Friday 27 August 2021 one stop for kampung egg Johor Bahru, healthy chicken ,fresh & frozen food Johor Bahru!

As Corona virus breaks out in Malaysia . Most of us are Staying at Home  or WFH   ( work from home) .

Instead of canned food/ instant noodle , 

Instant-food packs will be a healthier choice and is in trend now!  :D 

If you are looking for Kampung Egg Johor Bahru ,

Healthy chicken Johor Bahru , Ready-to-cook chicken chop  .  I will recommend to you ~~  is an online website   selling fresh  kampung egg Johor Bahru , healthy chicken Johor Bahru , fresh and frozen food Johor Bahru  eg. Salmon fillet, marinated chicken chop  .

After payment confirmation, will deliver items to your doorstep (delivery services is currently  available at  Johor Bahru, Skudai, Masai, Kulai, Medini & Gelang Patah , Free delivery for order above RM38 ) 

Rest assured you will enjoy the  Frescipe chicken chop from 😃

because Aqina is the only farm that feeds chickens with Bromelain – MD2
Pineapple Enzymes

No antibiotic residue

No growth hormone

And  Halal certified,
sounds great right ? 😄

In addition, I have tried four flavoured-Frescipe  chicken chop, which includes teriyaki, italian herb paste,  black pepper , BBQ :D

Cooking step is simple and easy :

1)Defrost the chicken chop 

2) air fry  the chicken chop 15min with 180 degree / pan fry 15min (flip both side 3-4 times) 


3) done and  enjoy your meal   😍

Overall, Chicken chop is tender and juicy, I prefer the layered texture of italian herbs paste  and BBQ flavour.

Keen to try it out ?
Get your orders now ! 😋


( Before 31/3/2022  )

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