Monday 28 November 2011


dear readers,

blog fans melody foong have design new banner and picture for me lately,

if you wanna make the photo like this,  do  visit  and leave comment there =)

Saturday 26 November 2011


Its been few day or 1 week i didnt introduce luview product to u  =p  today i take out my luview plastic bag again .

                                                  I like luview plastic bag , good quality and pink colour  =)

       Among of them, i decided to chose my another favourite--luview lemon balm bubble cleaning foam (香蜂草清爽保湿洁面乳) as i found  not much blogger  review about it ^^

 luview korean version website picture about this product quite cute ~

for further understand this product i also found the following information through chinese and english version of luview ^^

                                                                           ingredients :

                                                      luview model with the cleansing foam

hmm i think the above information do give u a clear idea about the cleansing foam. ^^   so
i will just move to my practical part ~

my skin concern :

oily , sensitive, pimple prone skin 

                                                              full size look of  luview cleansing foam

                                                                 safety seal when open the cleansing foam

                                                     creamy type facial foam , the scent is fresh similar to lemon =D

1) 1st testing : (large amount )

since i put large amount facial foam on hand (refer  the picture above)  , i decided not wasted it . and i am quite satisfied with  the result, the large amount doesn't effect the deep moisturizing effect. i feel my skin quite clean and it doesnt stimulate and  dry out my skin at all .^^   it pass my 1st testing ~

2) Over 1 week testing: (average amount) 

Curious about the result ?  I get the following result  after trying over 1 week ~   =D


Targeted consumer:  all skin type can use it

Texture: creamy type, very moisturizing.

Scent: fresh scent , similar to lemon ^^

Packaging: simple and nice

Cleansing ability :  good cleansing ability --deeply clean my pores , even the texture quite moisturizing ^^

Low Stimulate & Soothing : strong soothing effect thanks to its ingredients lemon balm and lavender.  my skin quite sensitive, i remember recently i tried one new mask and stimulate by the mask, and i using this facial foam wash off the mask and i surprise  found my face not red than previously  . ^^  really thanks to its soothing effect and gentle recipe.

Price: i am surprising about the price too even this facial foam is good quality but still selling at a very affordable price ~

CONS:  the only disadvantage i found is contain paraben >.<  , i dislike this i am a organic lover  =X

Conclusion:  this facial foam truly satisfied all my requirement , I love it , therefore i still given  high rating about it even i found one cons i doesn't like it  =)

                                                                          OVERALL RATING 

hope this review do give u some idea about this wonderful product , have a nice day~


haha saw this apps from the facebook, and i got the idea create one for my blog .^^  haha i am the red angry bird~   blue --angelic lim , yellow--tiffany loo , black--haimamamia lee, green-marissa lim,  white- yo ko , green piggy- felicia kok , green piggy with tools - clair ching , green piggy with helms--melody foong , piggy king--dovan toh !

just for fun =D , some respond they have a cute icon and some buddy say the icon ugly for them  >.<

u may create one too ,

Friday 25 November 2011

MY new haul --from henry cats and friends

Few days ago ,  henry cats and friends is featured in oriental daily newspaper, being attracted by its cat design, therefore i do further research from  henry cats and friends  website --  the  taiwanese artist Henry Lee  is famous in painting animal on the stone he chose . And u may found the stone he chose is totally same with the animal original colour. ^^  therefore the artstone look so natural and cute. his animal design is  cute & eye catching , therefore  their website  also got variety product range include mousepad, keychain, cellphone holder, different kind of bag~   I bought this bag  like 1days ago =)  kinda attracted by its design. and i learnt that this cat  have a name-- melody  =D

                                                          my melody being painted on the stone

                                                         artstone -ruby  , this rabbit quite cute too~

                                              this artstone has a good name too --denny   ^^

                                                   porcelain  magnet --bella  , haha bella  seems wearing mascara =p

                                                  i love this special cartoon playing cards too ~

as i know they just started their online xmas promotion , grab this chance to get great deal before its too late , visit their website  by today~

Thursday 24 November 2011

Sponsor Review: Rimmel London new extra WOW Lash Mascara

kinda excited by given chance to review Rimmel London new extra WOW Lash Mascara~ this is the 1st time i try on Rimmel London cosmestic =)

Official introduction: 
Rimmel's first big brush mascara that lets you easily build lashes from soft to dramatic.

 I found few feature after apply this mascara:

1. the brush quite big , very easy to apply for long lash gal =) brush design is good,can evenly apply to every corner of my eyeslashes.

2. my lash become longer and more black with just few swipe.

3. lashes remain softness after apply mascara

4. very easily to clean , mayb its not waterproof , i can remove the mascara with cool water in few min. price compare with many branded mascara .

