

Sports 的 按钮 供加速 。

多亏它 我们 一路由 古来 抵达 Batu Pahat 。:) 

                  Eco springlab goldbean- Bkt indah Tealive- Kulai Car exchange - BP Fika Cafe

一路由新山,Bkt indah ,Kulai 开到了 Batu Pahat 老街坊  FIKA Cafe , 午餐时间🍵🍰

         Crunchy Mushroom Pizza , Not bad :) Love it !

Yummy Sizzling Brownie ( Recommended!)

Such a beautiful place ! Perfect place for OOTD :D

感谢 Honda Malaysia,因为 Honda Bloggers Test Drive JB 2019 Campaign

带我来到 Batu Pahat
Old Street Commercial Centre 老街坊 那么漂亮的地方 :D

Honda Malaysia has good news for Malaysians! Through the

Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign, 9 Honda models are up for grabs for lucky Malaysians. This campaign commemorates Honda Malaysia’s milestone of achieving 900,000sales units in the third quarter of 2019. This campaign is also to reward Malaysians for their Continously support for Honda Malaysia since its establishment.

The campaign will be running at all 90 Honda sales dealerships nationwide as well as through

the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign nationwide tour from August to September

2019*. All Malaysians are invited to join the campaign giveaway by registering their details first

through QR code or visit to the campaign’s website. The customers can then visit the nearest

dealership and take part in the activities arranged by Honda Malaysia to earn giveaway tickets*.

The activities include spotting and taking pictures of the hidden Honda car name emblem, test

driving Honda models and servicing* Honda cars at any authorized Honda dealers. Customers who place bookings or register their Honda cars on 1st August – 22nd September 2019* are also

entitled to the tickets. The more tickets collected, the higher the chance to win the Honda


Honda Malaysia Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Toichi Ishiyama said, “To

celebrate this momentous achievement of reaching the 900,000 sales units, Honda Malaysia

would like to share the joy of this milestone through the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone

Campaign. Lucky Malaysians will get to win models such as Jazz, City, BR-V, HR-V, City

Hybrid, HR-V Hybrid, Civic, CR-V and Accord. This initiative is also an opportunity for Honda

Malaysia to say thank you and reward our customers for making us the No.1 Non-National car

brand in Malaysia. I hope to see a lot of Malaysians grabbing this opportunity to participate in the
giveaway and I look forward to seeing the lucky winners who will be driving home our sought-

after models.”

                      Visited  "Terima Kasih 900K" Roadshow nearby after lunch  :)

Wanna Win your Honda Dream Car ? HERE IS YOUR GREAT CHANCES!

Follow the followings step:

                                     FOLLOW The Step :

                            STEP 1: Scan The QR code / visit

                            STEP 2 : Click New Entry and Fill in Your Details

                            STEP3:  Click Submit . A Confirmation email will be sent to you.

STEP 4: VISIT ANY Honda Authorised Dealer Near You. (HONDA 的陈列车的Sales Gallery )

STEP 5 :  AT the authorized Dealer,

Rescan The same QR code / revisit

STEP 6:  CLICK Existing entry and key in your IC No.

Step 7: Complete all task / either one for earning entry E-tickets

Search and snap a hidden car name emblem ( look at the pic above , you can find it on any Honda Sales Gallery ) +1 entry

Test Drive a Honda Car +1 entry

Register a Honda Car. +1 entry

Honda Owner ( With Service history of any nature at any Honda Authorized Service Centre within the past 12 months prior to the date of registration in the contest ) +1 entry

Step 8 :

Key in the dealer`s email address

Step 9:

Your E-ticket will be emailed to you OR request the dealer to print out the e-ticket.

Step 10:

Attend our Grand Finale at the end of Sept 2019.

9 different Honda car model awaited for you to win !

The giveaway campaign is in cooperation with Syok, Tealive, Unifi .

                        [ SYOK X  Honda Malaysia's 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign ]

                                  想要赢取 免费的 Honda Hybrid ? 
                                    Wanna win yourself a  Honda Hybrid
                              Click the followings , and fill in the form


[ Unifi X  Honda Malaysias 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign ]

Wanna Win a HR-V Hybrid ?

