Friday 6 July 2018


hi all~ 

I guess the latest and  hottest topic in the town is 

Marking its 1st restaurant in Johor State ( JB CITYSQUARE , Level 3 )  ~!

Wow . it is such a great news for Johorean and  foodies  right? =)

Texas Chicken specializes in Original and Spicy Chicken freshly prepared throughout the day in small batches that are hand-battered and double-breaded, Tender Strips®, honey-butter biscuits made from scratch and freshly baked, and classic, home-style sides all for a great value.

 Texas Chicken, One of the largest  quick service chicken restaurants chains in the world,  founded in  San Antonio, Texas in 1952 by George W. Church entered Johor Bahru ! =D 

     I guess this is my very first time , surrounded by so many Texas Chicken XD , haha . Yes ,Today my main task is tasting all of  their signature food with my bloggers friends =D 

Texas Chicken @ Johor Bahru’s City Square Shopping Mall is  48th restaurant in Malaysia.

It Managed by local franchisee Envictus International Holdings Limited (Envictus Group), Texas Chicken is ready to excite the taste palates of Johorean and  Visitors from Singapore with its signature food and biskuits !

“The Johor Bahru City Square is the kind of location every restaurant dreams of,” said Dato’ Jaya Tan, Chairman of Envictus International Holdings. “The new Texas Chicken will be right in the heart of the city, close to corporate offices, local and international colleges, and just minutes from the customs and immigration checkpoint between Malaysia and Singapore.” 

Dato’ Kamal Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer for Envictus Group agrees. “There is an active and busy city scene here, filled with people who appreciate great-tasting chicken along with superior service and convenience. We look forward to exceeding their expectations at Texas Chicken.”

                                 Spicy chicken !  I heard the Most popular  chicken  of Texas Chicken is  Spicy Chicken ~~

which is double-marinated and hand-breaded to ensure spicy deliciousness in every bite. 

                                                       Original chicken 

Another popular and best selling item is the all-American Honey-Butter Biscuits, which are made from scratch and freshly baked all day long.  It is really delicious , i love it =D ( highly recommeded )

 Other menu choice  included
:  Chicken Tenders, Mexicana Burger and Wrap, Jalapeno Bombers, Strawberry Shortcake and many more.

              Crunchy Jalapeno Burger and Wrap ( available at limited time only ! )

                       cheese fries is yummy, one of the blogger's favourite pick =D

                    This is the Texas Chicken Malaysia’s Management Team 

(L-R) Ms. Foon Tham, Head of Marketing of Texas Chicken Malaysia; Mr. Yang Ming (YM) Ong, Vice President of Texas Chicken Asia Pacific, Middle East & the Black Sea Basin; Dato’ Jaya JB Tan, Chairman of Envictus International; Dato’ Kamal YP Tan, Group Chief Executive Officer of Envictus International; and Mr. Khor Sin Kok, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer of Envictus International.

Envictus Group already operates multiple Texas Chicken restaurants in Malaysia’s Klang Valley, Selangor, Penang, Kedah and Negeri Sembilan regions.  

“This was an opportunity that was identified and cultivated by a veteran franchisee,” said Tony Moralejo, Executive Vice President of International Business for Texas Chicken. “Envictus Group has a proven track record of success in Malaysia, and we’re certain we’ll see more of the same in Johor Bahru.” 

“Together (with Envictus Group), we will continue to enhance the total customer satisfaction for Malaysians” he added. 

Ma Cherie johor bloggers small gathering =p  Its been a while we doesnt see each other, since we are busy with own work =) 

                                                                me, carinn, sherlyn

                           Cheese fries is yummy, one of my favourite =D

Besides, butter biskuits, raisin biscuits is my favourite too  =D  Crunchy and soft inside . Yummy~

            Before the food review ended, dessert time is a must- have session =p   the strawberry shortcake is more refreshing and not too sweet .  Chocolate Volcano is  abit too sweet . its a warm chocolate cake with molten chocolate inside and on top with icecream . coated with rich chocolate sauce .

New Crunchy deal ( Variety of Food Combo Set ) only RM5.50 ~! It is quite cheap right,

Do grab this chance , explore the Texas Chicken food by yourself ~!

In the near future,  Texas Chicken restaurant planned to  entered the Southkey Mid-Valley Megamall JB too ~!  Really looking forward about it =)  

For more Texas chicken promotion information, check it out