6. longevity for mascara is normal , about 7hours ~


 1. less naturalness for me , after apply abit like fake lashes >.< i prefer natural type mascara ~

anyway, it will be a good choice for multifunction mascara with a average price ~

                                                                    BIG BRUSH

                                                       BEFORE APPLY WOW MASCARA =)

                                                              FINISHING LOOK ~

Currently available at Watson's Personal Care Store, Guardian Pharmacy, Parkson (Pavilion, 1 Utama, Sunway Pyramid, Sungei Wang, Klang Parade, Gurney Plaza, Terminal One Seremban, Square One Shopping Mall (RRP: RM27.90)

Tuesday 22 November 2011


Dear test and share readers,

good news to announce~ I've been chosen  to be Luview Power Angel of Malaysia, they will sent their product to me for review (if got any new product series ) , and they are having mega giveaway which involved global, Malaysia, Russia, Usa, Taiwan, Philipines, Indonesia, Korea, Finland, Spain, Germany  etc ~ Start from 01 DEC 2011 Onwards~ 25 Dec 2011.
hmm kindly noted the winner will pay the domestic poslaju delivery fee. it still quite worth since u can win 2 great product by your choice from  and cute angel t-shirt especially design for luview fans  =p  .  total 5 winner for each territory   ^^ .

how to join this contest?

1.) visit my fans page  (step 1  )
2.) " like"  on facebook pages of  luview korea  , luview japan , luview taiwan , luview vietnam , luview global 
3.) leave comment at luview global facebook megagiveaway tab , write down your nationality and why u like luview (just a simple sentence truly from your heart will do, this is not a best comment contest  =p )
4.) leave comment below this post --  your facebook name , email address , and your comment url  on luview global megagiveaway tab (p/s: u can printscreen your comment at megagiveaway tab  too if u dunno what is url  ) , therefore i can trace your comment as i am the one who putting your name to the list to lucky draw. 
(p/s : receive fans say fail to comment at below because they dun have  google account ,pls proceed to  leave  your details there and i will repost your details to the below comment area for u ^^  )

5) five qualify winner will be chosen from , winner fail to respond within 3 days i will redraw the winner ^^

haha , good news for increase your winning chances, u can do few optional entry =p

1. "like"  my blog facebook page   (earn   4 entry ) -- pls give me your facebook name
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total 17extra entry **

comment example format: (if u didnt do any optional entry jus leave your facebook name , email and comment url at luview global megagiveaway tab  ^^)

for all malaysia participants example:

my facebook name : tan kim
email :
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1) I have like your facebook
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4) no

total :
14 entry

hope this will giving u a clear idea about this, check it out my luview product review :

you are most welcome to  visit all  luview power angel website  =)

1) Global: Nic nic :

2) Korea: Yujinsang :

3) Germany: Cutielippi :

4) USA: Jin :

5) Indonesia: Lina Kim :

6) Philippines: Andrea :

7) Malaysia: Kim :          (lol this one is me ~)

8) Spain: Aikoneko :

9) Russia: Elena :

10)Taiwan:  Lois

11) Japan : Monica ai :

12) Finland : Carita : http://

thanks for reading and have a nice day =)  , if got any question just comment here or at shoutmix box.


                                         visit their facebook  and click here to see how to  join

          If you are a korean fashion lover can visit their website store too  , have a nice day~

Sunday 20 November 2011

Sponsor Review: LUVIEW GLOSSY KISS 路薇儿莹粹亮彩唇蜜

Dear test and share readers~ today feel like introduce LUVIEW lipgloss to u. hope it do give u some idea when u using  Luview lipglossy kiss (路薇儿莹粹亮彩唇蜜) ^^

In order to understand more about this product, i searching some information from and i found this


after having some idea about this product, i continue move on to my practical part~ really wanna know is it  work on  my lips =D

                                                             huge size dual head lipgloss (3g for each colour)




                                   sweet pink on my lips,this texture doesnt work well on me >.<

                           rossy pink is tend to red  colour, given my lips a glazing red apple colour , i  love this~

                                            this is the mix glossy effect on my lips, i just love this~

                                                  mix glossy create a sexy lips  , it surprise me!

Kim Comment :

Scent: very sweet scent for both lipgloss.Especially sweet pink abit like strawberry milk >.<  u may love it if u r a strawberry scent lover ~

Texture & Moisture : thanks to the ingredients vitamin E -this lipgloss quite moisture and less sticky ,quite similar to apply lipbalm stay on lips feel , kinda love this point as i really dislike sticky lipgloss ~

Lasting: normal only, about 2 hours the vivid mix glossy start changing to  natural lipcolour , need refill every few hours. 

Colour: mix glossy and rossy pink is work well for me, and the mix colour really very nice! i wondering whether the cosmetic  designer is purposely design  mix  colour for the best result .

Size: quite huge, i am  shock when i 1st time see the lipglossy real package =X

Price: affordable price for dual head lipgloss .

thanks for reading  ^^ ,hope this review do give u some idea about this product, have a nice day~

My poster

Special thanks to melody foong , my blog fans also my blogger frens done the followings for me,  i  just love her design ~really beautiful ( click the picture enlarge it can see more clearly ^^)