HR-V Hybrid ?

@unifi #khabarbaik

1.下载Myunifi App

 Download myunifi App
2. 更新profile
Update your profile
3. 回答简单问题 和 呈上申请
Answer simple question about the campaign & submit your entry

4. Honda HR-V Hybrid  就有可能属于你!

Honda HR-V Hybrid  could be yours!

download my unifi App now!

Giveaway 特别给 Unifi 顾客 而已哦

Exclusively for  unifi customers.

更多资讯 More info on

T&C Apply.

After travel almost whole day, we back to the Gold bean 93 cafe :)

                                             Refreshment Time ~~~

Thanks Honda Malaysia for the blogger campaign arrangement :) It's a fruitful trip , we love it :)

To register or for more information on the Road to 900,000th Unit Milestone Campaign,

customers can log onto the campaign’s website or visit its official

Facebook page



Wednesday 7 August 2019

Amari Hotel Johor Bahru Friday Super Buffet @ Amaya Food Gallery

Hi all~

Recently , I visited Amari Hotel Johor Bahru for Media Preview of 

Friday Super Buffet Dinner at Amaya Food Gallery =D

As a big fans of  Amari dinner buffet , I was glad to know   Amari Johor Bahru has come up with new buffet dinner promotions until the end of October 2019 ~!!

Executive Chef Andy Oh and its talented culinary team proudly presented Amari Hotel Friday Super buffet ,   will awaken your senses with delicious salads, appetisers, main courses and desserts =D

Now, Let the food exploration journey begins ~

The best part of the buffet is the hot selections:
for example: 

A la minute grilled premium marbling beef with Au Jus, Hong Kong Roasted Duck with Chinese Herbal, Black Peppercorn and Mushroom Sauce  ; Assorted Satay with Nasi Impit ,peanut sauce , cucumber and onion ; 12 hours slow cooked leg of lamb with tortilla bread , Sea Salt Crusted Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Lemon Wedges and Citrus Emulsion ; Wok-fried Fresh Water Prawns Tom Yam Styles etc.

                                Authentic Chicken Satay for Satay lover~

                                         Malay Style Caramel Venison Ribs 

               Steamed Cauliflower & Broccoli with Baling Mushroom Superior Sauce

                                              Tandoori Chicken Tikka

                          ( Recommended)  Wok Fried Fresh Water Prawn With Tom Yam Paste 

                                       Indonesian Fried Rice with Ikan Bilis

                                                             Fried Pandan Chicken

                                                Hong Kong Roasted Duck

    Seafood Zone




    (Recommended ) Sea Salt Crusted Norwegian Salmon Fillet with Lemon Wedges and Citrus Emulsion

                                Picture Credit :  Cece 

                              I love this~ Salmon is tender and delicious =) 

                            12 hours slow cooked leg of lamb with tortilla bread

                 Double Boiled Melon Soup and Fungus with Free Range Chicken
 ( Must Try! ) 

approximately cook for 15 hours , i love its natural taste of fungus .


                            Delighted local snacks:   Deep Fried Sesame Balls

                                                          Apam Balik

Assorted Desserts 

 Let's have some sweet dessert before ended the food review =D

                     One of my favourite is fruit tart ~~  Fruit tart is fresh and yummy 

              ( Recommeded)  Lemon Meringue Tarts is refreshing and delicious , love it!

Assorted Traditional Malay Kuih , bubur pulut hitam and manymore

Original Thai Milk tea vs Green thai milk tea , i will prefer the original one =)

                            Before leaving, wefie with blogger Sunah =D  

                                     ( she nampak kurus =P)

Amari hotel  Friday Super Buffet Dinner at Amaya Food Gallery  are on Friday  from 6.30pm to 10.30pm at RM138 nett. 🍲🍗🍤🍣

50% off the buffet price for the second person whether adult or child from 6-12 years old.👵👨

Call 072668888 / Email: for reservations or just walk-in.☎📞

Information source via : Amari Johor Bahru

thanks for reading,